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ya not defense tho as wd wb
5th Feb 2014 8:43
5th Feb 2014 8:52
"What about Kolo`s new role - as the West Brom playmaker?"
5th Feb 2014 9:49
"pff such a decisive season and we are trying "new role" to accommodate SG... with the lack of quality in the squad, that new role could cost us too. Only once we have played well with this new setup. Connection between mid and attack doesnt seem to work with this new role..."
5th Feb 2014 10:29
"5 time a like kolos new role during d WBA ecounter ;)"
5th Feb 2014 11:11
"Stevie is fooling himself and everybody else by thinking he can play that role. His playing days are unfortunately over."
5th Feb 2014 11:21
"5 times a winner and flanno, might aswell support man utd because you don't give any support to the players call yourself a fan just moaning when you don't have the slightest"
5th Feb 2014 11:26
"its not working. why not put Jordan henderson as DM. He has the legs to run and track back the ball. He is not effective in attack. for someone playing in 23 games with only 6 assist and 1 goal is not enough to challenge for le. "
5th Feb 2014 11:29
"its not working. why not put Jordan henderson as DM. He has the legs to run and track back the ball. He is not effective in attack. for someone playing in 23 games with only 6 assist and 1 goal is not enough to challenge for le. "
5th Feb 2014 11:33
"I know understand how appropriate a deal with Dunkin Donuts is when i read comments...for the Donut Section of fans. "
5th Feb 2014 11:36
"i think gerrard will excel in the new position as he is a natural footballer.the problem is that henderson is not linking up well between the midfield and attack.he runs well,but not good with ball distribution,here allen or alberto are better with distribution but not strong enough."
5th Feb 2014 12:25
"SG is not good as DM but who else in the absence of Lucas? BR may want to try Sakho or Agger there"
5th Feb 2014 12:29
"In the absence of Lucas Leiva YES. But If Lucas is available I would rather see Stevie G further upfield!"
5th Feb 2014 13:02
"You are Wrong Mike. SG has not got the pace or aggression to play there. It is foreign to him to pass 10 yard square passes in front of the back four. His only position is in the centre circle with a good DM behind and a quick AM in fornt of him."
5th Feb 2014 13:08
"In my eyes he settlnig in there very quickly and can do the job wel enough, not like has bene top drawer this season through Injuries and lacking fitness. This asking for Henderson is a joke, the lad cant time a tackle cos he doesnt tackle, just tracks, no use in that position. For me Stevie G times it perfectly, just Henderson is also not great going forward."
5th Feb 2014 13:31
"Squad too thin on quality though. We have to pray no more injuries now because of owners not adding to the squad in tfr window when we had best chance of top 4 for years"
5th Feb 2014 13:57
"I agree with krtech and Jossie22. LFC should switch Hendo to DM unitl Lucas returns. Hendo has a terrible finish, and not very good at distribution. Sometimes Gerrard is too deep. It would also relieve pressure on Coutinho if Gerrard were in attack, then Coutinho could rest, come on late. "
Reds 96
5th Feb 2014 13:59
"It's ridiculous to take the best attacking midfielder this club has ever had and force him to play defensive midfield. Henderson can do that job, get Stevie forward attacking!! Stevie's best role in the team is in the hole in between Luis and Danny. "
Billy B girl
5th Feb 2014 14:10
"Gerrard's talent is wasted and how sad that this great servant of Liverpool and the man who will lead England in Brazil has been put in this position by his rookie manager!"
5th Feb 2014 14:18
"a lot of part truths being laid out here. SG IS a lot slower than he was - he CAN play at the head of the back four - he MAY be better as a forward moving player BUT I believe Lucas is significantly better in DM and that Stevie is a lot less effective than he was. Hendo can't tackle so he is a non starter in DM."
5th Feb 2014 14:39
5th Feb 2014 15:03
"There's no doubting sg has the quality to play as dm, he can tackle hard, he is good in the air and has enough pace to recover if caught out. Sg must stay in this position during the game and not burst forward as he did after west brom scored."
5th Feb 2014 15:29
"Billy B girl 5th Feb 2014 14:10 - 100% agree. how old is gerald now? why don't play him the most suitable position for him... rookie manager, clueless,.."
5th Feb 2014 15:29
"Billy B girl 5th Feb 2014 14:10 - 100% agree. how old is gerald now? why don't play him the most suitable position for him... rookie manager, clueless,.."
5th Feb 2014 15:52
"Any1 criticizing hendo is a fool.Hendo had an amazing run of form in the past 2 months.When Hendo was playing proper box to box role, he was ruling it!!Then Gerard,Coutinho,Sturridge came back and Allen and Lucas got injured.So Hendo again had to play a midfield role covering most of left flank since we dont hv a left flanker!!"
5th Feb 2014 15:54
"people complain.. our squad is that of a 7th position, n we are 4th, almost beat man city on top form if it wasnt for the ref.. Next season is the season to be angry if we lose, this season we are doing just perfect"
5th Feb 2014 16:06
"Steven Gerrard is a an inspiration and one of the greatest footballers ever. Why do all you plastic fans insist on ging off our players when they make a mistake, everyone does and by laying into them it just makes you look like a Chelsea fan!"
5th Feb 2014 17:01
"So much negativity here again. BR is trying to make SG a Pirlo kind of playmaker or Alonso who can give perfect long passes from deep for our quick forwards. SG has poor positioning and don't understand possession based thinking which is needed in BR system if you want to play upper in midfield. "
5th Feb 2014 17:02
"SG is used to make quick solutions upper in the field and there they are not us costly as they are in your own half if you lose possession. So in this system with these players, DM is best place for SG"
5th Feb 2014 17:14
"In possession based style you need in upper midfield Xavi and Silva kind of players who can keep possession and are always in right place for teammates to pass them. Best we have for this are Allen and coutinho, Suso also. "
5th Feb 2014 17:24
"After steering Swansea into the Premiership BR landed the job of managing one of the biggest football clubs in the world at the tender age of 40 and in his second season after a decade of achieving next to nothing [except FA cup] has them in the top 4. I think I trust his judgement more than some on here."
