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2-1...I think Liverpool fans will be expecting a little bit more than that. Perhaps .....3-1 or 4-1! Come On You REDS! YNWA!
18th Jan 2014 9:25
18th Jan 2014 9:26
"very good preview by James... "
18th Jan 2014 10:15
"got £20 on a 3-1 ... WIN!! YNWA"
18th Jan 2014 10:34
"I expect us to win, but Villa is a very dangerous site away from home. They can't really dictate a game, but if their opponents is having more of the ball, they can play their fast counter attacking football, which is probably going to hurt us, if we can't score first!"
18th Jan 2014 11:29
"Our midfield has to be on alert to stop villa counter attack and our defence needs to wake up its al over the place its embarrassing for a club our size,"
18th Jan 2014 11:57
"LFC 3:0 AVFC. For me."
18th Jan 2014 12:06
"We need at least +3 goals.YNWA. "
18th Jan 2014 12:21
"Villa aren't conceding a lot of goals but are struggling to score also. If we don't control the game it could turn nasty. We have been poor when counter attacked and this will be a test of br's new midfield setup."
18th Jan 2014 13:34
"If we play 2 our full Potential we can win this game 4 or 5-0 come on u Redmen "
18th Jan 2014 14:04
"If we get an early goal we can run away wid dis boys. Come on RED MEN!"
19th Jan 2014 14:11
"Have the naysayers noticed that the world's poorest billionaires in football are now saying that they "hope" we get top 4....That shows great flexibility in expectations and ambition - the main thing is that monetising the franchise will continue and revenue streams are rising by the month. FSG can keep the money safe in their Delaware tax haven."