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I prefer not to dream. Be realistic. As I'm sure many other Reds would be too, I would be elated with a top four finish. That is realistic. Don't wanna finish the season disappointed by saying we're gonna win the league. So long as we get top four it would show progress and be fantastic for this club.
1st Mar 2014 21:57
1st Mar 2014 22:01
""Champione champione ole ole ole -champione champione ole ole ole.- ok sorry lads maybe over the top !!! but im made up.we are having a unbelievable PL season""
1st Mar 2014 22:04
"Just met Brendan and half squad at Southampton Airport. My kids made up as have photos with Luis/Brendan/Kolo/Dagger etc... Thankyou LFC. YNWA. :0)"
1st Mar 2014 22:12
"love it popster - and cc, every reason to celebrate our best ever league season so far. 10 wins out of 10 is not at all impossible, based on what we've seen this season, but I'm still just dreaming of top four and finishing above Neverton and Sc-um! Let's hope we don't crumble now... YNWA"
1st Mar 2014 22:14
"Redopium-how good was skrtl? Won every fu!king header tonight, powerful and solid.and arsenal LOST happy week ahead lad"
1st Mar 2014 22:15
"Yes,yes,yes,an away win, three points, clean sheet and second in the league. Wonderful team performance.Keep it going and we will be there. YNWA"
1st Mar 2014 22:23
"MATC, best ever PREMIER league season, that is. I am quite sure we had more points after 28 games sometime in the 70s and 80s. Still, this is above all expectations. With an already thin squad, Suarez 6 game ban, many injuries, etc. and we manage to get to that position in the league is just amazing."
1st Mar 2014 22:25
"Absolutely superb from the lads after a nervy start. Credit to BR for the tactical formation and bringing on sterling at the right time. Yes LFC supporters will continue to dream. Without a dream it's just emptiness and hoplessness. Top four will be just fine but who knows what the future holds? I'm just so happy. SSS- Solid, Stupenduous,Superb. YNWA."
1st Mar 2014 22:28
1st Mar 2014 22:32
"CL was always a must and top four was the aim. Champions might be difficult as the Russian and the Arab try to out bid each other in the quest to buy it. Top three would be great then we are sure of getting in. But then, FSG, you will need to invest. Look it up in the dictionary and back our manager."
1st Mar 2014 22:35
"Dreams do come true."
1st Mar 2014 22:38
"Where's all the ppl now wanting all them stars over the January transfer window mouthing of we need this that this player lol we would have lost wot makes us good :-) I hope I can totally believe soon and just need pragmatic no flair chealsea lose a couple "
1st Mar 2014 22:41
"Beat Manchester United and I will start dreaming, not yet."
1st Mar 2014 22:43
"At last I see true Liverpool fans on these articles better than the trolls lol "
1st Mar 2014 22:49
"Great, I wrote this week if we wanna win we need to play team defense and play Allen to help them, Allen had a great game today in both directions, among 3 our best players. All of you who had no nice word for our goalie think again. That wht left notoriously bad is Skrtel, no hope for him. Flanagan is not our future, too slow for RB or LB, offensively and technically weak too"
1st Mar 2014 22:52
"hedman77 - Think you're a bit too harsh on Flanno . He's still young and he's still got time to improve himself . It was great tactics from BR to replace Coutinho in midfield with Sterling and moving Allen to the left and Hendo to the right to nullify Chambers and Shaw . 2nd half was all liverpool after that subsution. "
1st Mar 2014 22:54
"leeeverpool 1st Mar 2014 22:41, Good point mate but still only focus on one match at a time. Never celebrate anything until you actually achieve it first or one can be left looking like a sad clown."
1st Mar 2014 22:55
"Playing the diamond is gonna be our best against some teams wot a master stroke he knows every formation pluses and minuses in each formation lol Brendon wot quality "
1st Mar 2014 22:55
"MATC9482 1st Mar 2014 21:57 Wise comment indeed. "
1st Mar 2014 23:01
"Dare to dream but dare not to boast, be humble and humility will bring it's own rewards and one will appreciate them more in the long run. Loz99 'One can dream but let not dreams become your Master........ and you'll be a man my Son' Rudyard Kipling."
