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14th Feb 2014 17:35
14th Feb 2014 17:43
"hope Aspas and Allen gets some minutes.. ynwa reds"
14th Feb 2014 17:47
"the boys are looking a little cold out there...haha. wouldnt mind a draw at all. clogs up arsenals fixture list even more, and brings them back to anfield for another spanking. YNWA!"
14th Feb 2014 18:02
14th Feb 2014 18:16
"Great to see our guys getting healthy for the last 12 league games and the FA Cup. We desperately need to get our defense tightened up. "
Billy B girl
14th Feb 2014 18:25
"Two of my favourite players - get well soon lads can't wait to get you back !"
14th Feb 2014 18:27
"nice like the pic of the 2 future of lfc players (pic23)nice to see glen and dagger back training go on reds lets give the gooners another lesson "
14th Feb 2014 18:31
"rest sterling and play agger at team : mignolet - flanno, skrtel, agger, sisokho - gerard - allen, henderson - coutinho, suarez - sturidge."
14th Feb 2014 18:32
"2 defenders who both are very comfortable with ball at feet and bringing it forward out of defence into attack, welcome back both of you we need both now to push on up table,"
14th Feb 2014 18:57
"Please Brendan send them out 2 give them another good butt kicking as they have bigger fish 2 fry in the next few gams so they r there 4 the taking "
14th Feb 2014 19:03
"Someone get the players some proper balaclavas; we're robbing the league this year :D"
14th Feb 2014 19:03
"Play the b team brendon. Ars will def resta few for bayern so we need to maintain the psychological advantage by playing a b team , even if we happen to lose it wont matter:)i dont make the rules, but this is how the game is played these days."
14th Feb 2014 19:15
"I hope he doesn't rest our big players as we will not be playing until the following Sunday. Let's keep the momentum going and bring home the BPL!!! Massive few weeks for us!!! C'mon you mighty reds! YNWA!!!"
14th Feb 2014 19:46
"Who's the Dude Stevie's talking to in pic 12?"
14th Feb 2014 19:51
"Pc 10, Stevie is introducing Danny and the lads to this new guy on his right, apparently Brendan is getting his to replace Kolo after that horror show o.g. at Craven Cottage lol."
14th Feb 2014 20:03
"Wonder iff we might se sum more off jao Carlos against the gooners id go with Johnson skertle agger smith Allen hendo ibe jao Carlos couthinio aspas have Stevie studge n Luis on bench iff they got more to worry bout than us concentrate on lge iff we get through with sum ov r fringe/youngsters bonus iff not theyve gained invaluable experience simple come on you reds ynwa"
14th Feb 2014 20:17
" has taken too long that Brendan got his starting eleven.Only one change next game but keep Flanno at startingline..Glen has to fight that Place back.Agger have that talent to start.YNWA."
14th Feb 2014 20:25
"That's a very worrying heading. The two boys are "training for Arsenal" But the window closed two weeks ago ! !"
14th Feb 2014 21:04
14th Feb 2014 21:05
14th Feb 2014 21:25
"Only change for me would be Dagger for Toure! He needs to given a wake up call for previous bad performances.. "
14th Feb 2014 21:42
"Powderfinger i disagree with you. Let glen start from the right and flanno from the left. I still don't trust that cissokho guy. Then toure out, agger in. Then some1 needs to make flamini angry."
14th Feb 2014 21:42
"Powderfinger i disagree with you. Let glen start from the right and flanno from the left. I still don't trust that cissokho guy. Then toure out, agger in. Then some1 needs to make flamini angry."
14th Feb 2014 21:57
"chibu; it really doesn't matter what you or I or anyone else thinks, nobody of any importance at the club reads these pages. They are just for us to let off steam. They are all millionaires payed millions a year to improve the fortunes of a multi-million pound industry. No one really cares what a fan thinks."
14th Feb 2014 21:59
"Is it just me, or does everyone look happy in training? Perhaps they're always happy, but it looks like a happy team enjoying themselves and their teammates. Good to see."
easy e
14th Feb 2014 22:01
"I agree with the maj' â"
14th Feb 2014 22:04
"OldVic - Oh, how very cynical of you! Of course the game is all about the fans. Oops, forgot, it is all about the money. Oh well."
easy e
14th Feb 2014 22:05
"both toure n Cissoko I'm not convinced with, Step it up "
14th Feb 2014 22:44
"agger for toure defo i think. toure's started to be a bit of a last few games. Just saying."
14th Feb 2014 22:45
"ahh they missed out c u next tuesday"
14th Feb 2014 22:47
"good back up player tho toure"
14th Feb 2014 22:51
"And to think we're doing this with cissokho. Wait till enrique gets fit again for our final push."
14th Feb 2014 22:51
"agger for toure defo i think. toure's started to be a bit of a last few games. Just saying."
14th Feb 2014 22:52
"dunno why that comment got posted again. it wasn't that good in the first place."
14th Feb 2014 23:15
"Great to see the boys enjoying themselves, let beat wenger boys on Sunday"
15th Feb 2014 0:20
"Please play Agger as that number 4 player name not worth saying is a shocking player I don't know why he is even in that team Brendan need to get that man into that training ground and keep him there for a couple of months "
15th Feb 2014 4:55
"Mathew Ashimolowo, aka Kolo Toure, should indeed rest. He has committed a few blunders recently and if it were not for his mistiming against West Brom, we should have been just two points off the top team now"
15th Feb 2014 9:38
"I agree, bring Agger back. Feel sorry for Toure though - he's clearly happier on the right. Reckon he's been 'taking one for the team' in there, and teams have obviously been targeting our left side ...and we all know why. That said, I reckon Cissoko's picked it up a bit - still treats the ball like a hot potato, but has looked pretty solid defensively..."
15th Feb 2014 15:17
"robbiemcg87 - Stop moaning and start supporting no matter who starts!!! "
15th Feb 2014 16:12
"C'mon Redmen I am wearing the whole kit with my Liverpool socks against the FA Cup, we need all the TV rights and sponsorship deals !!!! $$$$$$"
15th Feb 2014 16:48
"Agger and Johnson in to sharpen their match fitness. Let's do this!!"
15th Feb 2014 16:56
"Sturridge looks like he's been playing GTA again lol"