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Captain Fantastic. The team are so attacking with Gerrard in the holding role - it's very brave by BR - but it's working. Just need to eradicate the defensive mistakes (welcome back Daniel Agger)
13th Feb 2014 8:15
13th Feb 2014 8:06
"Our defence is terrible. We need Agger to come back ASAP. Good job to get 3 points. It is important as Arsenal and man u draw..... YNWA"
13th Feb 2014 8:11
"Stevie's right. Defence is not good enough! Need to tighten up at the back and stop making mistakes. Agger back in for Toure. Fantastic win though. Still hoping for a le. YNWA."
13th Feb 2014 8:12
"Win again like we won at anfield. .. or force a replay n tear them apart again..."
13th Feb 2014 8:20
"we got the points but our forwards are having to work extra hard to make up for the defence. Toure doing his best to help his City brother and Gooner mates and its time to bench him;he's too slow and breeds panic in our box."
13th Feb 2014 8:30
"ONE & ONLY Steven Gerrard, the best mid fielder I have seen in this generation ... and he keep on going ..YNWA Stevie "
13th Feb 2014 8:36
"Dream cup and league run.... Brendan and the Boys, keep your fans dreaming, please. It suddenly feels like 2005 again! Give me the Olympiacos spirit, show me the Istanbul fight for the next 12 games, and we will be Champions! Walk on....YNWA."
13th Feb 2014 8:38
"Captain Class... Think we need to get a pychological edge over Arsenal as beating them to a top 3 spot would be icing on the cake so rubbing their nose in it at the emirates in the fa cup would really help our pl cause... Come on you reds....."
13th Feb 2014 8:48
"We cant afford injuries so i would take the cup lightly.Let arsenal go for it.go for a 5-4-1..Rest hendo,gerard,suarez,mignolet,skrtel,sterling,coutinho. "
13th Feb 2014 9:06
"Stevie's right about Texeira. Suso & Sterling were also on that pitch against Lisbon but Texeira stood out by a distance. Our future is bright. "
13th Feb 2014 9:10
"Think Stevie was giving the managera slight hint when he praised Aggers defending when Fulham threw the Kitchen sink at us in the closing minutes! Toure has made a useful contribution on the field this season but we really need Agger back.Maybe some reserve and behind closed doors games to get Enrique and Lucas up to speed as they could be the difference in the last 12 games."
13th Feb 2014 9:13
"Important 3 points,result better than our perfomance,credit for Stevie G.,Coutinho and Sturridge,Suarez also...As I mentioed before,defence is AWFULL,Colo MUST BE BENCHED,even Cissokho was better last night...Put Agger and Johnson,don't mess around anymore,cause Arsenal and Swansea ARE NOT Fulham.YNWA>"
13th Feb 2014 9:14
"Agger's return alone won't improve the defense. IT's a collective issue. Flanagan wasn't great yesterday, and as a team they shouldn't be letting crosses coming into the box so easily. It's been the achilles heel all season for LFC. Stop the attack before they reach the penalty area. And the current team depends a lot on whether Coutinho, Suarez and Sturridge help in closing down the spaces."
13th Feb 2014 9:17
"Our goal keeper needs to come out more often to cut crosses"
13th Feb 2014 9:18
"Our goal keeper needs to come out more often to cut crosses"
13th Feb 2014 9:20
"Inconsistency is what I have to say. Against Arsenal Flanagan and Cissoko sat back more and look how many goals Arsenal got and that was through the middle. From the very beginning niether Flanagan nor Cissoko were to be seen at LB or RB, too high up the bench, we ende up with Gerrard in the centre of a back 3, tactics wrong by BR. Cont'd.... "
13th Feb 2014 9:22
"We keep talking down the winning the PL but if we improve our defence i think it is possible-jonson ( when FIT) agger sktrl flanno (LB) this is our back 4 and when enrquie/sako comes back we will be even stronger"
13th Feb 2014 9:23
"BR has to address that now may be he felt we would be better served by having Flanagan and Cissoko as wing backs but again that proved fruitless as Flanagan was shocking at crossing and Cissoko had very few chances. Thrilled with the Win but agree with SG Defending was poor, especially Toure nerves gone!"
13th Feb 2014 9:24
"Sorry I didint mean to bench, I meant pitch!"
