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Beautiful pics... Loving that SAS is back!!!
10th Jan 2014 14:56
10th Jan 2014 15:00
"Lovely, see then with a win!"
10th Jan 2014 15:06
"Shame Sturridge missed the most important part of the season so far but glad he's back. Hopefully a few new class players in soon."
10th Jan 2014 15:16
"Was that a Nutmeg that Luis did on Martin Skrtel in the 9th picture from the end? YNWA REDS."
10th Jan 2014 15:26
"The team is working hard xpecially suarez, go reds 3points await us because we have a hungry lion in front of goal "Suarez""
10th Jan 2014 15:29
"Love it! I don't care who is playing against Stoke, 3 points a must. I hope we can get a couple goals out of Hendo/Sterling/Coutinho, they are going to be all over Suarez so I can see him getting a couple assists this game along with a goal probable from a free kick."
10th Jan 2014 15:38
"Pics look fantastic will smiles and determination. With a full team and some additions we can challenge this season for the top spot.YNWA"
10th Jan 2014 15:45
"Go reds go. Aspas to start and stu on bench"
10th Jan 2014 15:59
"can we concentrate on Skirtel defending the ball and not grappling with the man. a lot of goals have been conceded this way this season"
El General
10th Jan 2014 16:29
"Welcome back sturridge we miss you"
10th Jan 2014 16:53
"Who's ref for Sunday as we never get any thing at the Britannia they need to bring in a rugby ref for this poor Suarez knows he's gona get halved down kicked and booed but he loves it come on Liverpool "
10th Jan 2014 16:56
"I never realised that Suarez is actually taller than BR. Tough game on Sunday...come on you Redmen! "
10th Jan 2014 16:58
"stevie ...the ref is Anthony Taylor, he's one of the better ones."
10th Jan 2014 17:20
"I say now bring on the "Rest"... "cos the best is BACK!!! The re-birth of the SAS... YNWA. Hola!! Hola!!"
10th Jan 2014 17:26
"To be honest, people talk about Suarez and Sturridge being the only SAS, but we have a lot of potential SAS partnerships atm(Suarez & Sterling have started together lately). Suarez, Sturridge, Sterling and Salah (if we sign him) all start with the letter S :) I now think we should only sign forwards/wingers with names beginning with S, as they always seem to be good lol."
10th Jan 2014 17:28
"good to see Ibe training as well him over Moses at the moment "
10th Jan 2014 17:59
"Hope they have the same joy on their faces after we have played Stoke, then we can smile too! C'mon Boys, get the job done YNWA!"
10th Jan 2014 18:00
"Is that the return of Jordan ibey in the last but one pic? If so good to see him back from injury, this boy can have a role to play in the remaining fixtures."
10th Jan 2014 18:00
"AndyPanda 10th Jan 2014 15:16, sure looks like it mate, I think you're right, I got that impression too lol! "
10th Jan 2014 18:03
"John Bradley commentator on LFCTV matches has this habit of always refering to Suarez as 'The little Uruguayan', Suarez is 5'11, is Bradley about 7-8 ft tall? "
10th Jan 2014 18:47
"loz99 - John Bradley may be referring to something else - e.g. after seeing Luis in the shower:)"
10th Jan 2014 18:48
"mind you the little people normally come back with "its not the nail, its the hammer you put it in with" redahendo lowers the tone again."
10th Jan 2014 19:17
"Yeeeeeeeees 3 points is a must. Keep the great moment,just play football,have fun and focus on the game with confidence, the results are coming by themselves, I promise."
10th Jan 2014 19:59
"I can see that the squad member are very happy for having sturrige back in there midst, that shows how much they love each each other. Keep it up."
10th Jan 2014 20:12
"Stevie And Suarez And Sturridge And Sakho And Sterling And Simon And Skrtel Against Stoke!!! Absolutely Super!!! OK, so we'll need another 4, And Subsutes!!! YNWA! JFT96! "
Natural Poolie
10th Jan 2014 20:22
"Good to see DS smiling, the most emphatic strike force in the premiership and the higgest smiles lol Not sure wether a match against the Stoke bullies is worth the risk, proper recovery needed but I'm sure the club know how to manage you better than me."
10th Jan 2014 20:45
"The first photo is priceless! Welcome back Daniel."
10th Jan 2014 21:18
"R-E-D-A-H-E-N-D-O 10th Jan 2014 18:47, Size isn't everything, we can't all be be blessed with large feet lol! Mr Bradley must think most Uruguayans are as built like Seb Coates, hence Suarez being referred to as the little Uruguayan lol."
10th Jan 2014 21:20
"temps000 10th Jan 2014 17:26, Don't forget Sakho and Skirtel lol! "
10th Jan 2014 21:27
"Good thing to see Mr Moyes getting booked by the FA for misconduct so soon after Brendan got smacked. If this is a sign of impartiality being enforced, then happy days. Could the FA ban all players and managers from criticizing referees or any decisions they've made, especially to any media or to the referees, period. "
10th Jan 2014 21:35
"Love that grin on Sturridge's face, He has always reminded me of Eddie Murphy, no doubt about it, bet there's some fantastic laughs when the guys are all together."
jungle boys
10th Jan 2014 21:51
"Great 2 c SAS back again,lets hope they can pick up where they left off b4 injury hit.YNWA"
10th Jan 2014 23:02
"wow nice pix. They looked serious in training. Hope we win stoke city. God help us. YNWA"
11th Jan 2014 0:12
"Come on Redmen, let's roll on at the Britannia. 3 well-needed points please - thanks!"
11th Jan 2014 1:09
"It's amazing isn't it - the power of positivity! And we haven't even won any silverware yet!"
11th Jan 2014 1:12
"Everybody looks tall next to Rodgers - because he is approximately 5ft small! The Wee man has a fear of anyone taller than 5ft 5 - what a carry on!"
11th Jan 2014 4:40
11th Jan 2014 8:18
"Good 'S' spotting there highway36. Throw in a 'C' (Coutinho) in the middle of it all - Kinda sounds like 'SUCCESS'. This team is about to rock the EPL!! LFC forever!! "
11th Jan 2014 8:53
"Stoke is the place to prove we are up for the fight. We failed last 5 times. Need to up our game a lot to win it. A win is absolutely necessary.."
11th Jan 2014 19:52
"Yes...I looked at the table-all around us is very tight-spurs,Everton and so...We need a win,draw at least for staying in fight on top4...Potters play as usual-with parked bus and high balls on their tennis court.Very important game,for me.COME ON,REDS!YNWA>"