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10th Mar 2014 9:25
10th Mar 2014 9:55
"agreed^ and we would definatly need a better replacement than this LOL stupid papers"
10th Mar 2014 10:03
"We want Vidal instead."
10th Mar 2014 10:08
"It would be difficult to see Louis going anywhere if we get CL football... that's what he wants (rightly so) and he is also part of a project that is clearly working at this great club. We could do with another striker though, Aspas will probably go but Borini should be given a chance. "
10th Mar 2014 10:49
"even if suarez is leaving vucinic can't be a replacement for him !!"
10th Mar 2014 10:50
"Noooo nooooooo nooooooo if u goin to italy get forward we get murial beter for how we play football "
10th Mar 2014 10:50
"Noooo nooooooo nooooooo if u goin to italy get forward we get murial beter for how we play football "
10th Mar 2014 10:56
"Sell alan buy lallana sell aspas buy murial sell assadi buy keven kampl borini will get a chance but id sell him to buy firmino we stil hve nice funds buy at least tow top name players "
10th Mar 2014 11:03
"London: you love this kevin kampl lol who is he? "
10th Mar 2014 11:17
"These medias are a problem. Why do they want to speculate that Luis might leav in summer? They must stop confusing players and they must stop their b'll stories."
10th Mar 2014 11:18
"hester keven kampl plays for redbulls saultberg plays on the wings but can play attaking mid feild like coutghtino lovley little player chek him out tell mi wat u think "
10th Mar 2014 11:24
"the pro manc brigade causing trouble already I heard van pusseys going to sign for wigan so that he can play in a better class team ynwa"
10th Mar 2014 11:28
"he looks pretty decent, bit greedy though but Rodgers could sort that out"
10th Mar 2014 11:37
"London Just seen keven kampl's Youtube highlights he is quick, but I noticed he is SOOO one-footed never uses his left and awkwardly only uses his right (even fir simple passes) the only one-footed genius was Maradona, don't know about this guy as his league is way below standard thanks for sharing either way "
10th Mar 2014 11:56
"Luis is going no where. I would like hime to reap results in the Champions League with our team. I would like him to be more proud of taking his own team to the CL and succed. I would want him to win the FIFA's best player of the year while still with LFC not elswhere. "
10th Mar 2014 12:01
"Please tell these medias that we are not even near that thinking of replacing Luis with any of their B'LL. He is one of the best 2 world strikers on earth if not the one. "
10th Mar 2014 12:12
"If the rumours are true and we are after a new striker, why not get ST that is proven in the prem? Loic Remy for instance. Get him from QPR on the cheap and he has scored 13 goals this season I think. YNWA J96"
10th Mar 2014 12:23
"Hester and rednis you got to look at the boys tallent wth gerard sturra sterling surez he ideal player koplinka brenden wanted to play on left now kampl can play on left an write an atakin. Midfeild "
10th Mar 2014 13:25
""Many believe that Liverpool could lose Luis Suarez during the next transfer window " WHO ARE THESE "MANY"?"
Vosta Lee
11th Mar 2014 3:38
"Following the comments of Keven Kampl's number 1 fan I had to check out his youtube videos. He's a good player but does not look as good as Assaidi did on youtube."
12th Mar 2014 9:31
"What for another striker down the pecking order. Give Aspas a fair chance to impress whenever possible. "