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Our fan club in Milwaukee has about 30 people lined up to go to Chicago! Can't wait, thanks Reds for coming back to the states!

4th Feb 2014 15:30
4th Feb 2014 15:31
"Would be nice to visit other parts of the world to keep in touch with our world-wide fan base."
4th Feb 2014 15:35
"Good, this will prepare us for champions league, Just hope if we get Madrid we wont lose desperately "
4th Feb 2014 15:57
"Please come to Dallas - there is a huge fan base and an academy set up."
abbeyleix kop
4th Feb 2014 16:01
"not holding out much hope of European qualification if they are planning on visiting the states when cl qualification games will be played .its all about money and nothing to do with football with fsg "
4th Feb 2014 16:01
"We will win......"
4th Feb 2014 16:04
"I went to the game in Toronto last year ....was very disappointing, a lot of money to put out to watch second stringers who are scared to tackle for fear of injury in order to be available for the team when the season starts. "
4th Feb 2014 16:17
"So what"
4th Feb 2014 16:21
"I am bringing an additional 6 from Milwaukee to Chicago!!! SO PUMPED"
4th Feb 2014 16:27
"Good news..... Playing quality teams in preseason will help us prepare better #ynwa "
4th Feb 2014 16:33
"Head that they will come to mauritius can someone confirm mej"
4th Feb 2014 16:36
"Pleas come near to the DC area. That will be my son first LFC game!!! "
4th Feb 2014 16:38
"YESSSS!! Thank you LFC!"
4th Feb 2014 16:42
"This will only coincide with CL qualifying if we finish 4th - top 3 go straight through! See what I did there; looking on the bright side of life! I'm sure there will be some numpty along soon to look on the sh*** side of life to bring balance to the universe. :)"
4th Feb 2014 16:50
"Fantastic news! Hoping to squeeze one or two games before my wedding!"
4th Feb 2014 17:13
"Why not!"
4th Feb 2014 17:31
"OMG!!! Imagine LA Galaxy vs Liverpool!!!! two of my favorite teams going head to head!!!!!"
4th Feb 2014 17:33
"Forget money making over there. Back your fans and get us our 9,000 tickets for the Cup at the a Emirates. Same old Arsenal, always cheating. This time cheating our fans."
4th Feb 2014 17:35
"Billy hogan commercail officer-liverpool fan base in USA is growing in numbers-more cash in to buy players then......... "
4th Feb 2014 17:37
"Fantastic. And wonderful in the same time. I can t find immediately the words."
4th Feb 2014 17:59
"Ramilas I agree always moaning fkers on here"
4th Feb 2014 18:18
"LiverDCFAN - I'll be there with you if they go to DC. I live in AK right now, but I will be sure to go home to VA to catch this game in DC. Been a fan of LFC for 18 years and have yet to see a live game. I will probably cry when I see them live one day."
4th Feb 2014 18:22
"Please plan to come to Houston as well. YNWA"
Tenderfoot NYC
4th Feb 2014 18:41
"Been practicing taxes in the US for 16 years and never knew Delaware was a tax haven... I'd prefer FSG over Abromovichs & oil sheiks any day."
4th Feb 2014 18:51
"I cudn't forget the day wen i saw the lfc vs norwich in an Irish pub Boston where the bartender was a Chelsea fan who said Luis first goal was a fluke...LOL..."
4th Feb 2014 19:06
"Wont half our players be at the world cup or nedding rest after the world cup"
4th Feb 2014 19:10
"come to Southern California!"
Billy B girl
4th Feb 2014 19:11
"Great we can showcase our new signings !"
4th Feb 2014 19:16
"Liverpool FC's participation in the 2014 Guinness International Champions Cup will be dependent on the games not impacting on any potential Champions league qualification matches......."
4th Feb 2014 19:19
"I wonder is the thumbnail a shot of our 14/15 kit hmmmm"
Liverpool NY
4th Feb 2014 19:37
"it was great seeing the Red playing spurs in Baltimore I just home they won't play again mid day in a humid 100 degrees or 38 C evening game is s must hope for East shore NY"
Liverpool NY
4th Feb 2014 19:57
"I have great respect for local fan and it was great visiting Anfield finally after supporting the team since 1979, but I don't get the bushing of the current owners and the need to cater for global fan base. Without is LFC will be a small local club like Crystal Palace with nowhere near CL , you need the global base and revenue stream to be big profitable club"
4th Feb 2014 19:59
"We don't care right now priority is got top 4 and for Ian chuckle Ayre to announce his failings in transfer winfow "
4th Feb 2014 20:04
"Agree with mushroomscouser! "
4th Feb 2014 20:17
"Laudrup sacked by swansea.shows what a good job br did there"
4th Feb 2014 20:31
"It's become about marketing PR image rights brand awareness and sponsorship which don't get me wrong can he a good thing but when is all the revenue going to be generated into the first team we've signed mega buck deals with standered chartered, warrior, dunking doghnuts, Garuda vauxhall plus existing sponsorship with carlsberg ever has all the money gone?? "
4th Feb 2014 20:32
"Please come to Los Angeles! Last time Dodgers Stadium got packed by Everton fans. Confident the stadium will be entirely red if they were to play here. "
4th Feb 2014 20:39
"We've sold players loaned players just so we can bring in a few yes kk messed up but carall n surez were brought by Torres money and we sold meriles n co which partly funded the other flops Hendo n downing so where has the investment been ?? Certainly not in the stadium we have electronic bill boards that have bits missing in corners of the ground that look untidy n unprofessional poor "
4th Feb 2014 20:44
"Centre circle 11 agree with u harsh on laudrup but proves Rodgers did good with very little money compared to laudrup so we have the manager but need the investment plus sometimes I think Rodgers cud do with an older wiser no 2 who isn't gonna be a yes man to help out maybe a thommo or bring Clarke back to work on the defensive side of things "
4th Feb 2014 20:52
"Br with a older wiser head? Hmmm maybe but defo a defensive coach like clarke"
4th Feb 2014 21:22
"Tolbize- 99% of Americans wouldn't know where to point to Mauritius on a map so I doubt it even though having lived there for 2 years, i can vouch that there would be no shortage of support! Got a feeling they might squeeze in the South African trip they cancelled last year though and they could fill Soccer City 10 times over with the supporters in Jo'berg alone!!"