The Reds Army
13th Feb 2014 9:28
"when sakho and agger is ready to be paired with skrtel. our defence strength will raise just like clean-sheets in early season! in the mean time, our offence is done they're job! wonderful win, lads! #YNWA"
13th Feb 2014 9:29
"Don't think agger will be in starting team this weekend but will be back in the league after that I'm sure, would love the cup but top for was our ambition and would swap a cup run for it, le challengers now? i would defiantly swap cup run for that! as long as we finish top 4 if it all goes wrong! ITs still very close until we play Spurs at Anfield and put daylight between us"
13th Feb 2014 9:31
"fantastic result in the end but kolo toure has got to be benched. He has been an accident waiting to happen for most of the season. He is a good lad but his race is run, he start badly and made everyone nervous. The condition's didn't help, but agger please."
13th Feb 2014 9:57
"That was fire, congs all we won, lets show the "gunners" again who the true "gunners" are "
13th Feb 2014 9:58
"On February 11, 2013 we played 26, won 9, draw 9, lost 8 Goal: 44-34 - with reina,Enrique, Skrtel, agger, Johno. Now, won 16, draw 5, lost 5 Goal: 66 - 32 with Mignolet, Sakho, Skrtel, Flano/Johno, Kolo and Cissokho. so support our squad now and advice them to minimized mistakes. BR know better than us."
13th Feb 2014 10:10
"Kolo The kalamity should rest his tired legs for a while, Pls "
13th Feb 2014 10:16
"Woeful defending YET again! Please, please send Kolo Toure ... somewhere else. His mistakes are TOO frequent and TOO costly for such a seasoned player: We need TWO central defenders come summer. Unfortunately Agger can never stay injury free for more than a couple of games. Skrtel is far too prone to mistakes, own-goals, shirt-pullings. Sakho - well, don't know yet, has mixed it a bit."
13th Feb 2014 10:17
"Kickok, good stats but the constant in that is Skrtle and we making mistakes, He the one most likely to give away a pen but i would still start him and Aggs before anyone at the moment thinking Sakho has stuff to prove but if BR leaves him out like he did Skrtle when Carra played till end of last season I'm sure his mentality will be ready and start next season will be Agger and Sakho"
13th Feb 2014 10:27
"That's how top teams should and do perform when under pressure brilliant result,Kolo has been great when we needed him but it is time for Agger to come back in but not for the Arsenal game has to be eased back in I would put Johnson in at left back too remember how well he played there last season no way Flanno can be benched for anyone.YNWA"
13th Feb 2014 10:28
"now i understand why BR give texeira the debut , because he want to rest players for cup-tie IMO"
13th Feb 2014 10:35
"I think we still have the chance of winning the league le.all de best guys"
13th Feb 2014 10:43
"Kolo's mistakes have became too costly for us...Hull,WBA,ev.Fulham...Skrtel made mistakes also,but rarely.Also,he could score and participate more than Kolo...Our 1st line defense could be RB Johnson CB Skrtel CB Agger LB Flanno,very soon (with CB Sakho addition).Cissokho and Toure-on the bench.Cntd..."
13th Feb 2014 10:48
"....cntd..And Lucas return could unload some defense's tasks,cause back4 looked differently with his presence.Enrique could chalenge for LB with Flanno,cause he is too long injured...and need to deserve his place.Keep going boys and we'll finish in top4,I am positive.YNWA>"
JAL 58
13th Feb 2014 11:01
"This side has played well without Lucas , keep him as far away from ANFIELD as possible ."
13th Feb 2014 11:04
"Spot captain fantastic we did pass that test last night and we do need 2 learn from this we need 2 learn 2 defend better and start keeping clean sheets "
13th Feb 2014 11:09
"Kudos to BR and the lads. We showed mettle and steel to nick it at the last minute. If we tighten our defence not only CL but I believe we can fight for the le. FSG you better get your stingy wallet out for the summer. Time for u to show us your worth!"
13th Feb 2014 11:13
"I had a feeling, that stevie would win us a game in the last minute this season. Here we are, and it wasn't the last crucial goal from captain fantastic, mark my words!"
13th Feb 2014 11:24
"To all people knocking Glen Johnson, he's still one of the best attacking full back in PL. Flanno is a good prospect still has a lot to learn, he didn't have a good game yesterday. It's a sort game where you need good crosses into the box or take on the other full back. This is what GJ does well. "
13th Feb 2014 11:35
"JAL 58....Tell us alternative for Lucas DM role,please...."