1st Mar 2014 23:02
"I remember some of u lot wanting most mid and the squad changing as u did not like them "
1st Mar 2014 23:02
"guys stevie received a yellow card..does this mean he will not the next game play against man united?"
1st Mar 2014 23:06
""guys stevie received a yellow card..does this mean he will not be available to play the next game against man united?" "
1st Mar 2014 23:06
"Well all our mid and defenders r not good enough we need to get rid of the lot rubbish rubbish none would get in top for teams lol "
1st Mar 2014 23:09
"On here I've heard it all year by the posts where r u now and to dis then say proved me wrong is way to easy because u have no bottle "
1st Mar 2014 23:12
"Any one. Can say a players and not quality needs replacing but wen on form go oh he proved me wrong well that's the easy way out "
1st Mar 2014 23:16
1st Mar 2014 23:17
"Hedmann77 what you smoking you clown SKERTL been fantastic all season one of the best in premier, one of the reasons we are 2nd and in top4 nearly all season, "
1st Mar 2014 23:21
"Glad Brendon so in charge as if some of u were in charge we'd have lot of money on spurs players chealsea players and been top lol oh sorry with them players where they now lol we should look and embrace the players we have in stead of looking around every where lol "
1st Mar 2014 23:23
"Centrecircle he did and you can see agger getting match fit and doing great today also, "
1st Mar 2014 23:23
"Our players the team squad is top quality :-)"
1st Mar 2014 23:25
"Every year at this stage of the season Arsenal seem to just gradually melt, their performance against Stoke was just woeful and Wenger just wanders about mumbling like Mr Bean with similar mannerisms, This should encourage Brendan and the lads who are buzzing at the moment."
1st Mar 2014 23:27
"GOD IS GOOD,lets keep the faith and keep believing,one game at a time,and see what happens.YNWA"
1st Mar 2014 23:29
"Loz who u support "
1st Mar 2014 23:32
"It was a good move by BR to bring on Sterling. I didnt feel Philippe was at his best. Great performance all around. Much improved over the swans match. Lets put united in their place! A 4-0 thrashing would be awesome!"
1st Mar 2014 23:37
"I know this has nothing to do the are great result but watching match of the day and can't see salah any where on the Chelsea game not even on the bench I love it (how to f up your talent)"
1st Mar 2014 23:44
"hedmann77 are you mad, skrtel had an amazing game today, close to being man of the match. Joe Allen as well poorish first half but great second YNWA"
1st Mar 2014 23:56
"Spyleader maybe a bluenose,lol."
2nd Mar 2014 0:05
"matc top 4 not safe enuff mathematically an english team winning the CL wuld knock us back to 5th and europa league. TOP THREE has t be the four is not safe enugh..."
2nd Mar 2014 0:08
""fsg out brendon out brigade" have imploded into obscurity hahaha...Good times rollin now yessir"
2nd Mar 2014 0:08
"Lets knock a certain team OFF THEIR F>>>>N PERCH NEXT SHALL WE:)"
2nd Mar 2014 0:10
"all together now, and youl neeeveeeeer walk alone, alone, youll neeeeever walk aloonnne"
2nd Mar 2014 0:18
2nd Mar 2014 0:18
"top four is a realistic target. anything higher than that would be further credit to the team. doing a great job, keep it up :)"
2nd Mar 2014 0:31
"thegreatyassir 1st Mar 2014 23:02 No, Gerrard is available to play against MUFC in the next game; he has 5 yellow cards now, but after January it takes 10 yellow cards to miss a game."
