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It may have been an energetic display but as usual no end product .
3rd Feb 2014 12:23
3rd Feb 2014 12:55
"Congrats to Sterling, has been great lately!"
Sandy Red
3rd Feb 2014 13:10
"How many opertunties did he actually create for us i see lots of running but need to see the delivery into the box or the goals!! Still has a lot to prove "
3rd Feb 2014 14:11
"Well, lets say that almost all of our goals come from SAS (I know, they are strikers), but Coutinho and Henderson also have to improve their finishing, miss many chances..."
3rd Feb 2014 16:15
"Can't believe the negative comments about Sterling. He was brilliant yesterday and kept going after being fouled at least 10 times because the opposition couldn't handle him. "
Vosta Lee
3rd Feb 2014 16:22
"Sterling was a victim of a lot of cynical fouls that game. It amazed me that the referee didn't do too much about it. It appears WBA considered Sterling to be an equivalent menace to SAS with their treatment of him."
3rd Feb 2014 17:35
"O.K., like Coutinho and Henderon he needs to improve his shooting, but with SAS alongside that part of his game is compensated for. It is his speed and trickery on the ball that runs the opposition ragged and draws fouls [the only way they can stop him]. He changes defensive into offensive in a flash. He is as good as any winger we didn't sign. Best player of 2014."
3rd Feb 2014 20:24
"Can't fault his effort,His final ball is consistently poor. Him and Henderson are both headless chickens. we will never win anything with average players like these in our team..."
4th Feb 2014 8:28
"Sterling I got alot of belief in you. You have really improved but one thing remaining is your shooting or in other words you gotta try be clinical in finishing. Studge will teach yuh just ask him how he bang in dem goals. "
4th Feb 2014 9:29
"he got pace thats all, finishing and crossing the ball are poor, needs to improve, he getting the games now,"