13th Feb 2014 11:36
"3 points all it matters now! We need to maintain distance from 5th. not to worry too much of the gap from top. After couple of major mistakes, I think Toure's confidence at the lowest level, even if we don't have any replacement unless Agger fully fit, play any other than him. Also Suarez needs a bit of pampering."
13th Feb 2014 11:39
"That's still the only real mistake I've seen skirtel make! People exagerate too much. They were worshipping toure at the start and now they are saying send him bck?!? That freak goal could have hapened to anyone. Get a grip"
Natural Poolie
13th Feb 2014 11:46
"People who know me and know my posts know that I don't praise freely. Last night showed as much grit, steel and determination as Saturday did class and flair! Both are needed to achieve our goals. The last 12 games, we are in 4th and 3 points clear cont'd "
Natural Poolie
13th Feb 2014 11:53
"The time has come for all redmen to unite and make this team strong. Forget about FSG, forget players, managers that have come and gone. We are the 12th man, be proud, shout loud and WE WILL BE IN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE NEXT SEASON!!"
13th Feb 2014 12:01
"one lesson that needs to be learned....a goalkeeper MUST command his WHOLE area and in particular the SIX YARD BOX"
13th Feb 2014 12:02
13th Feb 2014 12:07
"What more can be said about SG. Such a sublime pass, possibly the pass of the season. And then at the death, what nerves of steel. Captain leading by example. And his celebration said it all. Our current standing together with all the possibilities mean so much to him. LEGEND"
13th Feb 2014 12:20
"Yes, we have a chance now. Let's take the championship with God's help! Go ahead Live!!!"
13th Feb 2014 12:44
"Job done there then liverpoolmanager!! 0-0 Arsenal / Man Utd."
13th Feb 2014 13:02
"Anyone seen Toure's tackle on the ref ? . Hilarious stuff . Lighten up lads.. The defensive errors are all down to the condition of the pitch. It was terrible . I am shocked that a club like Fulham would leave their pitch unattended . "
13th Feb 2014 13:05
"couldn't agree more liverpoolmanager we look so clumsy at the back. i was there last night and the spirit was great, we created but the defending wasn't good enough by any means. Kolo looks totally ineffective"
13th Feb 2014 13:12
"A bit of good look needed after defensive blunders again,we need agger back to partner skirtel,"
13th Feb 2014 13:18
"Toure's making errors but theres no need to be disrespectful. Start of the season he was excellent. He's lost some confidence & no doubt will be replaced by Agger. We need ev'yone fit & confident for the run-in. so SUPPORT. "
13th Feb 2014 13:20
"Brilliant from Stevie, he helped his side to victory again and played like a true champion.Great to see Teixera make his debut, he looked very confident and did well enough.Glad Agger is back we have needed to be more assured at the back & made a big difference in the last five minutes."
13th Feb 2014 13:22
"Spot on natural poolie"
13th Feb 2014 14:00
"Come on guys, stop moaning about defence. At of the day we won. Liverpool doesn't have multimillion squad to do everything so perfectly. Look at city and Chelsea, they got squad and still not winning enough games to win the le. Bravo Rodgers for what he achieved with this squad. "
13th Feb 2014 14:20
"i like toure as a person!! but he can't play again!! he looks nervous even when no one is near him!!!"
13th Feb 2014 14:30
"Our defense is MUPPET SHOW,we conceded 32 goals and Skrtel is 'responsible' for 11 including 3 OGs in 7 days.Next one is Toure,where ever he played. Skrtel is big part of problem and goals vs Arsenal cant fix that problem"
13th Feb 2014 14:30
"Defence is not terrible but appalling. How Kolo manages to fall on his feet everytime he kicks the ball is mind boggling especially of his ability. I would like to see Kolo benched for a few games until his playing ability improves. He seems nervous most times. "
13th Feb 2014 14:38
"Newcastle time just started, as they do every winter, cash in best player(s) and then cash in games. Every season same thing, yesterday goals they conceded by Tottenham are seen in kids league. Shame on them"
13th Feb 2014 14:46
"Kolo has made a couple of real howlers and you can see his confidence is low. But I think it is unfair for people to question his professionalism and claim he is trying to help City and Arsenal. He is a Liverpool player and should not be left to walk alone."
