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Great visit. We will get a huge boost by playing world-class teams in the tournament, like Man City, Real Madrid, etc.
YNWA Liverpool FC
4th Feb 2014 17:12
4th Feb 2014 18:05
"As usual the west coast of the US is being ignored when there are a massive amount of Liverpool supporters here, and once again if we want to see the Reds we have to spend a fortune to travel across the country in July, when the weather is ridiculously humid over there. How about giving the supporters here in California something to sing about?"
4th Feb 2014 18:19
"Excite me more if the Club forced Arsenal to play fair with the tickets. I urge all fans to register with the FA and bombard them with complaints. Same old Arsenal, always cheating."
4th Feb 2014 18:44
"KKLFC : plz LFC come to Phoenix AZ . last time i saw the R.Madrid vs L.A Galaxy match here..."
4th Feb 2014 18:50
"With that front line we'll be flying!"
Bib l f c
4th Feb 2014 20:26
"Bolteyes82, YAWN YAWN YAWN....."
Liverpool NY
4th Feb 2014 20:33
"I wonder how all the negative comments will change if we hopefully beat Arsenal on Sat And it is only because a US tour ? is bad of getting more revenue and larger fan base? Remember Boro? or Glasgow Ranger? While I'm not emphatic to hedge fund guys, is it better Russian oligarch or middle eastern sheik ? they don't need us for revenue, it a joke maybe for ego but not for money "
4th Feb 2014 22:46
"Agree LA Red, A lot of us here on the West coast would love to not have to travel back east in the middle of summerâ"
4th Feb 2014 22:55
"Leave that tour aside, d team should do well at d end of Season"
Liverpool NY
5th Feb 2014 0:17
"who knows how many football clubs are profitable? anybody ? Piling debt could be done on any company without passionate fans bashing you on your club website I don't believe clubs are bought for money it is more ego or passion , here I'm a success or maybe just pure love for sport "