2nd Mar 2014 0:34
"Eltea your totally right and I admit that I have being slating joe Allen but lets be honest he has not been great for us this is only one game but I REALLY hope he keeps it up he was super today ynwa"
2nd Mar 2014 0:55
"butch buddy, wth the collectivity we have had, we don't need to expect greatness from every single player. "
2nd Mar 2014 1:05
"Just leave the great status to SAS and Stevie....:)"
2nd Mar 2014 1:22
"butchcaseylucky - Then you probably didn't watch the previous game against Swansea then . Allen came in and shore up our midfield which leads to us getting the winner in the 2nd half . "
Gerrard o ya beauty
2nd Mar 2014 1:24
"Right LFC fans I am absolutely buzzing after that result. I had always supported BR and I have to say I love the guy now for how he's making LFC play, it's his style of play and his man management what's made us breathtaking to watch this season, I would never in a million years think we would be second with 10 games left at the start of the season"
2nd Mar 2014 1:25
"Well done BR,Well done all the lads,YNWA"
Gerrard o ya beauty
2nd Mar 2014 1:26
"It's amazing and after today I actually am starting to think we can win it, why not? We've got our main rivals to play at home so it's put us right in the mix! And again I love VR YNWA "
2nd Mar 2014 1:29
"The analyst 20:23 - not much of a stato. 2 points for a win in 70's and 80's and not premier either. I think Matc is comparing pre-season expectations with March hopes when saying this is our best ever PL season ever. It's been a long time since we have gone into March on a roll. "
Gerrard o ya beauty
2nd Mar 2014 1:33
"We love u Brendan we do, we love u Brendan we do, we love u Brendan we do, OOO BRENDAN WE LOVE YOU!!!! "
2nd Mar 2014 1:34
"1:26 - VR = LOL"
Gerrard o ya beauty
2nd Mar 2014 1:44
"Celerman I meant BR I love the guy haha he's got Liverpool playing some quality footy"
2nd Mar 2014 2:01
"BR, still questionable why we lost the home fixture with Southampton, both the Chelsea and Man City games are CRITICAL, WIN IT FOR GERRARD, HE ABSOLUTELY DESERVES TO LIFT THE TROPHY BEFORE HE RETIRES !!"
Truth Hurts 13
2nd Mar 2014 2:23
"What ever abuse herald at you is gone now. Only praises. You have proved that u belong top there with the others. Though with no trophies under your belt YET but you are taking us in the right direction. Thank you sir,BR. YNWA."
2nd Mar 2014 2:44
"god damit i believe!!! no body can stop us now.. neither citeh or chelski got what it takes too win the league.. "
2nd Mar 2014 2:56
"Well done Liverpool!!! Great starting lineup, great time to put in sterling, and great to see Suarez get his groove back! Mignolet looked more comfortable today and his save before the half was so important! Keep up the hard work and anything's possible..!!!"
2nd Mar 2014 3:00
"I dream of Liverpool winning the league. And i dream of a much better away kits. Please God make my dreams come true."
2nd Mar 2014 3:09
"great win, well done Reds!! now focus for the next game and secure our CL place.. YNWA!!"
2nd Mar 2014 3:46
"must say it was nice to be able to bring on someone who could change the game and it only took 80secs lol think we have found a away formula at last ynwa "
2nd Mar 2014 4:34
"A great result today & we can dream. There's still a long way to, but who would have thought we would be in this position come March. If we can maintain the consistency, we will be in with a shout. "
2nd Mar 2014 4:54
"Safi sana. Weekend njema kwenu woote. YNWA"
2nd Mar 2014 5:22
"Full compliments to BR, this is the Liverpool I grew up loving , the great football playing reds. Whatever happens for the remainder of the season Well Done Brendan ! Well done Lads !! Our Reds are back and we can dream !!! YNWA"
Dede 7
2nd Mar 2014 5:34
2nd Mar 2014 5:41
"We cannot underestimate the qualities of BR. What he has achieved with no financial support has been nothing short of Magnificent. He must receive all the plaudits . After a succession of negative non-football playing managers ( kenny excluded ) we have worthy Liverpool Man. Thankyou Brendan ! Thankyou Mate !!! "
2nd Mar 2014 5:56
"if we are capable of winning the league so why should we keep dreaming.we have the best attacking force so definetly we'll win..but there is a lot to improve..great win.YNWA"
2nd Mar 2014 6:19
"Probably Torres and Mou will win the league. Top four is sure, it seems."
