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King Luis, Hat trick!! Daniel 1.. 4.0 To the Red Men!!! YNWA...
Mustang 7
18th Jan 2014 11:02
18th Jan 2014 11:50
"no skrtel as he how he perform during villa last game, he not strong enough to mark benteke"
18th Jan 2014 12:57
"3-2 is my prediction suarez hatrick and sturridge to get 2 as well... villa might score so 5-1"
18th Jan 2014 13:15
"Let's not get carried away with ludicrous score line predictions. This is the PL and it's full of surprises !!!!. We should be strong defensively, creative in midfield and score when the opportunities come our way. We need 3 points particularly at home. In fact, we should set a target of winning all our PL games from now on. We are not playing in Europe so the players must capitalise!!!!!"
18th Jan 2014 13:26
18th Jan 2014 13:53
"We need to be REALLY CAREFUL in this match. Today can be a Banana skin match just waiting to happen............"
18th Jan 2014 13:53
"As long as they don't get complacent it'll be good. Aston Villa did beat Arsenal at the Emirates. Skrtel should focus more on defending and less on trying to undress or wrestle Villa players in the penalty box."
18th Jan 2014 13:53
"We need to be REALLY CAREFUL in this match. Today can be a Banana skin match just waiting to happen............"
18th Jan 2014 14:05
"Let's not forget villa done a job on us at Anfield last season to stop a good run of results.if we both play to our best we might get a 2-1 but it will be tight."
18th Jan 2014 14:46
"if Torres was still in team: Suarez-Torres-Sturridge. Unstoppable!!!"
18th Jan 2014 15:17
"mtn10:doubt it very much, if we still have torres, sturridge wont be with us, its like Karma, torres go there, we get sturridge in return from them, but with more goals....."
19th Jan 2014 14:13
"Have the naysayers noticed that the world's poorest billionaires in football are now saying that they "hope" we get top 4....That shows great flexibility in expectations and ambition - the main thing is that monetising the franchise will continue and revenue streams are rising by the month. FSG can keep the money safe in their Delaware tax haven."