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It's a great testament to how this club have bought/nurtured talent that we have five potential starters in the England squad. It bodes well for European competition that we have home-grown talent, as we'll have no trouble submitting a squad within regulations. Clever management by FSG and BR.
2nd Mar 2014 10:11
2nd Mar 2014 10:46
"Yeah huge positives in having these Englishmen in our side and don't forget many more coming through and out on loan that I think will make it too. The futures bright. The future is Red."
2nd Mar 2014 10:56
"As predicted, Danny has now become England's No.1 striker. He's full of talent from all angles - pure class. Had a bit of a quiet game yesterday but it's great that the rest step up and take care of business ;)"
2nd Mar 2014 11:00
"Well if the form continues to grow... England can reach semis.."
2nd Mar 2014 11:08
"Hodgson would reap great benefit if he played the diamond in midfield containing Sterling, Henderson and Gerrard and one more. Sturidge upfront and one more. Liverpool team players are in super form and can read each other well and be spine of team."
notts red till dead
2nd Mar 2014 11:58
"he didn't do great with us but hodgson sure does know his football. studge with shrek in behind, stevie g holding, Wilshire roaming and wingers charging. England might just surprise a few...."
2nd Mar 2014 12:11
"Go Stevie and the world the power of Red"
2nd Mar 2014 12:12
"But I don't want to lose Brendan for England, we need him for next 20 years"
2nd Mar 2014 12:59
"As long as Hodgson doesn't continue to test Daniel's resolve whenever he isn't 100% fit, he should be ok. "
2nd Mar 2014 13:34
"I agree with Hodgson Dan could win a lot of caps and if he plays Sturridge in his preferred position he could get a lot of goals 4 u as well "
LFC since 1975
2nd Mar 2014 14:12
"off subject but... WHAT A FINISH from Borini, if this guy can carry this level of performance for us next eason then we have a great back up striker"
2nd Mar 2014 14:41
"Totally agree, Dan the RED Man, for LFC & England, Dan has now surpassed Rooney in skill, & ability. YNWA. "
Dede 7
2nd Mar 2014 14:44
"Sturridge listening to the manager has been very important. We love you Sturridge. YNWA."
2nd Mar 2014 14:50
"The best English striker in my opinion after Robbie Fowler. He has been awarded for his hard work and now he will carry on, he is going to be remembered for hundreds of years just like Stevie G."
2nd Mar 2014 15:00
"BORINI!!! I LOVE YOU!!! . Wahahahahah . 1 - 0 Sunderland!"
Vosta Lee
2nd Mar 2014 15:02
"Irteza I fear losing Brendan to Real Madrid or Barcelona more than England. He speaks Spanish and subscribes to an exciting brand of football."
Reds 96
2nd Mar 2014 15:12
"Danny is great, a natural striker like Fowler and Owen, but playing alongside that useless lazy lump Rooney for England will be a massive come down after playing alongside the brilliant Suarez. If I were Hodgson I'd play Danny alongside Welbeck. "
2nd Mar 2014 15:24
"Play well Daniel, but please Roy make sure he returns fit and injury free."
2nd Mar 2014 16:48
"Luis & Daniel = the best strikeforce in the league. "
2nd Mar 2014 16:52
"I hope Suarez hasn't got an International friendly for Uruguay. Despite soldiering on and being awarded MOM on Saturday he looked like he was struggling physically a lot of the game. He needs a rest."
2nd Mar 2014 19:39
"I hate when players come back injured with our thin squad at this stage of our challenge for top 4. God please protect the REDS on International duty. YNWA "
2nd Mar 2014 19:55
"I hate when players come back injured with our thin squad at this stage of our challenge for top 4. God please protect the REDS on International duty. YNWA "
3rd Mar 2014 1:53
"My suggestion to you, Mr. Hodgson, all the British Red Men should go to Brazil"
3rd Mar 2014 14:35
"England could ruin our players again sturridge has arguably the best player in the word next to him at Liverpool but wen goes to England lol he's gonna have I'm mister Rooney I'm worth 300000 pound a week who's always been useless at international level oh maybe against San Marino he's brill score 4 lol "
3rd Mar 2014 14:52
"Oh, Danny Boy, the goals, the goals are flowinging From end to end, and down the merseyside, The summer's gone, and ohh the mancs falling, tis you, tis you must go and watch with pride But come ye back when the gunners are in the meadow, Or when the blues are hushed and gone white with your blow, tis I'll be here in sunshine or in shadow, Oh, Danny Boy, oh Danny Boy, we love you so! "
3rd Mar 2014 14:53
"the boy has done well and doesn't have a song , thought i'll write a few words to the tune of oh danny boy "
3rd Mar 2014 18:47
"Wished victor moses n cissokho were english too..:-D"