Red from Malta
2nd Mar 2014 6:21
"No room for pessimists today. Like our great captain said "WHY NOT" impossible is nothing."
2nd Mar 2014 6:35
"Well done BR.. We deserve to dream.. It's been too long for the mighty reds. Reds 4 life. YNWA!!"
2nd Mar 2014 6:45
"Glen was out of tune and cutinho i guess was a bit annoyed with the new shape. Best of luck guys and hopefully we can nail it! "
2nd Mar 2014 7:10
"BR has shown the world dat even widout a 100 million pounds for transfers n a bench as gud as the xi, a team can consistently perform well against good, strong teams Stevie n co. deserve every bit of the love n praise theyre being showered upon by not only kopites, but by many odr managers n players. their work rate n dedication to the game has truly been a pleasure to watch! YNWA"
2nd Mar 2014 7:14
"Please correct the typing error: suarez assisted sturridge and not sterling"
2nd Mar 2014 7:56
"Buddha-pull the rope slowly their choke more..... Lol"
2nd Mar 2014 8:04
"Suarez will win the PFA award for sure."
2nd Mar 2014 8:15
"Awesome display guys! Now lets win it!! Ynwa! "
2nd Mar 2014 8:49
"It's good to see you have a game plan and the boys delivers on the pitch. It's another great execution of a good team work. 10 more games and we will see where we stand. YNWA."
2nd Mar 2014 8:52
"I think Flanno is more comfortable in left than Glenn! 4-4-2 was a brave approach "
2nd Mar 2014 9:04
"I believe dreaming too high would lead us into an abyss. However, I dream of a top 3 rather than top 4. Progress is already proven to date. Top 3 = less prelim in CL."
2nd Mar 2014 9:33
"brendan rodgers is a liverpool legand in the making. if u look at all the clubs around us in the league they've all spent millions man city,chelsea. brendan hasn't broke the bank for our squad hes made average kind of players world beaters hes made them believe in them selves imagine when we qualify for champions league or even win the league this season contd.."
2nd Mar 2014 9:38
"I would love 2 dream and I would love 2 win the league but my head says we won't I think we will finish 2nd or 3rd but this season have been beyond my wildest dreams so far "
2nd Mar 2014 9:45
"the world class players we could attract again. if brendan can make these players world beaters imagine wat he can do with top class players its scary to think of. But i cant wait for that"
2nd Mar 2014 9:53
"To those fans who think skrtel is no good enough should think again. What a performance from skrtel. 1st MOTM Suarez 2nd MOTM Skrtel. YNWA "
2nd Mar 2014 9:53
"Ok enough with experimenting with the defence line plz bring back cissokho and kolo for the trip to old trashole..if u knw what i mean brendan :O"
2nd Mar 2014 10:20
"Unbelievable - so many hoodoos and records smashed this season - so why not dream, it's only dreaming. I don't believe any supporter would be disappointed to dream and not win PL, because our progress is enough to lift the hearts of us all this season. For JF don't worry not many have huge faith in Hodgson - you will be the next Kop legend "
2nd Mar 2014 10:25
"Happy for the win. And realistic about league chances. I think getting into top 3 or 2nd is huge progress. Qualifying automatically for CL instead of going through early qualification in the summer is a big deal. I have to say 3-0 flattered LFC yesterday."
2nd Mar 2014 10:26
"2nd half was much better, but for BR and players to say they defended well in the game... only Skrtel can really say that. Southampton found it very easy to get into the box and both our full backs got caught out a number of times. But a win is a win! Hope they keep going."
