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BR keeps saying we have a thin squad but there's no sign of us buying quality players.If LFC do not finish in the Top 4 come end season the fans have all the rights to blame the Owners and Manager for not strengthening the squad.
27th Jan 2014 8:53
27th Jan 2014 9:15
"The owners are stingy! Only time in years we have had a real chance at getting champions league football back and there gonna blow it by letting us go ahead with a 15 man squad made up of some inexperienced aswell"
27th Jan 2014 9:28
"surely BR says the money is there to buy players en i wonder why he has failed to bring in salah yet the guy has been on his since the start of the transfer!!! i've seen clips of salah, Fernando Reges but no action yet so disappointed with LFC managent we need to go back where blong at the top of the table. can u bring in shaquiri if salah has failed?"
27th Jan 2014 9:37
"We have too many young players out on loan & could be reason why not spending, waiting for them next season"
27th Jan 2014 10:28
"If we are short of cash, why havnt we gone for mo sissoko to cover Lucas? He's more than capable, surly he's learnt the game now? And if chelae are going for Luke shaw, shouldn't we try for Ashley cole? Kolo can persuade him And also why not get suso back from is loan, then he can play also if we wanting a centre back, bring lescott from city. Again kolo can persuade him. "
27th Jan 2014 10:37
"Seven players on loan but we have a "thin" squad ! Why sign Aspas when we had Borini ? Why sign Alberto when we had Suso ? Why sign Mignolet when we had Reina ? Why sign Moses when we had Assaidi ? None of the players we bought this Summer were any better than the ones we already had !"
27th Jan 2014 10:45
"NigelM: Well Said! Also now Ilori out on loan when we have a shortage of defenders...?"
27th Jan 2014 11:01
"It looks as though some of our loan players are improving with game time and most would have stayed in the reserves had they not gone out. All top clubs have players out on loan and as someone said the other day chelsea have 20 out on loan. This is part of the building process having this loan system."
27th Jan 2014 11:45
"bring asaidi and suso back"
27th Jan 2014 12:07
"Is it at all possible that fsg are manipulating the trading so that Suarez ends up leaving so they can trigger the 70 mil buyout clause therefore orchestrating a profit, then they blame suarez because he left. I don't want to believe but why are we letting players slip through the fingers at this crucial stage!!! "
Gordon Ottershaw
27th Jan 2014 13:19
"These comments are not made by fans but thinly disguised Mancs and blues. "
27th Jan 2014 14:24
"NigelM Great comment!!"
27th Jan 2014 15:05
"Bring back suso you hammer headed numb nut"
27th Jan 2014 15:07
"this club is going under the toiet with fsg being stingy. wish we were owned by wealthy arabs or russians who actually know something about football and actually have a passion for it instead of a dumb game of baseball"
27th Jan 2014 16:22
" ..... Whereas if Liverpool fail to sign at least 3 proven players in this window, then she will definitely retain her 7th position in the league and no one should hold Suarez not to find a championship club, come next season."
27th Jan 2014 17:33
"Rodger should just recall Wisdom to play right back. I for one prefer Wisdom to Kolo nonsense."
The Reds Army
28th Jan 2014 1:28
"We have very thin squad but let some okay-level players on loan. If suso, borini n assaidi join the rotation, injury blow wont be that big problem for us."
28th Jan 2014 8:12
"While FSG arent spending big, its a stretch to say the club hasn't dramatically improved under them. The lack of transfer activity needs to partly be blamed on players too, who opt to sit at the bench at Chelsea and bank a fat check, as opposed to playing weekly football at LFC. If that's the atude then what can we do? Overpay? no chance.."