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There's still some work to do before we get back to our glory days but the foundation is there! I hope we seal some good deals in this transfer window and not just some stop gap measures! YNWA!
10th Jan 2014 10:05
10th Jan 2014 10:06
"Get in there.. Spot on. Maintain the consistency, we should be in top four... a place better than 4 is also added bonus as we do not need to pay the champions league playoff start of the next season.."
10th Jan 2014 10:19
"Good signs as well!"
10th Jan 2014 10:47
"The passion an desire is obviously there we just need to keep up the momoentum and drive forward, we defo can acheive CL footy this season and possibly the league who knows. I may be dillusional but we are way more stable than we have been before. Lucas there needs to be more from you, still not at your best but I think that will come this year. YNWA"
10th Jan 2014 11:45
"Lucas is too slow in the middle for the prem. I'm sorry, fantastic player but we need someone stronger and more of an athlete there. "
10th Jan 2014 12:04
"we are in a good position and if the dressing room spirit stay's strong anything is possible. we have some of the best players in the world with us and some are rising so we should have some positives from this season and if we get top 4 then next season will be tough. "
10th Jan 2014 12:27
"Hopefully the dressing room spirit is better than some of the 'spirit' shown by so-called fans on here, Some just can't stop having a dig about nearly every player in the squad, the manager and the owners. Remember what YNWA means before any vitriolic commenting!"
10th Jan 2014 13:47
"why is it when anyone states an opinion about Lucas - they are condemned by some others who only want cheerleading. I agree -we do need more from Lucas, he is too slow and a stronger, more athletic DM would be better. But these are opinions. We are not scathing comments. If others disagree, then make the debate, respective of all opinions."
10th Jan 2014 15:52
"Well said Ramilas could not agree more."
10th Jan 2014 17:15
"Luis deserved better terms because his performances have been brilliant. Maybe his new deal will show to the other players that better terms would be available to them if they excel themselves as well. Or maybe this carrot could be offered to the players to ensure the club is getting the best out of them."
10th Jan 2014 18:16
"Just a point about the Lucas criticism. He isn't the quickest physically but he is very quick mentally and the best ball robber in the prem. Also because of our attacking set up and lack of cover for full backs on both sides. (we don't have a Kuyt anymore) he has to cover both wings as well as the CB's and he does pass the ball brilliantly inside the lines."
10th Jan 2014 18:48
"hope gerrard is feeling fully fit and full of energy against stoke, cause he is going too need to work hard and press like everyone else!"
10th Jan 2014 20:50
"Luis Suarez is as important to LFC right now as KD was when he replaced Keegan. Its easy to be a mid table side but FSG has to back BR now or why appoint him in the first place. Yes KD wasted money on the likes of Carroll but thats football. Miss this opportunity for top 4 finish and I feel we will be stuck in the wilderness for years to come. LFC YNWA "
11th Jan 2014 1:14
"I for one sincerely CONDONE the ambition and sheer thoroughness of THE owners in extending the contract of a world class player. We must all acknowledge that even though FSG are multi-billionaires, and THE owners of one of the world's most lucrative brands, they really had to dig deep to find the money to pay a world class player the going ratein wages for world class players!"