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Go for him! Johnson is crap and god knows if kelly will ever be fit again
2nd Jan 2014 11:44
2nd Jan 2014 12:07
"I watch Barca almost as religiously as LFC. although not with the same emotions of course. Montoya is a damn good player. Better than Johnson at defending and as good going forward, just not a scorer. For me this guy is worth buying. He's better than Dani Alves, so I reckon Barca will keep him."
2nd Jan 2014 12:29
"I hope Martin will be available. We definitely need to beefed up our defenders. "
2nd Jan 2014 12:29
"Anyone is Better than johnson so get him BR!!"
2nd Jan 2014 12:43
"Johnson is quality"
2nd Jan 2014 12:44
"What about Kelly, Wisdom and Flannagan? Think the money should be used on a LB, DM, and winger/striker."
2nd Jan 2014 12:45
"How on earth can ya call Johnson crap,,he is that crap he is keeping a number of players out of the England and liverpool teams ,,The young lad from barca would be a great addition to our club,but I would like us to try get Mata &Salah to sign."
2nd Jan 2014 12:59
"IN: Salah, Tello, Montoya, Cabaye and bring back Assaidi and Suso at seasons end because of playing well in other teams. OUT: Johnson, Aspas."
2nd Jan 2014 13:06
"We need Ryan Bertrand. He is top quality in my eyes and still has bags of potential. Salah, Matic, Hughes, Bertrand, and Tello is what we need."
2nd Jan 2014 13:20
"I just dream about Marcus Reus from Dortmund. As a winger he scores a lot of goal, it's a dream but the lad is top top quality."
2nd Jan 2014 13:40
"If LFC get £10.0 for every rumour that publishes, can go for Messi with more than enough fund available! Back in November, it appeared that Montoya's arrival was just a formality away in Jan."
2nd Jan 2014 13:41
"People calling for Johnson's head are ridiculous. The man gave up a month and a half to stop one challenge in a big win at Manchester United, he has a couple of decent performances and everyone throws him under the bus! "
2nd Jan 2014 13:47
"These rumours drive ya nuts..."
2nd Jan 2014 13:56
"To call any Liverpool player crap just shows your lack of support to the team, no need for people like that here. Montoya would be good business for the summer but not needed right now. "
2nd Jan 2014 14:30
"--People calling for Johnson's head are ridiculous.-- we just have to remember how silly some folks in this world really are.. also, not everyone watches games/knows how to/cares to care.. football supporters are a ship of fools sometimes.."
2nd Jan 2014 14:54
"Thr is a general feeling that Johno is underperforming,in the sense that he is not even trying to be back to his best.Ofcourse he is a brilliant player but liverpool cnt afford to not have him at his best in 2nd half of season.Request BR to sort him out.If Johno has 10games like he had against United,We would beat most of the teams in the league."
2nd Jan 2014 15:00
"When are we gonna start getting some German players in our ranks, we need their steel."
2nd Jan 2014 15:03
"In transfer windows we ought to be more concerned with who we bring in instead of going on about who we get rid of, Getting the right new additions is the key."
2nd Jan 2014 15:08
"Would absolutely love us to get Mata but would Mourinho allow him to come to Liverpool? Would love Cavanni but could we afford him? Abel Hernandez would be a great option or Toivonen and Kessling, it's high time we started going for real genuine quality of the highest quality."
2nd Jan 2014 15:39
"It beggars belief that people in here think Glenn Johnson is crap. What planet are you lot living on? glad none of you are scouting for our replacements when your judgement is that bad."
2nd Jan 2014 15:46
"If Montoya wants to play WC 2014. He should come to Liverpool FC.. Otherwise gone case..."
2nd Jan 2014 16:51
"all due respect to Johnson and Kelly who have tried and achieved their best . Unfortunately time has caught up and yes they need to move on and we need key players who will take this club forward . "
2nd Jan 2014 18:17
"Johnson is world class RB. Left back we need more but flanno is hard to beat at mo and enrique was doing well. I reckon we have enough defenders and youngsters to cope this year. If we get in CL then think about it. Versatile attacker like Mata is best or one who can play CF too. Then again we have youngsters and assaidi and borini loaned out doing ok"
2nd Jan 2014 18:41
2nd Jan 2014 19:52
"Please stop messing around and just sign the lad as he is class "
2nd Jan 2014 20:08
"Get Montoya!"
2nd Jan 2014 21:04
"If he can't agree terms with Barca [that is get enough money], then I can't see LFC being able to afford him."
Natural Poolie
3rd Jan 2014 2:38
"A super player BUT I feel there are more important targets this January, would make a good summer buy. If its now or never then we can't afford to lose out but I hope its not too much from our January budget. Seeing Mata on New Years Day I think he's becoming more and more an achievable target if we got the money."
3rd Jan 2014 8:11
"How anyone can think Johnson is crap concerns me about there knowledge of football form and quality, as they say form is temporary class is permanent. Johnson is one of if not the best right back in the league on his day"
3rd Jan 2014 16:42
3rd Jan 2014 19:44
"Agreeing with the sensible :) GJ is pure class - support the team. Montoya would be good but not yet needed. Mata would be great - but 99% not happening. We need CDM, CF/ST more than anything. Send some of the under par loaned players back and free up the finances."
3rd Jan 2014 20:17
"There is no harm in putting in a serious bid let the player know we are serious about his services why wait if teams want our players they dont wait chelskie and Torres they put in a bid to unsettle the player and force the issue some times they win and sometimes not Arsenal and Suarez but always worth a punt LFC YNWA "
4th Jan 2014 4:42
"Heey.. Dnt say redmen r crap.. We r in the league with 19 otha teams n their tremendous effort is what keeps us where we r with impressing performances. I agree however tht some positns like full backs need much mo higher level competition to get the most out of players... Dnt call Johnson crap, let us back our team redmen"
4th Jan 2014 9:44
"With Johnson at right back and Flanagan fit again at left back we have our best set up I think. To say Johnson is 'crap' shows a lack of knowledge and also, in many cases, an inability to even spell."
4th Jan 2014 13:44
"Johnson is a good player. He just need to pull his head out of his a.. when he`s going forward. I think he makes a lot of weird decision a looses the ball on the attacking part"