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what the h3ll with media, repeating the same fact over diffrrent words
19th Jan 2014 14:09
19th Jan 2014 14:12
"same things different days....nothing new"
19th Jan 2014 14:13
"BR, another proven striker pls, raheem and philippe not strong enough to take on More physical opponent yet."
19th Jan 2014 14:20
"can you play 2 strikers and 2 widemen leaving only 2 in midfield? City play Silva, Nasri, Toure and Fernandinho in the centre with the fullbacks pushing up to give width. We lack control of the ball if we don't pack the midfield, hence Salah and Tello aren't priorities. M'Villa a must, Countinho should play in the hole, not out wide, Henderson and Allen behind and Lucas protecting the back 4."
19th Jan 2014 14:25
19th Jan 2014 14:50
"A CDM and LB is desperately needed or we will not finish top 4. Goals is not an issue for us, however we have been conceding a lot lately. "
19th Jan 2014 14:56
"433 - Mignolet, Kelly, Skrtel, Sakho, Johnson, Lucas, Allen, Henderson, Sterling, Suarez, Sturridge. Bench - Jones, Toure, Cissokho, Alberto, Gerrard, Coutinho, Aspas. Balance, Pace and subsutes. Buy M'Vila for powerful opposition (Benteke). Buy Cabaye for Henderson. Buy a LB for Johnson. Wisdom is better than toure. Suso is better than Henderson. Borini is better than Aspas.."
19th Jan 2014 14:56
"..God we need fans to be the managing director, at least we ALL know that one or two players will give us champions league + the revenue so make these players worth the money. Unlike in summer when we'd be watching suarez go and completely rebuilding with in fact less money due to no CL."
19th Jan 2014 15:03
"All Barca players are Snob, it doesn't matter whether they play or not. We don't want them either. Let them be warming the bench"
19th Jan 2014 15:23
"12 days left cant see much happening think we will be let down again.bored of all the same news."
19th Jan 2014 15:45
"Regurgitating old news again!!! Please move on to something fresher!"
19th Jan 2014 16:05
"old news different press, keep up with the news, this was last weeks news... getting boring all this transfer crap."
19th Jan 2014 16:54
"total drivel as usual!"
19th Jan 2014 19:05
"Nobody is coming (echo). No no no no. We need a defensive or holding midfielder. We need Salah and a full back. Now Lucas is out a defensive midfielder is a must. Also, attacking midfielder to replace Coutinho who should come off the bench. Otherwise, bye bye to top four and Suarez."
19th Jan 2014 19:12
"BR signings this season: Simon, Sakho, Moses, cissokho, Aspas, Alberto, llori and toure. None is exceptional and none trust worthy according to BR. Plus, Assaidi and Borini, both on loan. Then, he talks about Coutinho (bad form) and Sturridge (good but injury prone). That's it. Bad on locating and buying talent. So far."
19th Jan 2014 19:21
"With Lucas' value to the team emphasised in the Villa match and nobody else at the club right now who can do the holding job to his level, his proneness to injury means we HAVE to bring someone in during this window. Fernando Reges would be my pick - if we could do the deal, that is."
19th Jan 2014 19:37
"So Everton can afford to boost there squad this January but we cant? What the hell!"
19th Jan 2014 20:16
"Exactly, what the hell."
Red heat
19th Jan 2014 20:17
"OMG what the hell are we doing? 11 days to go before the window closes and we still havnt bought anyone or made any concrete bids. I'm so scared Everton just got in a new striker(who happened to score against us once) adding to an already great squad and BR n the owners are being so bullish that we don't need new players."
Red heat
19th Jan 2014 20:20
"I have a horrible horrible feeling that Everton might just get that prem win at Anfield in a long time that they've always wanted. Martibez seems to be looking the smarter and shrewder of the 2 managers on meryseyside. I'm sorry but it has to be said and I'm pretty sure some fans are probably thinking of that too."
Red heat
19th Jan 2014 20:22
"If we diont get cl this season we're soooo gone. Suarez will defo leave aswell as others and we'll be back to square one again. I hope for BRS sake we just nick that fourth spot or else he's job may be on the line come summer."
Red heat
19th Jan 2014 20:26
"Just red I agree apart from sturridge this season non of his signings have been that good. Couts has just lost his form so bad it sad. Miggs I believe may have been overrated. I think sakho only is kinda good still adjusting though. Everton on the other hand with Martinez taking full control of who he prefers to sign seem to bring in players who fit in straight away.:((("
19th Jan 2014 21:25
"Sky Bet and Oddschecker still have this deal as odds on, so they aren't betting against it. The same with Salah."
19th Jan 2014 22:37
"Br only signs weak injury prone lightweights he's afraid to play, not up to managing thi great club. "
georgie best
20th Jan 2014 2:19
"i like tello, but what about luke shaw? and move enrique up the field when BR looks to use width flexibility in the old faithful 4-4-2.. y do world teams try 4-1-3-2 etc..?"
Truth Hurts 13
20th Jan 2014 2:20
"Give it a rest man. He dont want to come. There r loads of other players. We dont need these kind of 'playing hard to get players'. History suggest that we hve bad record with lones."
Truth Hurts 13
20th Jan 2014 2:27
"Tq FSG for bailing us from administration. Now we the entire club and fans need u to spend to make this club relevant in terms of le push and CL tilt again. AV has exposed our weakness again. Am worried that other visiting teams would do the same too. "
20th Jan 2014 4:39
"LUsettiGerrard&JustRed: pnce again, what the H3ll!"
20th Jan 2014 8:16
"Left back needed more than anywhere."
20th Jan 2014 8:38
"Hurry BR!! Sign Salah and cadreva/Fernando!! That's enough!! But hurryyyyyyy"