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Talk about "sticking your head on the line." Martin, you have been fantastic for us all season. Keep up the good work mate. Hope to see you at Anfield on Tuesday night. YNWA! JFT96!
27th Jan 2014 8:50
27th Jan 2014 9:57
"Skrtel has been super. The Skrminator is back in action! Dominance personified. "
27th Jan 2014 10:05
"Well done Martin and the rest of the defence, we had four in attack at times and only two in midfield so our defence had to be solid. Martin Kelly also deserves praise as although a little rusty kept possession well and kept the number of crosses down. Even aly looked a lot better than previous games as did kolo who was back to his best. "
27th Jan 2014 10:08
"Dear Skrtel, Ask for the opposition player's shirt at the end of match not during the match"
27th Jan 2014 10:36
"I am the only red who wonders about our present managers buys. At present our best team would only include 2 of his buys Sturridge and Coutino. I read about buying midfielders yet nothing about defenders which is where the real problem lies."
27th Jan 2014 10:38
"Martin you've been the most consistence performer of us by far (in defence). You're doing a great job, keep it up lad!"
27th Jan 2014 11:26
"I love Skrtel but come was Bournemouth F.F.S!We should have battered them but they were the better team on the day."
27th Jan 2014 12:49
"Seem to have stopped holding too but Kelly was targetted by media for it and the ref will defo be after giving them a pen for it tomoro so NO HOLDING!"