13th Feb 2014 15:16
"Agger has to be put in the starting lineup again. He is our Vice captain and I know he will play with a chip on his shoulder. He and Skyrtel are a great pairing. Flanno had a bad game but he is young and he will learn from it. You can't replace his work ethic, FIGHT TO THE END!!!!"
13th Feb 2014 15:16
"We've had our first back four all out injured and most for a long time (Enrique, agger, sakho and glen j). Any team that loses their whole back 4 are going to struggle, yet we are still picking up the points. Not as worried as most, get these 4 back and we are solid again, although think flanno can't be dropped! Great win boys!"
13th Feb 2014 15:42
"Huge win. We are contenders for the EPL crown. BR has us in a perfect position. There is no pressure on us. Whilst JM fights with Arsenal and City - which he is not making any secrets about - we are just doing our own little thing. I don't care as long as it's CL football but for us to be talked about as dark horses is nothing short of fantastic and a real statement of what BR has done for us. "
13th Feb 2014 15:44
"YNWAforever - we haver injuries to these players LOL. Doh."
13th Feb 2014 15:52
"A 3-2 where our players needed to dig deep (even although the defence was poor) is MUCH better than a routine 2-0 where Fulham just fold + it's easy. It shows there is no complacency, we kept at it, kept surging/attacking. A win like these can give players huge confidence, compared to an easy routine win which plasters over any cracks. We have character, even with mistakes we win. THIS IS GOOD."
13th Feb 2014 15:56
"what.a.hit.son - good to see an analytical comment on here.Your point about injuries which everyone just seems to ignore. Imagine if we had Enrique the last two months, his ball retention gives us an outlet when under pressure. Aly is all hard work but has no confidence on the ball."
JAL 58
13th Feb 2014 16:09
"YNWAforever. Blaise Matuidi ,Yann M Vila Fernando Reges , Sven Bender , oh and a certain SG ."
13th Feb 2014 16:53
"Brendan Rodgers said in a press conference that Liverpool are "may be the chihuahua that runs in between the legs of the horses" as the Premier League le race intensifies. Dear oh dear oh dear."
13th Feb 2014 17:14
"Kingwillis10 13th Feb 2014 15:42.."There is no pressure on us"..ARE YOU ON DRUGS?.."
13th Feb 2014 17:18
"Never mind Stevie, what about Teixeira. Iâ"
13th Feb 2014 17:22
"I'm surprised Tiexiera's bow has gone without adequate comment from the club. Well done Joao Carlos, you looked like you belonged out there. YNWA"
13th Feb 2014 17:36
"I would not force the cup victory now. ;)"
13th Feb 2014 17:41
"JAL - we're still conceding too many goals with SG as DM. He's playing well but at times get caught out (for fulhams 1st) or too rash (arsenal pen). he prefers not to play there tbh and id rather have a proper DM in that position to let SG move forward."
13th Feb 2014 17:42
"Yeh great to see texiera get game time,the lads a real talent.stevie G amazing pass of the season for Sturridge of the problems with our defense is mignolet,he doesn't come for crosses.He has been doing it all season,do we have a goalkeeping coach?"
13th Feb 2014 17:43
"JAL - against top teams we will need Lucas, agger/sakho. cause if we concede 2 goals we arent coming bk. also its funny how your always on here talking about Lucas but ive not seen you congratulate the team. im sick of negative ppl on here even when we are doing well."
Billy B girl
13th Feb 2014 17:44
"Again BR at the press conference opens his mouth with Liverpool football club 5 times champions of Europe as Chiwawa's for god sake somebody stop him talking he's a total plank ! I like Kolo but he's a bit like aunt Clara in betwitched !"
Billy B girl
13th Feb 2014 17:46
"Man City another 14,500 seats extension and we're still waiting for FSG to cough up ! Joke "
13th Feb 2014 17:50
"Billy B girl - your talking about Man City. one of the richest clubs in the world. they can do what they want with the money they have. also they are in CL. that generates revenue, whilst we are not. we ave to take it step by step"
13th Feb 2014 17:50
"Billy B girl 13th Feb 2014 17:46 yep it is a joke what is taking FSG so long on getting a new stadium built "
13th Feb 2014 17:56
"lfc4ever76 - well for the fact that there were ppl living in the building close by there alot of planning permission that needs be approved before work can commence. im in building so i know these things. also we need to balance out building the new stadium, player fees and expenditure. we dont want to get into debt like we almost did."
13th Feb 2014 17:58
"No joke. Without money nobody can build anything."