4th Feb 2014 21:46
"Double-Plus-Good - Gadaffi had a grand plan for a single currency for Africa and many commentators joked that it would be called the Afro!!"
4th Feb 2014 21:51
"Methinks FSG is gonna move our club, the whole lot, lock, stock and barrels all over to the USA, new stadium gonna be built in Boston, gonna be renamed Boston Liverpool Red Sox Stadium, existing Anfield to be levelled and replaced with Duncan Dougnuts complex."
4th Feb 2014 21:53
"Double Plus Good, you are mighty proud of yourself, aren't you? Say what you will for John Henry and Co. but they are men of action. Men of action often find favor even in spite of the nature of their action. What do you do besides sit at your keyboard thrashing others? You are not righteous, you are only slightly less than insignificant. "
4th Feb 2014 21:55
"centrecircle11 4th Feb 2014 20:52, I agree, Clarkie's experience could prove invaluable, too good to waste, in fact I wonder, would Clarke have been a better choice than BR for manager? Just a notion. "
4th Feb 2014 21:57
"Lozz99- perhaps Garuda could lend them a few planes to fly out the away teams and fans....."
4th Feb 2014 21:58
"Swansea demise, feel we need to get Jonjo back in the summer, need a bit of steel in our midfield."
Tungsten T
4th Feb 2014 22:04
"Who the hell gives a damn if John Henry or any of FSG attends Liverpool matches or not? Big deal! USA tour will provide a great learning and development experience for the younger and fringe players. It's a world cup year so senior players most likely will not have even returned to preseason."
4th Feb 2014 23:02
"The USA is a growing Football country, having the boys play there again will only strengthen our worldwide fan base. YNWA"
4th Feb 2014 23:31
"Yes! Looking forward to traveling with my 13 year old and seeing them play where ever we have to go!"
5th Feb 2014 0:01
"Kingmat 4th Feb 2014 21:57, What is this Garuda thing? I strongly suspect I've missed something, I know about the Dunkin Doughnut thing, sponsorship etc is This Garuda Airways, are they sponsoring us as well? "
5th Feb 2014 2:12
"Come to Seattle!!!"
5th Feb 2014 4:54
"If were in the champions league great if not cancel the trip,its europa league and Adios Suarez. Cmon Liverpool concentrate on the matter in hand. YNWA."
5th Feb 2014 5:45
""HAHA luckily no one in the REAL world beleives the deluded viewpoints of clowns like mushroom double and steve highway. Too much twitter, internet and FIFA video games muddling your heads boys haha:) Relax, chill and have a long one, I'll stand you planks a few AMERICAN "proud to be your BUD" WEISERS:)" "
5th Feb 2014 5:46
"Highway also still beleives ELVIS IS ALIVE MPFHAHAHAHA"
5th Feb 2014 5:47
"Highway double plus and mushroom...Man the trains left their stations along long time ago didnt they hahahahahaha"
5th Feb 2014 6:10
"please come to California it will be a dream come true to finally see my team in a stadium "
Reds till the end!
5th Feb 2014 7:06
"I am a negative creep and a plastic reds fan, I complain about FSG although I should be *** banned!"
5th Feb 2014 7:14
""Ppl in USA cant complain, start saving and make the cross country trip. Fair enough its costly but worth the trip. I done the trip Sydney to Melbourne and Id do it again. LFC aint going to travel every city so make the effort and show how passionate we LFC supporters are!YNWA""
5th Feb 2014 7:40
The Famous Mr. Red
5th Feb 2014 11:08
"Looks like a decent pre-season competition but i wouldn't get too excited if i was Stateside. This tournament is going to be about a month after the world cup so i expect any players that participated in that won't be lining up."
5th Feb 2014 12:59
"cant wait for them to come to the RSA (Republic of South Africa) :))"