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FSG please spend a little bigger than him for a proven striker, make complete the front three with a deadly trio. Should've done better in the last summer for eg. Costa, wondered where LFC should be after new year.
17th Jan 2014 17:02
17th Jan 2014 17:04
"Not exactly busting a gut to play for Lfc, so how much would he give us. Don't need another Nunez!"
17th Jan 2014 17:13
"FSG please spend a little bigger than him for a proven striker, make complete the front three with a deadly trio. Should've done better in the last summer for eg. Costa, wondered where LFC should be after new year."
17th Jan 2014 17:20
"Thus time last year I remember reading coutinio saying "I'm happy here at inter blah blah blah" if barca want to send u on loan not much you can do really I think loans are class for young players that is real talent but isn't playing regular "
17th Jan 2014 17:24
"With a prolific and deadly trio upfront goal and more goals what is needed to atleast secure 3rd spot. Power front three will caused damaged to opponent mid and def. Afterall, its down to Owner(John *god bless him* Henry) &co to decide whats best for the team and club wise."
youyou king
17th Jan 2014 18:06
"where is salah i dont industand this ing story brendan dont want to buy any players now "
17th Jan 2014 18:19
"Do we really need this bloke? Unquestionable the lad has talent, but he aint even proven in his own country? Where he hardly gets a game, why would we spend an arm and a leg on such a risk?"
JAL 58
17th Jan 2014 18:22
"Players should be busting a gut to come and play for us , and the history we are steeped in . Forget Tello and any other idiot that has ideas above their station . "
17th Jan 2014 21:36
"Wish we could find another Patric Berger and Milan Baros."
18th Jan 2014 0:21
"BR planning to sign three players, and maybe FSG give him around 25m transfer budget. I would rather BR to sign 2 players and cost about 13m each or just spend 15m plus to sign one great player. I dare not to imagine what quality will bring if BR sign players about 8m each, perhaps next Aspas?"
18th Jan 2014 2:01
""Barca starlet" Il Fagotti?! He is 22 years old . What is with this "starlet" nonsense?! "
18th Jan 2014 3:13
"JosLFC4ever: hardly any 13m or even a little north of 15m would become a great addition nowadays, any sign of potential would ended up with new contract with ridiculous release clause."
18th Jan 2014 3:24
"Should BR and Ian Ayre want to add a great addition, Owner(god bless 'im) should hand more than £25m this January, hopeful for a proven signing eventhough negotiation will be the hardest without CL to be offer and CL spot still in vague. YNWA"
18th Jan 2014 5:30
"After the deals with Dunkin' Donuts and Xolo we should have enough money to get a good proven player'll be a real boost. Look what Ozil's signing did to Arsenal"
18th Jan 2014 6:47
"nabar23:agree with u bout the new sponsorship signing, but the report said dunkin sponsoring ice cream choc soda n all."
18th Jan 2014 6:58
"afterall, provided that LFC manage to bring another proven player, hopefully a striker, bang more goals along side Suarez and Sturridge, it was shame that LFC has the ammunition needed but didn't manage to bring in Costa last summer. 3 striker capable of complementing each other, thats what a Deadly partnership is All about."
18th Jan 2014 7:47
"Don't think another striker is what we need also, SaS are the best combo in the league it would be daft to add more to it now, would just hurt there confidence for me. Yeah if one is injured we got no back up, but we play with wingers and 1 up front then right? surely to add to the SaS would maybe upset the applecart so to speak?"
18th Jan 2014 7:56
" "we need another strong man front of defense,some body like ya toure,mikel esien,bastian shvanshtiger,just let him play whit lukas when we score 1 or 2 gols, " "
18th Jan 2014 9:04
"fallencolossi 18th Jan 2014 3:13 , Coutinho and DS are cost 15m or even lower each, though Coutinho isn't a big talent but hes exactly those chances creator we need at the time, also Sturridge is a game changer type of player. Which means 15m plus is the price range that we could afford for big move."
18th Jan 2014 10:29
"JosLFC4ever:its not like every 12-15m move will be like no.15, it just Chelsea that too stupid to realise what a talent Daniel is, his 12m GBP fee was bcoz they have no other way around to con FSG's money"
18th Jan 2014 10:35
"they were asking alot more than 18m previously, looking back at fee agreed between two club(rival), Daniel doesnt has strong enough contract that chelsea can use to squeeze more money from FSG."
18th Jan 2014 10:41
"There is no wrong with playing another striker, BR himself originally vision to play with three striker (433)in order to bang more goals. The idea to bring a certain striker back then is to help Suarez and Sturridge after all"
18th Jan 2014 12:48
"We have Sterling and Ibe (needs a contract extension) and also Assaidi to return. We need a CDM only! "
18th Jan 2014 14:15
"Ok he wants to stay at barca so move on now and get the salah deal done and may be Yann M Villa,we all know kops like donuts so let's hope we get loads of Dough of them and get some deals done ASAP we need to improve the squad...YNWA "
18th Jan 2014 15:00
"Leave hi where he is we needs big strong powerful midfielder,"
18th Jan 2014 15:29
"LFC - 1892: agree with u, big(8m)+strong(8m)+powerful(10m), FSG 25m would do the job......the problem is such combination is......"
18th Jan 2014 21:48
"every comment i read is about midfield or strikerneeded , what about our defence only skrtel playing at level required. the rest are going to cost us top four place. "
Gerrard 08
18th Jan 2014 23:27
"We ain't signing anyone. We haven't got any more for anyone. Best time to get top four and we ain't strengthening! We need new players ASAP! We av got like 3-4 players who deserve the Liverpool shirt! Others are terrible! Come on John Henry spend some money on us to get triple back from the champions league!"
19th Jan 2014 4:41
"boston316:how many def do LFC need? better to sort how to score more goals now, def and mid can rework their discipline for the remainder of the season, BR sort out the front trio."
19th Jan 2014 8:07
"We got Aspas.. sterling.. and alot more to be 3rd striker.. wat we need is papadupolous n midfielders.. where is MVila ? Salah? Yarmolenko ? Reges ? We need atleast 3 of them in midfield.. so do ur job BR n scout team.. get them.."
19th Jan 2014 16:06