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can't wait 2 get back in 2 the's where we belong.YNWA.
jungle boys
22nd Feb 2014 12:07
22nd Feb 2014 15:22
"No more silly results, we only have 1 comp to play for this season. 10 wins 2 draws and will be champs. I believe in BR & LFC,, YNWA"
22nd Feb 2014 15:48
"But BR, if we were to compete in elite competition, we can't afford to acquire another player like Allen, Aspas or Kolo. We need the likes of Sharaawy and Konoplyanka. You don't win European matches with daydreamers and rejects."
22nd Feb 2014 21:51
"hopefully when we get cl,we should go all out for a player like pedro from barca...skillful,pace,presses well and can easily score 20+ goals a season..what a signing he would be"
23rd Feb 2014 9:50
"Common you redmen. YOU A! "
23rd Feb 2014 9:53
"marching on 1 game bat a time n, no sloppy mistakes pls, ynwa "
23rd Feb 2014 22:15
"Top players know that Liverpool in the CL always has a good chance to win it. Hopefully some top class signings to compliment what we already have. "
23rd Feb 2014 23:44
"I haven't given up hope of bring Xabi Alonso back home, although we will have to pay a transfer fee for him rather than a Bosman. we weren't guaranteed CL in January, if we make it we could entice him."
24th Feb 2014 0:48
"without getting ahead of ourselves, its important to remember that this squad won't play with the same energy next season since they will be all at the world cup. New signings of quality and ambition will be needed regardless of where we finish. Konoplyanka should be bought before the board starts checking its spending levels."