13th Feb 2014 18:07
"Man City don't have people living around there stadium hence the quick anyone can have a go at Rodgers is beyond me,he's had hardly any money this season and turned us into le contenders.The guys a genius!"
13th Feb 2014 18:18
"Always a chaos in defensive line. As soon as a ball arrives near the goalkeeper, forget it, the show starts. Mistakes are not allowed beyond this point of the league, a wall should be builded now. "
Gerrard o ya beauty
13th Feb 2014 18:27
"What a massive 3 points last night was, very very hard game on a wet and windy night and we got the 3 points so I'm very happy! But we can forget that game, let's go and show arsenal up again and give them a good hiding. Think toure needs a break now, hopefully Agger will be back 100% fit soon YNWA "
13th Feb 2014 18:51
"Hedman what you smoking you clown SKERTL our best defender by a long way only for him we wouldn't be top4, support the players and stop talking bullsh!t,"
13th Feb 2014 19:09
"I was feeling a bit stressed earlier at work. To get out of that bad feeling I played toure's own goal to cheer me up. Doesn't matter how many times I watch it I still don't know how he did it and I always laugh my b0110x off."
randfield rap88
13th Feb 2014 19:39
"Dont wish to be a bit harsh but is kolo toure on some sort of mission to make sure we dont finish top four? He isnt is he? Brendan he isnt good enough, please act fast or we are stuck"
13th Feb 2014 19:47
"We could win the Pl, the cl and the fa cup and some fans on here would still be unhappy os dislike is fu!!ing unbelievable...go get a fu!!ing life or support another sad ba!!**ds.sick to death of the same old c!!ts on here-and no im not stressed"
13th Feb 2014 19:52
"Exactly... we must learn but unfortunately we dont seem to learn to from our mistakes. Defensive mistakes cost us precious points against Man City, Chelsea, West Brom, Aston Villa! We should be league leaders by now!! Its high time to cut out the defensive mistakes!!"
13th Feb 2014 20:54
"for all the people ging Kolo off.....have a close look at what happened....the ball clearly bobbled as he was about to kick it...resulting in the ball coming off his shin. The pitch condition was not good enough for good flowing at Anfield"
13th Feb 2014 20:54
"you guys did a good job, it was a tight game but you did a very good job, you deserve a pad on the back.. "
13th Feb 2014 21:02
"I'm not having a go at kolo by the way. It was just one of those peculiar things. Whatever happened didn't matter.we won and it will probably never happen again. It was in hilarious though:) "
13th Feb 2014 21:19
"Agree redahendo, if we dropped pts god help kolo, but always get your body behind the ball, now go out and pile more misery on the arsenil, they are in a foul mood this week slating most of their own players especially ozil, haha 42.7m"
13th Feb 2014 21:24
"Redopium - How many times have you watched it then?:) You've got to laugh about these things anyway - I cant understand all the hate. He's been a passionate player for us and I cant knock anyone who plays for their shirt like he does.1 assist and 1 goal in 2 away games is an excellent record:) "
13th Feb 2014 21:32
"A few last night , then when my son came home from school he wanted to see it , but still think agger and SKERTL are outr best two,"
randfield rap88
13th Feb 2014 22:53
"centrecircle11 is talking nonsense in his latest comments. I am sure we would all be chuffed if we won the league again and stevie could lift it and by the way theres nothing sad about any of us. Win every game and we can do it"
13th Feb 2014 23:04
"Toure has been a great signing a few mustakes and everyone wants rid of him we need players like kolo in the sqaud a guy who has won trophys valuable experience he shouldnt have played as many games as he has but injuries have dictated his playing time agger and sakho first choice for me all day long "
13th Feb 2014 23:30
"I can't believe people are still whinging on this site. Do people actually get that we are 4 points off the top with 3 of the top 5 placed teams to come to Anfield. If the whingers would look and see LFC have taken 28 from a possible 30 pts so far from the bottom 7 teams. We have scored 2 goals less than man city - what the hell do u's want???"
14th Feb 2014 4:41
"It would be great to knock arsenil out on sunday, could you imagine there fans moaning????? LOL"
14th Feb 2014 7:16
14th Feb 2014 7:33
"SidKav - You are absoulutely right. LAst year we would have lost this game for surely. When we were in the 70 min I had lost all hope to get any point from this game and we came out with all three. Great jobb all Reds."