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It will b a great last 12 matches. . High hopes n full support to my beloved LFC. Love u...
13th Feb 2014 9:25
13th Feb 2014 9:30
"What a great result, not once did i think this would be a walk in the park but....The mighty Reds of last season would have been lucky to scrape a point from that game. Just goes to show how far we are coming along, digging deep and not giving up. YNWA liverpool til i die!!!!"
13th Feb 2014 9:35
""daring to dream" with the fixtures remaining vsing lower teams away and big teams at home and other rivals still to vs each other we have a great chance... consistency will now take its role in our season"
13th Feb 2014 10:27
"Am expecting all 36points"
13th Feb 2014 11:31
"I think that this would have been one of the games that we have slipped up in previous years. Getting the winner late on shows that we are contenders. Make sure the defense don't throw any more silly goals away and we are definitely challengers. YNWA"
13th Feb 2014 11:49
"Morgan621, I was just about to write the same thing when I saw your comment. These are the sort of game we would have lost in previous year, so I am happy that we are winning these type of games now. If one looks at last year when Man U won the tle, this was exactly how they won it. It was not our best came, but it is 3 points, and for that I am grateful. "
Super man
13th Feb 2014 12:12
"God with us! Anything is POSSIBLE. BELIEVE EVERYONE "
13th Feb 2014 12:47
"players coming back at crucial time to make us stronger. Flanno has proven he is 1st choice RB but Johnson/Enrique can play left back and Agger will add more pace and composure in place of Toure who struggles when he has time on the ball. 4th place is quickly becoming a minimum but one we will all accept."
13th Feb 2014 12:57
"A very important win for sure. Points on the road, no matter where, are tough to come by. I really think there is a chance to get to the top. Going to be tough but yesterday showed these Reds have the heart. YNWA"
13th Feb 2014 12:59
"i was there last night and the fighting spirit was fantastic. my worry is the defence, kolo doesn't look anywhere near good enough..."
13th Feb 2014 14:08
"I usually wanna be positive, but I'm afraid spurs will pass us. They have really easy fixtures left and they have big squad enough to cope with games they have. Actually I believe we will be fourth but It will be: 1) Man CIty, 2) Chelsea 3) Tottenham 4) Liverpool 5) Arsenal"
14th Feb 2014 2:42
"I could hear it as SG slotted that penalty... from that "special one" riding his plastic little horse... saying: "oh oh - damn they can win those sort of games ... we are in trouble now if we don't start paying those refs a little more extra pocket money""
14th Feb 2014 12:20
"Spurs are rubbish and they still have to come to Anfield. I think we are really in with a big chance to finally clinch the le again! YNWA"
16th Feb 2014 14:09
"Keep up the good work Lads, we are the genuine Premiership preditors.. YNWA. "