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a win a must guys n we far!
27th Jan 2014 11:04
Red kardinal
27th Jan 2014 11:21
"Though you have improved a lot,i still feel LFC deserve better than your likes"
27th Jan 2014 11:48
"Oh do stop the negative comments on Hendo. He has improved a lot & his stats prove it. He gives his heart out in games, even when injured so what more do you expect. He may be not a suarez but he can only improve. He's a fighter."
27th Jan 2014 11:50
"I would rather criticize the way the club is being run especially with the latest failed transfer dealings. "
27th Jan 2014 11:54
"Rookie w***er comment red cardinal, he gives his all does hendo, a player we need and great watching him develop, he has never said he is the finished article. He has what it takes, just about the gutsiest midfielder we have at the moment so give a bit of credit mate. "
27th Jan 2014 11:57
" plonker!Hendo is one of only a few recent signings who has justified his purchase.He's been fantastic this season as many a pundit will tell you."
27th Jan 2014 12:05
"Keep that record going hendo, preferably with a win. With only sg and hendo available then hendo will start again. Where would we be without this lad who always gives his all and is rarely injured. In a small squad he has been a key player for us."
27th Jan 2014 12:20
"Happy with Hendo, mega pi**ed off at the stingy owners who are directly or indirectly sabotaging our trade window. BR goes to bed at night calling fsg every name under the sun but cant say it out loud because he would get sacked. "
Bajan Billy
27th Jan 2014 12:20
"i wouldnt describe Hendo's lay this season as "fantastic"....he has improved but he is a bench player at least if we are serious about having quality world class players in our midfield. his ability to play in possession in tight spaces is extremely limited and too many back passes"
27th Jan 2014 12:50
"hendo can be a top player when he feels important too the team in his position, when gerrard plays hendo doesn't shine as much cause gerrard expects everything to go through him! hendo will start adding more goals to his game and I bet next season he will be on fire!!"
27th Jan 2014 13:05
"Hendo does look to sg or joe allen to be the playmaker but that probably has a lot to do with the controlling midfielder philosophy of br. Hendo is no doubt instructed to give the ball quickly to this cm player and hendo always follows instructions."
27th Jan 2014 13:30
"Hendo....A Class act, no matter what anybody says!"
27th Jan 2014 13:35
"When lucas played control with allen and hendo pressing this was a true reflection of what br wants. He has now undertaken to convert sg into a shorter passing game. lucas in this system looks to find a player close sg looks always to the front bypassing the mid."
27th Jan 2014 13:43
"Where is the work on the stadium?"
27th Jan 2014 13:43
"Hendo has been one of (if not the most)the most improved players this season, his runs forward make space for SaSaS and others and his stamina is a real benefit for us (see third goal against Sunderland for proof of this) - keep it up Hendo and I can definitely see you in Brazil!"
27th Jan 2014 14:00
"You give your heart to the team; keep it up and be composed and you would improve your scoring as the miss against Bournemeouth from Suares pass was horrible. Wish you could maintain your position as in the game against SPURS-you were marvellous helas BR does not play you in right position"
27th Jan 2014 14:56
"pfff instead of interviews go and learn how to tackle. maybe he is a running machine doesn't make you a great player.some blame gerrard . when gerrard get the ball Henderson just stand and watch. no movement, no space create. Its like lampard and gerrard for England. He don't go on 50-50 tackle. He just backpass or get rid of the ball. too afraid to try to get the ball forward"
27th Jan 2014 16:17
"I don't know what is going on with the team no that every game we have one or two players injured. It is like a someone cursed on the team. "
27th Jan 2014 17:14
"Agree withe some one on here hendo seems to always looks for Gerrard wen he's in the side so he can create he wins lots of ball back and tracks around the pitch and players just got to learn to get a ball on target lol "
27th Jan 2014 17:31
"am not carried away with previous LFC result against Everton at Anfield. pls note this weakness in the team... KOLO will fumble again, Kelly is not proactive and Cissokho will mess up......."
27th Jan 2014 17:50
"Henderson, u r gud and i like ur fighting spirit bt u r always wasteful in front of goals. Try 2 work well on ur direct shotting and goal scoring ability bcos dose goals wasted r relevant if scored. All d best 4 LFC."
28th Jan 2014 7:54
"Great to see Hendo play in each and every game. some may say he is not a world class player in the midfield, but look, first of all Henderson has served since the start of the the season, he is regularly maintaining our midfield. so,hendo has time to prove his future "