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work out on yo finishing
2nd Jan 2014 9:26
2nd Jan 2014 9:46
"Coutinho should please work on his shooting and finishing...and Brasil 2014 will b sure for u! YNWA"
2nd Jan 2014 12:51
"They all need shooting practice! "
2nd Jan 2014 12:55
"If he could shoot like he can dribble then he'd be world-class. I remember watching John Barnes and he had the complete package with a great eye for goal. Unfortunately Coutinho needs to do some serious work on his shooting because it leaves a lot to be desired."
2nd Jan 2014 14:04
"He's still young and needs a bit more experience... Despite already being a top quality player. He'll get there and will be the full package with time, i would suggest the same for sterling, great work rate and positioning just needs that finishing touch "
2nd Jan 2014 16:26
"I agree he is still young...looks like he is pressing to score a little..getting better, they all seem to be playing better without Gerrard. If he would have crossed instead of shoot in that 91 minute run, we would have had a tap in..."
2nd Jan 2014 16:39
"Not only shooting... He should learn to raise his head (while he has the ball) and look for better positioned teammates. Once Countinho lowers his head, you can tell the play is over. He will dodge few legs and shoot. He has 2 of the best EPL strikers around... he should learn that scoring is what matters, not who does so...."
2nd Jan 2014 17:56
"Yeah i agree he's trying too hard at times for goal... Then chokes to nerves.. Only shows that he's trying to make his mark in the club and wants to keep his First team spot at lfc. Good to have that determination, he'll shine through yet "
2nd Jan 2014 19:12
"play with more smile.."
2nd Jan 2014 20:01
"He has also been a bit loose with some of his passes. Easy solution - start him on the bench and play Alberto. This will make him think a bit more about his game. Not really knocking him but just good man management."
2nd Jan 2014 20:14
", lighten up you lot, remember suarez's finishing in his first two seasons, it wasn't great,now look at him. Coutinho is going to be an absolute world beater once he sorts his shooting out and adds goals to his game, and he will do it, you can see the determination to succeed."
2nd Jan 2014 21:21
""msuarez" Coutinho is the player who passes the ball to everyone. Funny argument."
2nd Jan 2014 23:42
"msuarez - totally agree, I get more & more worried about PC getting too single minded. Most of his shots are from outside the box, we spend 5 mins building up play for a guy to shot from 35yards! As for the assists, like SG all from set pieces, even I fancy my chances of an assist from a set piece! However, he's young, he's starting to use his left foot a little & is very talented"
3rd Jan 2014 6:00
"Cutihno needs to find the balance for his final pass, he created a lot but nothing that his team mates could finish off. Excellent player to have. "
3rd Jan 2014 6:13
"LOL i agree brazil kop...funny comment by msuarez. The guy prob has the most vision on the team, however there is always room for improvement for everyone.I remember fans here were mad at suarez bcause he couldnt finish either last season. Everything needs time."