2nd Mar 2014 10:30
"We can win the league with the way we are playing. We are real threat going forward. The only thing BR has to do is to Sort defence out and we are good to go."
stressed red
2nd Mar 2014 10:34
"hedman77 f00k 0ff you tw0t I hate heros like you you weapon"
2nd Mar 2014 10:40
"loved every minute of yesterday's match but would ask just one question. Why does BR insist on replacing DS ?? you could see he was unhappy when he left the field. Maybe he should have brought off LS instead considering he was injured. "
Natural Poolie
2nd Mar 2014 10:52
"I'm not dreaming til the final whistle of the final game lol CL was the aim, as long as we are in top 4 I'll be happy "
2nd Mar 2014 10:54
"Brendan and the lads are doing a great job this season, top 4 would be a fantastic achievement, love the style of play Brendan has got the team playing and you can tell there is a real togetherness throughout the whole squad"
2nd Mar 2014 11:06
"Well,we can be PROUD after 28 games-result is on the table...Progress has been made,true.We are on 3rd in the moment,actually,cause City has to play 2(two)postponed games...I'd get 3rd on May,why not!?Moreover,if we would win vs.chelski and city,it will be chance for more.Now,let's win and Spurs to SECURE top4.YNWA>"
2nd Mar 2014 11:06
"Good stuff! A few blips but only coz Saints played so well for 75mins. Back 4 did their job really well. Do 'NOT' change the back 4 for Utd! Thought Johnson was MoTM, personally. Skrtel & Agger play much better together than any other CB pair. Onwards & upwards ;)"
Den Haag Greg
2nd Mar 2014 11:07
"Big win against Southampton, defence resilient. Good goalkeeping, a bit of Lady Luck and clinical finishing. Far more controlled and solid second half. It all looks good as spuds enter an interesting group of fixtures, you can almost touch 4th or dream 3rd and if you do that 2nd's not far away and then you could say....."
2nd Mar 2014 11:08
"Brendan has to take a lot of credit for his tactical awareness. He is a quality manager and I'm beginning to fall in love with him!"
2nd Mar 2014 11:27
"10 more games, 30 points to play for. Top 4 a priority. And who knows........ SG might add another medal."
2nd Mar 2014 11:47
"Having had to put up with lots of negative comments on here perhaps these people can see what a magnificent job Brendan and the whole team are doing well done boys YNWA "
notts red till dead
2nd Mar 2014 11:53
"i said before that if we win this game a pl charge is definitely on. I really believed it was the hardest fixture we had left. confidence is sky high, team spirit great and hitting top form at the right team. I am dreaming br....ynwa!!!"
2nd Mar 2014 12:42
"I just prefer that the squad be more consistent.. Coutinho and Flanno had terrible game. Allen just isn't good enough, I hate to say it but he isn't."
red dragon
2nd Mar 2014 13:36
"excellent result yesterday, Brendan keep up the good work, keep the players feet firmly on the ground and take it one game at a time and lets see."
Buckie LFC Supporter
2nd Mar 2014 14:08
"It's good to dream, but at the moment we are still not yet in the race, as it currently remains out of our hands, but chances of making champ le is improving each game. Both Swans & Saints have played better than us but we have shown our quality to win. Just keep taking a game at a time & do the talking on the pitch. No doubt those shouting for joy now, will shouting at BR if we drop points"
2nd Mar 2014 14:11
"BORINIIIIIIII! I'm so happy for him"
2nd Mar 2014 14:16
"Hey hey hey did you check Fabulous Fabio Borini's golazo against Citeh! That's our player, Borini! :D YNWA! Go win that cup."
2nd Mar 2014 14:17
"timH: me, too! :)"
2nd Mar 2014 14:24
"Borini is giving Kompany and Demichaelis nightmares."
Natural Poolie
2nd Mar 2014 14:48
"We even looked solid at the back today which was good. Nice to see LS back on the score sheet too."
2nd Mar 2014 14:55
"It worries me a little when Brendan discusses his tactics so openly, I'd rather he played his cards close to his chest more as did Shankley, Paisley etc, just a thought."
