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Eat your heart out Hazard
3rd Mar 2014 11:16
3rd Mar 2014 11:33
"well too everone the fans the players the staff excellent all round ,, buzzing , hoping all players return injury free now ,, fingers crossed ynwa,"
3rd Mar 2014 11:46
"I like us being considered as underdogs, but come May, liverpool will be crowned the EPL champion. YNWA"
3rd Mar 2014 11:56
"if gerrard was to win the le this season...what a dream come true that would be for him "
3rd Mar 2014 11:56
3rd Mar 2014 12:02
"We need Lucas and Jose back ASAP..... Please keep fighting for every game, we will win. YNWA"
3rd Mar 2014 13:07
"So glad JH and FSG stood their ground in the summer and didn't let Luis get away. He is absolutely the key to us moving forward as a club. Others will want to come to Liverpool to play with the best player in football right now. Stevie is right. Hard to come up with words to describe his talent."
3rd Mar 2014 14:12
"spot on as always stevie! focus on the nxt game n get 3 points out of it n if we're lucky, maybe, just maybe u might have in ur hand the one elusive le :D YNWA"
3rd Mar 2014 15:00
"also glad henry stood his ground in the summer but I think he's an idiot for coming out sprouting all the info now, its like he is trying to unsettle suarez now summer is coming"
3rd Mar 2014 18:08
"Sorry captain fantastic i have to disagree with u on this..i still think victor moses is the best in the league if given more time on the pitch..:-\"
Afrika Kop
3rd Mar 2014 20:03
"Player of the YEAR!"
4th Mar 2014 3:12
"another season for our team to fire on all cylinders ..COUNTinho will be better than Hazzard in 2 years time and Raheem too.. We need a quality and speedy DFM , a CB ( not skrtle) and a LB ( Luke Shaw) ."
5th Mar 2014 1:05
"We have got some games yet to play before this season is out. Really looking forward to getting back to Champions league football. It will be real nice to see Liverpool in CL and actually being relevant at this point in the season. Finish strong boys!!!"