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His been around a wile cud be jus a one seasan thing remy lakuku myb muriel id like plus keven kampl mivila lallana firmino thnks reds
10th Mar 2014 12:27
10th Mar 2014 12:31
"Cud be one seasan wonder id go myb for remy lakuku or muriel with keven kampl mavilla. Firmino lallana thnks reds "
10th Mar 2014 12:41
"Iago Aspas scored 12 goals in a better league. 13 - in a relatively much better team - is nothing to get excited about"
10th Mar 2014 12:49
"if we really need a backup striker then beat arsenal and Newcastle to remy! offer aspas to Southampton as part of a deal for shaw and lallana to get the price down"
10th Mar 2014 13:06
"22 year old, brilliant striker but a bit selfish, we can think about that if 10m is the asking price."
10th Mar 2014 13:37
"QPR are desperate for the cash and Arsenal reckon they can pick up Remy for 8million- wouldn't complain if we paid double that for him - at least his 13 goals this season have come against premier league opposition..."
10th Mar 2014 14:57
"Kingmat - Remy would choose Arsenal over Liverpool since he wouldn't have to move city and he would also have many friends at Arsenal, they are also likely to finish in the top 4. Lacazette along with either Konoplyanka or Firmino would be sound business. No harm in trying for Remy but I can't see it happening. "
10th Mar 2014 16:00
"kevin kampl is beter than konoplenko an les money and playse in 3 posisions"
10th Mar 2014 17:23
"Kevin Kampl plays in the Austrian league which is no better than the Championship, we could send Assaidi there and he would be world class. Konoplyanka is miles better than him and is proven at the highest level. Slovenia are also a very poor national side! "
10th Mar 2014 22:14
"Could make a move what a load of cr#p"
11th Mar 2014 0:46
"attt courtinho kpolienko plays in one posision kampl is quiker more skillfull plays inall 3 atakin possissions iv seen him against ajax an bi munik mate an he dominated thm both he be cheaper than kopolenko an can play an efective in 3 possisions"
11th Mar 2014 0:52
"We don't need one dimensional players that are easy to read kopolenko good but defenders will work him out keven kamplhas reat tuch vission movment overall I think beter than kopolinko"
11th Mar 2014 0:57
"Courtinho didn't lallana an shaw come up from the championship are thy players ?"
11th Mar 2014 1:01
"Courtinho are lallana an shaw rubish didn't thy cme frm championship "
11th Mar 2014 1:04
"Wat about aron lennon theo walcott oxlade chamberln are thy not good cos thy played in championship"
11th Mar 2014 9:40
"We need proven players mate and not youngsters who will need time to adapt. Also not pay over the odds for British players. Lallana and Shaw could easily cost over 40M. "
11th Mar 2014 9:41
"Konoplyanka can play on either wing or as a CAM. "
13th Mar 2014 9:56
"konoplyanka fit better with the kind of football that make liverpool. he is a hard man, that's what we need "