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If we can get top 4, we can surely aim a lot higher than this lad. We certainly need a better 3rd choice striker, Aspas and Borini are not good enough. LB, CDM and ST should be the priority over the summer.
14th Feb 2014 14:46
14th Feb 2014 15:17
"even when windows are closed we are still scouting 4 players, that we wont sign when window opens."
14th Feb 2014 15:18
"No unproven players. Sign Mvila or Fernando, who are match our quality."
14th Feb 2014 15:43
"Why we always link with shi te players? This level of player could only be good enough for the likes of Sunderland. Our staff just got mad if they really take this level of player seriously. "
14th Feb 2014 15:44
"Saw that M'Vila want to leave Russia. Sorry it's in french. But I think he is the man we need. Him or Matuidi !"
14th Feb 2014 15:46
"We deserved the best and we must get the exact elite players if we want to be a regular top 4 team and strong le contender."
14th Feb 2014 16:10
14th Feb 2014 17:39
"I bet none of you making these negative comments have even seen him play. the question should be can he fit in with our style of play. Lots of negative comments about Phillipe and sturridge before they came too. "
14th Feb 2014 17:41
"I think LFC going to get him.. i hope he worth less then 5mill.. so tat LFC can still purchase 1 CD(Papadupolous) n a DM(The Octopus) the rest of position i would like to see our youth to start playing n bring out back those like fowler,gerard,carrager. "
14th Feb 2014 17:42
"Those of you old enough to remember the great teams of the 80s will know most of our stars like Keegan Houghton Barnes et al where all bought from lower division clubs. We turned them into stars."
14th Feb 2014 17:44
"We didnt get any competition for Suarez's signature because when a player comes to Anfield they either raise their level or cave in under the expectation. "
14th Feb 2014 17:44
"We r not well funded by the owner n i noticed tat due to business strategy n a long term purpose.. so just get tis Badu, Reges n Papadupolous n we rest the case cause we can only afford tis sort of players. YNWA"
14th Feb 2014 18:22
"I remember when everyone was talking down about the Sturridge signing. BR and the staff have made some good buys and it appears as though they can develop young players. Badu is a big physical young good looking player. More size and athleticism would be good. "
14th Feb 2014 19:44
"What? Spurs? Never!"
15th Feb 2014 4:40
"You "positive" people stick with DS and PC, and forgot the rest like Borini, Assaidi, Allen, Aspas. The old days are gone, to compare with 80s team is meaningless. Buying players without instant impact means you need to wait and take the risk of losing points, they take time to grow and gel up with the team, keep doing this and we just follow steps of Arsenal, and we still behind them."
15th Feb 2014 12:48
"I actually followed Coutinho and Sturridge years before they were signed and knew they were good players. I would prefer Liverpool signing players that know the game and can hit the ground running as opposed to signing an unknown player who may be a hit or a miss. I'd take Barry over Badu anytime over the week. "
15th Feb 2014 17:09
"get matts daehli from cardiff"
16th Feb 2014 1:17
"NAW!!! Sell Joe "NO CONTROL" Allen and Assaidi, loan out Jordan Ibe, bring back Suso and play him where Joe "NO CONTROL" would play we dont need any DMs lets make the best of what we have.....SELL JOE NO CONTROL ALLEN!!!!!!!"
16th Feb 2014 1:34
"In all honesty, we do not need to sign anyone . We have a lot of talent coming up within the youth ranks within the next 3 - 4 years . Check out Daniel Trikett- Smith and Harry Wilson . I won't be surprised young Wilson will get a debut by next year . "
16th Feb 2014 10:31
"Good player, better than mvilla & possibly fernando as well. Wouldn't mind Cuadado either maybe a double swoop from Udinese haha!"
16th Feb 2014 13:19
"Yan M'villa is the type of player we need in DM. Not sure about this guy though, but we definitely need a real DM and fast. Lucas is alright but needs some serious competition. "
16th Feb 2014 14:17
"Ojo will be our next Sterling!"
16th Feb 2014 18:52
"- Giovanni Dos Santos (BUY) - "