2nd Mar 2014 15:32
"TheAnalyst 1st Mar 2014 22:23 Well said my friend, great call. YNWA"
2nd Mar 2014 16:11
"There is an old saying "You are sure of nothing till you have eaten it" YNWA"
2nd Mar 2014 16:39
"Flanno is a very solid talent, he's learning and he'll get better. We still gave the ball away too much because Allen mainly is inconsistent but ended up making very crucial contributions when we lost the ball. Just keep working hard - that was a excellent result regardless, YNWA."
2nd Mar 2014 16:46
"I was very impressed with the whole team. Not as exciting as some games but very professional and workmanlike. I thought Johnson looked back to his best cool and efficient self and along with Agger gave a much safer look to the back. Despite his deserved MOM award I thought Suarez looked leggy and was struggling for pace especially after the foul against him. "
2nd Mar 2014 16:50
"At YorkietekKer: Never ever disrespect your fellow reds fans (if thats what u r doing) - that's foolish. Working with 'what we have' is an unavoidable result of a stingy MD and a miserly owner. The manager is the real credit to this team. Real kudos Sir Rodgers - "take a bow"."
2nd Mar 2014 17:12
"Don't be getting ahead of yourself Brendan lad - we had a string of bad results last time you were on about winning the league. Just take the next game as it comes. And stop patronising the fans !!!"
2nd Mar 2014 17:20
"I agree with MATC9482.....Get Top 4. Bring in a few top quality players. Improve the team. Then push for the le in 2 seasons time.....then dominate....and knock off their perch....."
the regent
2nd Mar 2014 17:28
"LFC has seen last few yrs as if they are middle table team, top players like cavani said luis should leave lfc to get cl football which was like a insult for Reds its time to show likes of manchester n chelsea n all others what LFC really means "
2nd Mar 2014 17:42
"Simpson2 .. No way is Brendan getting ahead of himself. He always down-plays any suggestion that LFC could win the le. Time and again he says the same thing that our target is top 4 and that it is unprecedented for any team to go from 7th one season to top the next. All he is saying it is nice that fans are in a position to DREAM of such an unlikely outcome. "
2nd Mar 2014 18:04
"What the heck is wrong with Liferlonga... posting such a negative post on every strand of this blog. This is a time for celebration, take your anti LFG politics elsewhere. "
2nd Mar 2014 18:21
"For the fans who dare to look forward to our actual CL journey next season, we cant be complacent - buy the players we need in the summer - and still be careful with SG's role; will be too much for him to do this is so many high level games. Lucas for a long while now is too inconsistent so proper vision and planning must compensate potential issues with improved squad quality and depth. "
2nd Mar 2014 18:31
"Allen is totally a good lad but his passing can be so woeful - gave away the ball too easily - big teams will kill us with that. Free up the space and funds too - sell Allen, Reina, Borini, Assaidi and Aspas. Send home Cissokho and Moses. THEN buy the 4 or 5 players we need."
2nd Mar 2014 18:33
"Liferlongerlfc not a fan, no true red would come on here with that sort of poisonous comment about another supporter, you are a disgrace. Doesn't matter whether you agree with him or not he is enled to his opinion just as you are filling up all the entries on this thread with your own. And do we all agree with them?"
2nd Mar 2014 18:36
"Players of the quality i think would be Konyplyanka, Firmino, ANY 2 from : M'Vila, Fernando, Neustadter and both or the better one from the Bender twins. In BR we trust of course but Ayre and FSG need awakening. ALL the best lads and all real REDS fans be strong and keep up the great work in the stands and worldwide ---> YNWA."
2nd Mar 2014 18:43
"Gneil! I think you'll find Allen will loose the ball sometimes but not half as much as some others in the team . Thought Allen played really well broke up Southampton's attack on several occasions , the team have got far more control when Allen is playing . "
2nd Mar 2014 19:02
"liferlongerlfcfan - the point of Henry's rant here is that players have alot of control over their future - it's not like they're an asset. Having read JH's words I suspect the media are just sensationlising it all. I very much doubt we were obliged to accept Arsenal's offer... unless you can show me a quote that suggests otherwise...??"
