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Sign Rakitic and El Shaarawy (even though he is injured)!
2nd Jan 2014 15:44
2nd Jan 2014 16:04
"When i think of the players we've missed out on in the last few windows it's so flippin' frustrating, Mata, Silva, Higuin, Eriksen, Toivonen, Tevez, Cavanni, Aguero etc, it makes me mad just watching us faffing around and seeing the likes of spurs just nick them in front of our noses, players who would have made all the difference and we miss out once again."
2nd Jan 2014 16:27
"I wouldn't get too frustrated mate, many of those players you mention were either out of our price range when they were available or have fallen short of their potential. Give it a couple of years and we will be in a postion to compete for the world beaters again. "
2nd Jan 2014 16:30
"Not a player we need. Diame along with either Salah or Sam would be a perfect window. "
2nd Jan 2014 16:40
"sounds too rich for us. "
2nd Jan 2014 18:40
2nd Jan 2014 23:25
"what are you waiting for, sign him"
Natural Poolie
3rd Jan 2014 3:01
"Mata looked very frustrated, that along with BR's good relationship with Mourinho means while we in top 4 and we offer a substantial sum it could be possible. Him with Dembele and Menez on a free would prove to be a good window IMO"
3rd Jan 2014 10:41
"I love how B R always says we don't want to just bring in anyone yet 80% of who he has brought in have been a useless waste of money. He waits thinking he can get everyone for the same price as a chomp then misses out and buys utter crap. We want results now stop messing about and buy some Proper talent now before it's to late again. If not you will end up with Igor aspas's twin sister for 15m"
3rd Jan 2014 16:17
"Rakitic Diame Jorginho plus Salah.Thats all the team needs.At top.Invest then get the profit."
3rd Jan 2014 16:39
3rd Jan 2014 20:07
" Rakitic Jorginho and Salah, the a cheeky bid for Cabaye ad he would really strengthen our midfield and a bid would get him thinking and unsettle the Geordies. Still think it will be tough finishing top 4 but when we do I hope FSG back BR. LFC YNWA "