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That's REally Great news to have Daniel back and hopefully He'll continue where He left off before His injury. YNWA REDS.
10th Jan 2014 15:22
10th Jan 2014 15:25
"Damn, that sucks about Agger put pleased to hear the news about DS and Sakho. I am glad BR is smart and is not going to rush Sturridge back. Having said that, I don't care who plays against Stoke, a win is a must. Sterling and Coutinho need to chip in with a couple goals."
10th Jan 2014 15:35
"I wish them quick recovery to keep our hope alive"
10th Jan 2014 16:03
"Ill be surprised if DS starts. We are better off sticking with Coutinho on the left and Sterling on the right, then introducing Sturridge for the last half hour depending on the scoreline. A win is a must and I'm glad Assaidi won't be allowed to play against us :) "
10th Jan 2014 16:23
"So is it going to be Kolo and Skyrtle in the middle and Kelley at RB and Johnson at LB? With Lucas holding and Hendo and Stevie G pushing up and PC and Sterling on the wings supplying Suarez. 4-3-3 with the midfield triangle facing our goal."
10th Jan 2014 16:40
"Welcome back Danny"
10th Jan 2014 16:44
"Start w/ Johnson, Skrtel, Sakho, Cissokho, Lucas, Gerrard, Henderson, Coutinho, Suarez, Aspas. Bring on Sterling and Sturridge for the last thirty minutes, and I'd love to see Ilori get an appearance. Confident of the 3 points against Stoke but we need to strike early to open the game up and dominate."
JAL 58
10th Jan 2014 17:01
"This still doesnt mean we shouldnt buy in this window. A top DM is imperative , we cannot rely on the dodgy form of Lucas throught the rest of the season . "
10th Jan 2014 17:08
"Agger is totally injury prone which is a shame so he will have to fight to get his place back.."
10th Jan 2014 17:50
"good news to have them back danny and sahko. Still yet don`t include danny in the startingXI. He can come in as a subsute depending on how the game is going. Sahko should work harder on his tackles. He always goes to the ground while tackling some of u fans might have noticed it. God help us to beat stoke city,its always hard playing the britannia stadium.YNWA"
10th Jan 2014 17:57
"Team- mings,kelly,skrtl,toure,sako(LB) stavie,hendo,sterling,coutino,studge,suarez-go'ed lads"
10th Jan 2014 18:02
"I think the lads would treat beating Stoke like beating a rival. Not wining there since their return to the BPL is poor. We got bullied in every department last year and one of the reasons I think BR felt he needed extra strength to his play. I just think games like this define top 4 spots. It's a must win as the other teams won't slip up as much now. BR, you can do it lad."
10th Jan 2014 18:54
"Is it time to move Agger on? As much as I love him in the side, he's too injury prone ... he's still far from his best before date and may therefore bring in a nice fee! "
10th Jan 2014 19:45
"great news. cant wait. YNWA"
10th Jan 2014 19:47
"Kingwillis-agree,also think we will win on sunday,we are due one"
10th Jan 2014 19:49
"Agger is made of wonder barcelona were reluctant to pay a huge sum for him.he gets injured atleast once every month and his recovery rate is low as well."
10th Jan 2014 19:51
"Agger made the mistake that almost cost us Stoke match.I wud rather play sakho even if agger was fit.Is thr a possibility of a 3-5-2 wid sakho,toure and skrtel as CBs wid sterling and johnson as wing backs.that wud mean sturridge can come in without us dropping any attacking player."
10th Jan 2014 19:52
"It's high time for us to get more players to back this young LFC squad up."
10th Jan 2014 19:56
"Some sensible comments for a change re Agger. Much too injury prone - may have missed the boat on getting big money for him though. Certainly the midfielders need to chip in more with goals. Was it me or did Glen Johnson not look interested against Chelsea? Good that Asaidi is ineligible though! Come on the Reds. YNWA"
10th Jan 2014 20:04
"Where is M.Selah for god sake!!"
10th Jan 2014 20:26
"Shawsy - its definately not u. i was there. G.Johnson has been AWOL mentally for a number of games. not interested in defending properly, giving the ball away v easily. Hope its a phase."
10th Jan 2014 20:54
"I wouldn't mind having Enrique and Flanagan back either"
10th Jan 2014 23:09
"Thank goodness we have cover at CB this year. Really need Enrique back"
10th Jan 2014 23:25
"Anyone know how long Allen is.out for?"
11th Jan 2014 0:17
"Welcome back Danny! We really need you to stay fit and help out the team. "
11th Jan 2014 0:52
11th Jan 2014 1:05
"Good to see the gaffer is back "on message" re: squad strength. Last week we could have done with some additions because we were "thin". Now, remarkably, we are strong again, and having had a word in the ear from the suits, we are phat and not thin anymore. Remember Brendan, FSG are multi-billionaires, but they are not able to spend too much!"
11th Jan 2014 1:07
"Reassuring to see the knowledgeable LFC fans sprinkling their praise of Sakho with acidic reflections on the old hero of yesterday, Agger. We must never forget that the old hero has put in great and loyal service because some of supporters realise he is just an old crock. Vice-captains deserve to be benched!"
11th Jan 2014 1:57
"Our V. CAPTAIN is a rare breed now a days when it comes to loyalty, ridiculous that fans here would want to move him. He will be huge for us next year in champ league as well! His entire career He's played his best games against the BIG clubs.. not something many can claim. 2 years ago he got hurt in cc final but last year he played the whole season. Really unfortunate this year sadly! YNWA "
11th Jan 2014 1:58
"Looking forwards to seeing sakho back, the boy is immense and looks, albeit not consistently yet, like he has the class to be world beating. Can see DS coming on and getting a goal, I slightly like his return to the team gangly touches that show he is rusty but always seem to confuse the hell out the opposition! "
11th Jan 2014 8:54
"Best of Luck Daniel, You held the guard well for us at the start of the season and look forward to watching u do the same in the second half. Please remember that goal assists are as good as scoring for LFC. No pressure mate, we know u have the talent... let's just WIN!!!"
11th Jan 2014 9:00
"Agger has my full support, Liverpool through and through. He does his best all the time and i prefer him over any other in any league when u have that kind of passion for the club"
11th Jan 2014 9:53
"great news.lets thrash stoke.Assaidi wont play, right?"
11th Jan 2014 15:43
"Get well soon we need u back."