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more injury prone than glen and jose cant believe were that daft although he was a top player . keita I thought heed taken his pension ynwa
5th Feb 2014 11:14
5th Feb 2014 11:17
"he has speen and physical,but injury prone. can give flanagan andjohnson competition.if he come then hope he come good"
5th Feb 2014 11:17
"We wasn't linked with him at all, BR confirmed this! Why do waste your time writing rediculous articles! Sick of media writing BS.. Just see what happens when summer comes! Cuz none of the targets you lot say come or even linked with us. We don't want to know about transfers until summer"
5th Feb 2014 11:26
5th Feb 2014 11:32
"would rather martin Montoya younger and can play either LB or RB which will help seeing as how Johnson and Enrique are injured he could be useful it that scenario happens again"
5th Feb 2014 11:51
"ecu 123 great call this is all b/s ynwa"
5th Feb 2014 11:52
"all lies there just taking stories from the jan transfer window and saying there guna happen in the summer cos they bgot nuffing to rite about BORRRRIIINNNG"
5th Feb 2014 12:18
"we don't need defenders! We have Flano, Johnson, Kelly, Wisdom, Illori, Skrtel, Agger, Toure, Sakho, Enrique, Robinson, with Sama, Smith and Jones coming through!"
5th Feb 2014 12:31
"34 year old Seydou Keita exactly fits the profile of a young player with huge future sell on value. Advanced talks with LFC my arse."
5th Feb 2014 13:37
"jack rodwell to sort out DM. i believe DM is a priority"
5th Feb 2014 13:49
"Why are we always linked with the tampon players...In for a week out for three..."
5th Feb 2014 14:10
"Ace??? Not much of an "ace" if he can't get in their team. Ace is the most overused word in football. Usually without justification."
5th Feb 2014 14:38
"Jon Flanagan is just fantastic. Persist with flanno please."
5th Feb 2014 15:02
"Don't see us needing a RB tbf. Johnson, Kelly & Flanno will do. A LB in the summer should be a priority though, along with a CM and a couple of wingers (+Suso coming back providing competition for Coutinho at CAM)."
5th Feb 2014 18:24
"Keita was going to be a fit. "
5th Feb 2014 18:41
"Johnson, Flanagan, Kelly and Wisdom. How many right backs do we need? We will also have 6 CBs next season. "
5th Feb 2014 19:41
"LOL no way. Over rated and cannot control the size of his head! Not a LFC player"
5th Feb 2014 20:02
"We'd be better off going for Lescott."
5th Feb 2014 23:43
"Glad the Keita 'deal' didn't come to fruition. And as I've bleated...NO RICHARDS FOR LFC!"