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Four goals against Swansea and we are the league's top scorers!!
23rd Feb 2014 9:33
23rd Feb 2014 9:51
"Just beat Swansea and we keep pressure on our rivals,"
23rd Feb 2014 9:52
"After yesterday's result's and Tottenham playing today as well, hardly needs saying how important today's match has become. In fact fair to say it will be like this until the end of the season. Buckle up and enjoy the ride. "
23rd Feb 2014 10:25
"Nobody understands the importance of winning each and every game from here on in more than the LFC players and manager, I'm sure... We can but support our team. Lots of noise today please fellas!! YNWA"
23rd Feb 2014 13:06
"so proud of you lads, just keep doing what you do best great team footy"
23rd Feb 2014 14:03
"Come on were 2-0 up now it's 2-2 defence is shocking"
23rd Feb 2014 14:08
"3-2 up now come on finish them off "
23rd Feb 2014 15:13
"Rodgers wot r u doin three subs now he. Takin sturridge off for Moses "
23rd Feb 2014 15:44
"We are paying the price for not having bought a DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER in the last couple of transfer windows!!!!!!! Our defence is vulnerable, and even though our defenders had some personal mistakes today, our real problem is the midfield! From now on we must start with Allen/Hendo/Gerrard on the pitch. But what if one of them gets injured?"
23rd Feb 2014 15:48
"Br need to sort this defence out not good enough good win tho keep up good work ynwa"
23rd Feb 2014 16:58
"What pride you are talking about, today we almost lost our pride with this fragile performance."
23rd Feb 2014 16:59
"What pride you are talking about, today we almost lost our pride with this fragile performance."