2nd Mar 2014 19:02
"Lifelong ... do lfc a favour and shut up already! Your lies and half truths are the only thing here making us look bad!!! Afc, henry, suarez and EVERYONE knows it wasn't a release clause, the 40m only meant we had to inform luis there was a bid, doesn't mean we had to accept it as if it was a 'release clause' "
2nd Mar 2014 19:04
"So get your facts rt before you spam every thread with your anti fsg rubbish. Unbelievable we sit 2nd in the table and STILL the numpties can't help but moan! Please just go support man city already, we as supporters stand by our club, not constantly look for ways to undermine it"
2nd Mar 2014 19:17
"liferlongerlfcfan be happy we r 2nd on league and shut the f##k up is doesn't matter how we kept Luis we kept him and he is happy getting us back into the champions league or would u rather have him in Arsenal squad shooting them 2 league glory d1ckheaad"
2nd Mar 2014 19:39
"liferlongerlfcfan look I am not FSG biggest fan as they have deep pockets and very short arms when it comes 2 the transfer window but they have done right by the club this time do u really think that they would have broke the contract law if he had that release clause in it they may be tightfisted but they r dumb so jog on and go back 2 the rock crawled from under u manc knob"
2nd Mar 2014 19:40
"Too many time we were in this position. 10 games seems like a long time. I'll dream the day we are in the top four once we achieved it and everything that comes after that. For now I'm realistic..."
2nd Mar 2014 19:48
"Beat Man Utd at soulless Old Trafford, and Chelsea and Man City (anfield) and then we can dream, for now bask in a fantastic season and very entertaining football, c'mon Liverpool!!!!!! "
2nd Mar 2014 19:59
"Lifelong = muppet and liar! You are asbad as the gutter press with bs stories, how many times do you need telling? IT WASNT A RELEASE CLAUSE it was only triggering an information clause! Suarez was told about the offer so lfc and fsg have done nothing wrong, you manc scarmonger tactics do nothing here u fake"
2nd Mar 2014 20:14
"The Mighty Reds Are Back"
2nd Mar 2014 20:14
"untill its impossible I'll believe but wherever we end up it'll be top 3? and I'm so proud of our lads and our away fans your so awsome never stopped you should be so proud"
2nd Mar 2014 20:21
"we are liverpool la la la la la. What a team, great to have our glen and dagger getting back to best after injuries, great tactics on raheem, enjoy your internationals lads but come back safely. man u up next lets hope moyes keeps his record against us, I just love to win at their place LOL YNWA"
2nd Mar 2014 20:32
"liferlongerlfcfan 2nd Mar 2014 19:27 - I'm not sure you understand simple English... surely you must be mushroomscouser reincarnated!! I've looked for JH's exact words and nothing there says that we were obliged to accept Arsenal's offer. Please, prove me wrong - if you can, that is..."
2nd Mar 2014 20:33
"Lol at lifelong, so sad when mancs like u pretend to be lfc supporters and try to turn the knowledgeable fans of liverpool against their club/owners, are things really that bad at old trafford? Oh wait yes! Yes they are :) no wonder our boards get filled with chumps like you when we're winning. If your looking for your club look down! Lol we all are looking down the table and laughing at you"
2nd Mar 2014 20:38
"liferlongerlfcfan look u dumb f##k I have already told u I am not the biggest FSG fan and if there was a release clause in his contract don't u think he would have made more of a fuss about FSG not letting him 2 talk 2 arsenal "
2nd Mar 2014 20:39
"liferlonger calling everyone else stupid (or words to that effect) but whoever would believe that Suarez had a clause in his contract that neither he nor his agent knew about has got some long, hard thinking to do. If the clause was there, Suarez knew about it - OK? If Suarez knew about it and wanted to leave he would've left. So FSG are criminals, HOW???"
