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Ya do ur best... All the best n prove them that 5-1 wasn't a fluke...
13th Feb 2014 8:16
LFC since 1975
13th Feb 2014 8:20
"before all the negative comments come flooding i would like to say, this was a great result, these are the type of games we lost previously and had to rely purely on Suarez to dig us out. now other players are stepping up and trying to claw us back into the game. well done redmen YNWA"
13th Feb 2014 8:29
"Three points-that's all that matters now! 36 more points and the le is ours! Paradise! Dreams! No. 19.... Walk on....YNWA."
13th Feb 2014 8:32
"You need your regular partner Martin as in the great DAGGER. Please stop playing Toure, he mostly cost us 2 points ... "
13th Feb 2014 8:46
"People are asking why Toure is still playing. Well we had no one else due to injuries. Now Agger is back I believe we will be more stable at the back to push on"
13th Feb 2014 8:59
"toure was very unfortunate yesterday..i think both goals were very unfortunate..... toured made great assists against Everton, Arsenal for goals and why people give not credit to Toure for passes to Sturidge and Sterling??? by the way sakho, agger are injured...YNWA KOlo."
13th Feb 2014 9:07
"smoochipoochi69 I think they have already proved it wasn't a fluke!! "
13th Feb 2014 9:11
"Just pay more attention to defence guys...."
13th Feb 2014 9:41
"last year, when Dagger, skrtel, reina for 38 matches we got only 61 points, now Sakho, Kolo and Skrtel we got 53 points only 26 matches. If Kolo or skrtel made mistakes, Kompany, Gary Cahill, Konscesny made too. No problem, Skrtel, Kolo had given his heart for LFC. Next time to be aware and more coordinate between Mignolet, Kolo, Skrtel, Flano, cissokho. YNWA."
13th Feb 2014 9:50
"Welcome back Agger give us the best in the last games. I pray no more injuries for you"
13th Feb 2014 9:50
"Fulham fout for life in vain, lets do it again again-fa "
13th Feb 2014 10:02
"fantastic 3 pts last night,how important could they prove to be come end of season......but our defence is a HUGE worry.Scoring goals not a problem but please sort the defending out as its 1 of the worst in the league"
13th Feb 2014 10:42
"good job done boys......ynwa "
13th Feb 2014 11:55
"was great result.....pleased to see Texeira get game time.....he looked good...another Coutinho"
13th Feb 2014 11:56
"We shown we can win when were not playing good give them credit !!!"
Natural Poolie
13th Feb 2014 11:57
"Yep, the final 3rd now. It doesn't matter how we do it now, every game won is a game less for those behind us to catch up with. Beat Spurs at home and 4th will be all but ours, who knows, we are catching those ahead very quickly too, something very special may happen!"
13th Feb 2014 12:08
"You are a beast skrtel"
13th Feb 2014 12:29
"we beat arsnel 5-1 but win 3-2 vs fulham what is going on with the lfc team "
13th Feb 2014 12:44
"Nothing wrong with LFC. They are giving us a wonderful season and who knows what lies ahead. The PL is tight at the top, there is serious competition for top-4. We're right in the thick of it - fantastic. YNWA "
13th Feb 2014 13:33
"Skrtel has been ace this season, can't wait to have Agger back. Touré needs to rest, he was off the pace. We are in the mix for the top prize is year, I think the biggest game coming up is the game against Spurs. Win that, guaranteed European football next season. "
13th Feb 2014 13:38
" show the same self belief as last night & we will win"
13th Feb 2014 14:58
"Get off toures back , all players at some stage have a few nightmares , Skirtl did last season as did the great Jamie Carragher and even Dagger, it happens to say he cost us points is ridiculous , The forwards missing chances could also have cost us the points , but defenders and keepers are more obvious "
13th Feb 2014 16:00
"I agree!! Unfortunately, we conceded 2 bad goals BUT we won with 3!!! Yeah!!! Press on, you Redmen and congrats again!!!"
13th Feb 2014 16:32
"yes 3points very good, we were not good, but I think we will learn from this game, we need to improve away from home,"
13th Feb 2014 16:55
"Yep 3 points every game r a much in every game now 2 the end of the season if we want 2 make the top 4 and I believe in every single player and the manger 2 do it "
13th Feb 2014 22:55
"The positive is that we grind results out of our bad performances. Draws were last year and the year before were loses and wins were two years ago were certain mind crackling loses and draws. "
13th Feb 2014 22:55
"Go reds. More awareness in defense and we are in it for the big times."
13th Feb 2014 23:01
"and on a happier note. Cissoko and Texeira nice game. Good to see Aly getting the hang of things. As for mistakes mainly due to over excitement and too much weight on the shoulders. Believe Reds we are Winners.YNWA "
Bang Ucup
14th Feb 2014 4:18
"we will beat them again for sure... just to make sure that we are better than Arsenal... kick them out of FA cup :)"
Ponch SA Red
14th Feb 2014 12:47
"Can we do the double? Why not?"
14th Feb 2014 15:00
"it proved that fulham draw with manu is no accident. beating fulham at their ground means we are better than manu is no accident either. arsenal draw with manu means both are on free fall after February."
14th Feb 2014 15:02
"arsenal difficult fixture means third place is our to lose. league is going down to the wire"