5th Feb 2014 17:37
"Everybody's enled to their own opinion of course but are any of you better qualified than Rodgers or Marsh to decide on what's the best way to get the best out of Stevie long term ? "
5th Feb 2014 17:46
"Sorry, I do not like SG in this role!!! He is a proven goal scorer, plays and pass intelligently and should be playing an attacking midfield role to support SAS!! At his age, he shouldn't be expected to defend and chase after faster players. BR, please RETHINK!!!!"
5th Feb 2014 17:51
"Totally agree.SG is the best attacking midfield player we have ever had and can score goals and shoots well. I just don't understand why he is in this deeper role when he can do more attacking and SUPPORTING SAS!!! JH should play defensive midfield player. This is not rocket science!!! "
5th Feb 2014 17:57
"Gerrard is over-rated and is finished as a football player. I think it's time for him to retire."
5th Feb 2014 18:03
"I think we have the wrong mix of players in midfield, I also don't like the team that played WBA playing away from home DS LS & RS all race forward 2 of which lose the ball regularly and then teams break and we are short in midfield leading to attempts on goal, I think v the arsenil 5 in midfield and one up top,"
5th Feb 2014 18:05
"Don't get me wrong I love all 3, but not together away from home,"
5th Feb 2014 18:36
"I think this also could be good as a defensive midfielder as he was running the show against Everton as he's the best passer play maker we have he can control the game from there and the tempo as a dm u don't have to sit u can bomb on at times and as attacking mid he's is still the best but isn't that now coutiniho role for him as we all rave about him for that job "
5th Feb 2014 18:43
"Bull marshy play him futher up where he can make an impact and play Hendo futher back as his best attribute is running about m closing down whereby Gerry is a special talent than can unlock defences "
5th Feb 2014 18:49
"Hendo has gone back into his shell if Gerry role us defensive what's Hendos role gong AWOL sick n tired of fans of his saying he works hard - that's a must for any product he shud be ready to take over from Gerry - Gerry at 23 was awesome scoring goals Hendo doesn't impose himself on games doesn't dictate matches "
5th Feb 2014 19:10
"Rodgers also needs to stop talking about other clubs and focus in his own job was taking how Swansea made the right decision in firing laudrup and how they are a special club bla bla focus on ur own game son we know u can talk a good game but don't poke your nose in other teams business or one day it mite come back to haunt u "
5th Feb 2014 19:45
"Steven Gerrard is a decent attacking footballer with goals in him. Jordan Henserson could not score to save his life. And why as BR suddenly decided this - while we were topping the league. Throwing away vital points while the team adapts. NUTS!! Admit it BR - its all wrong. If you want to play around - do it in the tour of the USA."
5th Feb 2014 21:23
"Jhl74 "the best out of Stevie long term ? " isnt our priority, top 4 is and it is this season. midfield wih SG as a DM didnt performed against Stoke, aston villa and west brom...only everton was different "
5th Feb 2014 21:26
"we have even played some of our best performances when SG wasnt in the team..."
5th Feb 2014 21:56
"Gerry tries to Many Hollywood passes which leads to Giving the ball away our best performances wee v city n Chelsea when we plyd the short passss n closed down teams more if that please"
Billy B girl
5th Feb 2014 22:05
"What a cheek BR talking about Laudrup ! Tell you what Brendan why don't you get your 500 page dossier out and send it to Huw. Job done !"
5th Feb 2014 22:19
"alonso play behind modrich in Madrid, Gerald can play behind coutinho while coutinho distribute the ball to our forwards . "
6th Feb 2014 1:12
"its steven gerrard your s if he thinks he can play the DM role then I guarantee he will play it like a king.. but with gerrard moving into that role wer left short up front... bring back suso"
6th Feb 2014 4:29
"I agree, Steve G is a dynamo in any position , just as well some times he has so much extra work to do covering Toure and Sissoko, Against WBA last weekend when Toure was on the ball you could see panic on the faces of Gerrard and most of the rest of the team. he really is very very poor "
6th Feb 2014 7:48
"sorry Mike!! that role is not suited for SG. At his age he is/will not have the physical power. In the absence of Lucas, allen should do this role. SG should now come in as a joker for the team in the last 30mins of the game. Let the lads do the job within the first hour without any pressure. As I said before when SG is on the field the lads are in their small shoes."
6th Feb 2014 8:21
"sg is always aching to go forward, you can see that in his play, hes an attacking midfielder, but hes helping the team, we need someone else to take that role and push stevie forward"
6th Feb 2014 8:50
"We don't have a lack of quality in the first team and its not really a new role he played def mid for Gerrard Houllier I was always moaning about it then! But since Xabi left we never really had anyone who can sit there and pass like he could. Gerrard can and is a better all rounder than Xabi so it totally fits him and we get 2 more years out of him at least"
6th Feb 2014 8:57
"Why not just buy someone better then SG coz I think this will help us more in depth and SG can be made to play were we can get 100% of him..don't understand "
6th Feb 2014 9:01
"SG was born to attack! He's being wasted at the back. We should have more goals from midfield! Plus, get more quality players and release the mediocres! A players get frustrated playing with C players!"
6th Feb 2014 9:04
"Im not having it Gerrard is world class in any mid position for us and anyone who's saying he's wasted is wrong, were you the ones saying he should be dropped he's got no legs now? SG holds great and will organise the back and can pass forward and sorry guys none of you know better than the manager and our coach"