2nd Mar 2014 20:54
"In Rodgers I trust we can start believing now even with a top four finish I'll be over the moon but being called le challengers puts a smile on my face come on I reds make us proud"
2nd Mar 2014 21:15
"IF however the clause was there and FSG SHOULD have accepted it, then you show me a Liverpool fan who wishes we had accepted it. What's that - can't?? OK, then, show me a Man U, Everton, Arsenal, City, Chelsea fan who would berate FSG for not accepting it... (I rest my case.) The contract has now been ripped up so nothing can be proven. YNWA John Henry - excellent piece of business!!"
2nd Mar 2014 21:18
"Why all the surprise abt footy contracts not being worth the paper they are written on! Wise up - players sign for 4 years and leave after 2, mgrs are employed for 3 years and given the elbow after a few months. Welcome to the world of modern day football! Fact!"
2nd Mar 2014 21:22
"so saying something proves it?? Do you play poker Mushy? I'd love a game with you... "I've got a pair of twos - honest!!" ;)"
2nd Mar 2014 21:24
"Anyway back to what THIS article is about. Yes we do dream and believe. Saturday's result was not the best performance but to get anywhere sometimes you have to win ugly and be happy to take 3 points even though the performance is not the best. YNWA"
2nd Mar 2014 21:27
"liferlongerlfcfan - OK you've made your point. Not everyone will agree with you, but that's life. Now go chat with Mancs about it, as I'm sure your views will be much more warmly received down the M62..."
2nd Mar 2014 21:33
"If indeed there was a clause then I would be asking Luis' lawyers why they didn't do their job. It is obvious that he was pursuaded to stay and i for one am glad he did . If that is down to FSG pursuading him, then thank you FSG. One rule of business, keep your ,it's prized assets and certainly do not give them to your rivals!"
2nd Mar 2014 21:43
"Some people have a very sad life-jeeeeez fu!k"
2nd Mar 2014 22:21
"Where's MUSHROOM? We need somebody to tell us how badly the team are doing and how its all brendan's and the owners' fault. Honestly, second in the league isn't good enough. The owners need to spend 10 billion pounds and buy a ready made team. C'mon Mushroom, we miss you."
2nd Mar 2014 22:59
"Hands up those who said 'BR out before New Year' in Oct/Nov 2012. "
2nd Mar 2014 23:39
"Some ranting on here this evening,lifelong,do you enjoy winding people up,are you one of them wee FAT sweet eating pizza eating 20 cans of coke mancs that just cant fathom that LFC are better than your lot.LOL"
2nd Mar 2014 23:52
"No need for the curses now lifelong,i will debate you anyday on anything Liverpool,but you come across as a site jumper.If you know what that means.Do you think LFC will win the prem."
3rd Mar 2014 6:35
"The Dream is about being in the current position we are's a feel good factor... The Gov has expressed a top four finish is our aim but we can still dream can't we!"
Natural Poolie
3rd Mar 2014 7:40
"It will all pivot on how we get on against the top 4 at home and Man Utd away. Beat Man Utd and we can forget em, beat Chelsea at home and maybe we can dare to dream."
Natural Poolie
3rd Mar 2014 7:42
"I must add a comment for JA, he comes in for some stick but he was superb on Saturday "
Gerrard o ya beauty
3rd Mar 2014 8:17
"Why on earth would the owner come out and bring all that rubbish up about Suarez' buy out clause? We are flying in the league and peoples talking just about football with Liverpool these days and that numptie brings all that up, I hope it doesn't hinder our season and I hope Suarez can understand why we needed him to stay. YNWA "
3rd Mar 2014 8:48
"the reds to win the league with city, Chelsea and Manchester united still to play anything is posable "
3rd Mar 2014 19:55
"Im trying not to dream but its hard not to im loving in it,as for this contract nonsense suarez and his agent knows better than anyone what was in it,so if it was that bad why did he sign a new one,if he wanted out that badly he would have gone,contracts are usless both ways."
3rd Mar 2014 19:57
"They are useless to.ha ha"