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Not sure if cole would be a good idea, Flanno is doing great at LB we got robinson who's playing well out on load i think to come back not to mention if Enrique comes back to his best form we are ok in LB position and if we do get one, a World class LB would be the only way to go. But BR has said we need quality not quany so i can't even see this story being true, the Cole one anyway.
3rd Mar 2014 10:32
3rd Mar 2014 10:39
"Shaw from Southampton looked the real deal against us,,, right age also"
3rd Mar 2014 11:39
"shaw would be good!!! but everyone wants him!!! will probably go for 30 million! which we dont have"
3rd Mar 2014 11:58
"Shaw is not worth for over 20M. I think we should pay the money for getting Costa(just like what we wanted last summer) or other top strikers.. Further strengthen our attacking options. Get A Cole for free.... "
3rd Mar 2014 11:59
"LFCJ: Robinson wont make it here, he will be sold he's not done that well and is too much of a hot head ! I said we should go for vertonghen he would be a great buy"
Den Haag Greg
3rd Mar 2014 12:04
"I think we need a left back as cover and future replacement for Enriques. We have RB covered with Johnson, Flanno and up and coming Wisdom, even Kelly. On the left we have Cissokho and Johnson filling in, we need to strengthen. Chelski not playinh Cole for a reason. "
3rd Mar 2014 12:27
"Wonderful to see space on here being wasted by Daily Mirror comments on what the Daily Mail has to say."
3rd Mar 2014 12:29
"Would prefer Cristian Ansaldi from Zenit- very solid, two footed, can also play rb,wb or lmf and would cost around 8mil."
3rd Mar 2014 13:52
"We don't need neither of these two players. We have plenty of options at RB and CB for next season. We do however require a LB but he needs to be a very good one. Ansaldi and Coentrao are better options. "
3rd Mar 2014 13:55
"Kingmat - Seeing as Ansaldi plays for Zenit, they will most likely ask for around 15M for him considering his contract expires in 2017. Still worth it though! "
3rd Mar 2014 14:58
"Both not needed. "
3rd Mar 2014 15:38
"vertonghen, griezmann, and a decent CM, would love us to get luke shaw but the price will be too high so cole on a free would be fine as backup for Enrique! "
3rd Mar 2014 15:41
"I'd never touch one of them spurs players who went to them instead of Liverpool but vertongen I think is one of the best center backs in the league close to kompany "
Messi to Liverpool
3rd Mar 2014 16:55
"I think our number one priority this summer should be LB. Would love to see Luke Shaw targeted even if it meant spending 25 million. Would be great investment for the next 10 years. "
3rd Mar 2014 17:05
"Coentrao, Luke Shaw and Jan vertongen and our back door would be sorted. Money for a CM DM and third striker would be also nice but doubt FSG are planning on spending 90mil+ this summer I bet Brendan has to sell before he can buy, BUT FOR NOW I CAN DREAM. LFC YNWA"
3rd Mar 2014 17:14
"Shaw is not worth even 12M, he did nothing last season so why pay over the odds for him? Does Carroll and Downing ring any bells? If Shaw is worth over 20M, then Robinson should be worth 15M lol. "
3rd Mar 2014 19:30
"coutinho: robinson worth 15million ? shaw is miles ahead in talent too him lol im from blackpool so watch there games and theres not a chance he will be good enough to play for us, and he's always in trouble with the ref, too much of a hot head"
Afrika Kop
3rd Mar 2014 20:02
"Wouldn't it be good to have Flanno , Kelly and wisdom really transform, increase speed going forward, strengthen their defensive abilities and become the first choice, then we don't have to buy in that position."
Vosta Lee
4th Mar 2014 2:53
"Last time we got a Cole for free from Chelsea it was a disaster!"
Sandy Red
4th Mar 2014 12:55
"Rats jumping ship come to mind. Not sure we need a player with this mind set. Also don't think Cole is our answer as we need to keep going forward with the squad and this would not be a forward move. Chelsea would offer a years extension rather than let him join us. "
4th Mar 2014 14:43
"Cole is definitely outside the 'parameters' for LFC. We would be better spending that kind of money on someone a little more youthful!"
4th Mar 2014 17:03
"Vertonghen Yes!! Cole NO!! ( too old now )"
5th Mar 2014 8:12
"Two players we don't need."