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BR quoted as saying it will be a quiet transfer window. I'd rather it be quiet rather than rushing and bringing in low-quality squad players. IBWT!
17th Jan 2014 9:29
17th Jan 2014 9:35
"We are not desperate we're did that come from you clowns I think I heard Brendan saying if the right player at the right price comes along then ok but they will not buy just for the sake of spending, altough I think he will add next week but WE ARNT DESPERATE "
17th Jan 2014 9:54
"We are not desperate for players. However the addition of one or even two top quality players could mean the difference between Champions league and no champions league! If we don't get champions league bye bye Suarez :("
17th Jan 2014 10:01
"I dont believe we need winger just only one midfielder and left back Spec. Rakitic is world class player"
LFC since 1975
17th Jan 2014 10:20
"i agree with realfanboy. we only need 1 signing this window but needs to be a very good midfielder, sterling has come good so we have 4 very good options for 3 positions in attack but we need a quality midfield(Mata esque type of player) to provide the quality to the front 3. Gerrard and hendo + 1new sigining in midfield. "
17th Jan 2014 10:35
"please RB let them play if you buy them "
17th Jan 2014 10:39
"Fsg have spent no money at all since they took over all the transfers have come from selling torres other players plus 50 million we get every yr and the money we make so they have bought no one plus no new stadium "
17th Jan 2014 10:46
" what you're saying is that Fsg have only spent £200 million on players in the last 3 years....they are not really investing 7n the team are they!!!!"
17th Jan 2014 10:48
"fsg havent put the money liverpool have put the money in demuncher "
17th Jan 2014 10:58
"Would you rather the Glazers or maybe Hicks and Gellete back Danny?? FSG are trying to run our football club properly by not sticking us into so much debt like the last 2 muppets did...FSG are trying to develop the same model as the gooners"
17th Jan 2014 11:20
"We need a winger. DM nd a RB and not LB."
17th Jan 2014 11:40
"Danny it seems you are angry at them for being good businessmen? LFC money "is" the owners money hence they have funded all transfers. If they get all the debts, they get all revenues too. 4th in the table in case you missed it. "
LFC since 1975
17th Jan 2014 11:45
"Dannycad we all want to see the best players coming to LFC but you have to realise the state the club was in fancially when FSG bought it, we were so close to administration and that probably would have led to relegation, so to see sensible spending while still getting results on the pitch is amazing progress. "
LFC since 1975
17th Jan 2014 11:46
"cont. we cant be saddled with debt like UTD are, lets see what happens to them if they dont get CL for a few seasons and as a global brand they are bigger than us. FSG are bringing in more money thru sponsorships etc and our future is looking very good long term so just stick with them and they will show their worth in time"
17th Jan 2014 11:50
"£25mill, to spend, (a few weeks) left to buy, try less than 2 weeks. Very Very poor!! FSG.. "
17th Jan 2014 12:08
"Seems all the clubs are going to hold out till the last few weeks. Of course I want to see signings but I believe In BR , and I believe FSG will give him what he needs not only in this window but future windows to come . We are in good form right now . There are issues at the back , I hate to say it but just drop Johnson and you will see improvement ."
17th Jan 2014 12:22
"Yeah, Johnson was not to screech in the game against Stock. He will bounce back I know him. Something was wrong with him. But maybe it was a game plan by BR, otherwise he would have substutated him with Kelly. "
17th Jan 2014 13:37
"roblfc123- I agree. DannyCad2-the owners have supported Rodgers very well in signing new players. Would you like crazy buying like spurs which is useless? And buying a new stadium is not like buying a car! It's been decided to renovate Anfield...and i suggest you do some research on the work involved in that, it's not just about £"
17th Jan 2014 14:15
"When FSG came in, they more or less had a 10 year plan for LFC, and we're not yet halfway there and talking a return to CL football. That's where we have to be to acquire the best talent and compete for the le each year. Players that are loaned currently will fill up our squad next season... cont"
17th Jan 2014 14:20
"so it's not necessary to buy 6-7 million dollar players by the bus load. One or two great players in each window is what we should be aiming for, and FSG are intelligent-minded businessman who understand buying players cheaply and improving their value over time. Salah, for example, if bought for ~12 million pounds, could easily be worth 24 million in 6 months, ala Coutinho and Sturridge."
Afrika Kop
17th Jan 2014 15:16
"At this point, there is no value in bringing squad players. If you wantto sign one, then bring high quality instant impact type player who can help push the team"
17th Jan 2014 15:34
"We are desperate, but only for a left back, Socko is a liability and Cissoko is not much better. I don't put any names forward as BR knows what he is doing but please there must be a good decent left back available somewhere who is good enough for us and better than the 2 we have at the moment,,"
17th Jan 2014 16:00
"I would not mind a bit of debt if we could win trophies and play in champions league, no point in buying mediocre players then loaning them or being afraid to play them,we are lfc not west brom or Wigan. "
17th Jan 2014 18:06
"adie65 17th Jan 2014 15:34 - I will put a name forward: Jose Enrique! We don't need a left-back, we need a midfielder who is worth at least 15mill, and if we bring nobody else in I would still expect us to make top 4."
Bib l f c
17th Jan 2014 18:22
"25 million ? Controae 12 m, Yann M'Villa 10 m SORTED ! Save the rest for the Summer....."
17th Jan 2014 20:05
"danny,why cant you see the bright side..i believe fsg are ready and able to spend whatever as long as it makes sense for everyone. the days of overpaying for players are gone but we will still bid big for quality(henrikh,costa)"
17th Jan 2014 20:07
"if we could get mata and mvilla this window we are certainly guaranteed top 4,i think glen should be moved over to left back,seemed to work for him the last time he was in such poor form,bring kelly in at rb"
17th Jan 2014 21:19
"I think we have all been proved wrong with some of the transfers in the past many of us were against Sturridge coming in...fellow supporters were in good hands, in Brendan we trust YNWA!!!! "
18th Jan 2014 14:25
"Why are FSG, saying, here you are Brendon £XXXmillion, go & get players when nobody wants to come, (Maybe next year), if we make CL. "
20th Jan 2014 8:26
"MATCH9482, I should have been more clearer in my 1message, Enrique is injured and not playing. I was saying fit players but we want to have cover for every position."