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"Well done lads back 2 winning ways but wait 4 it some BR haters will say we only beat Hull but they r a good side and u can only beat the team put out in front of u "
1st Jan 2014 17:51
1st Jan 2014 17:58
"Brendan is smoking something definitely! I'm happy we won, but it was not the best win of the season. If we can win all our games this month, then we'll establish our top 4 status."
1st Jan 2014 18:02
"Lfc4ever76, I no I'm sick of everyone (lfc fans) goin on bout Martinez n Everton but take lukakus goals n lucky last min goals n pens away from Everton n where wud they b n the table. We've earned where we r through hard work n Rodgers style of play. YNWA"
1st Jan 2014 18:02
"Nice victory. Although the top 3 all won, at least, Assaidi has put us top four again. PLEASE REST THE TEAM for Stoke game. I don't mind if Aspas plays as a lone striker against Oldham."
1st Jan 2014 18:05
"I've seen better.."
1st Jan 2014 18:06
"I'd say the 0-5 at spurs,"
1st Jan 2014 18:06
"Coutinho, Hendo and Sterling need to learn how to put the ball in the net. Do they learn while playing for the first team and at the expense of our result? Or do they learn in training while we get better players in this January transfer window? Gerrard is hopelessly poor. See for yourself. I don't want to waste my time to explain. Simply hopeless."
1st Jan 2014 18:07
"Well done to the boys.. But we need to address the lack of protection from officials.. Getting out of hand now. "
1st Jan 2014 18:07
"Steve Brutes gave us some stick but we stood tall, took some bad knocks, some once again weird decisions - Luis booking for one - but hey guess what .... we shone thru. Another 3 points. Now let's "strengthen the group""
in brendan we trust
1st Jan 2014 18:11
"dont you mean the year not the season"
1st Jan 2014 18:16
""Good enough. Happy New Year!!! LFC - YNWA!!!! From Belgrade, Serbia!!!!!""
1st Jan 2014 18:16
"BR get rid off Aspass,Mosses. Give coutinho,sterling 90mins games they are our future Reds play Agger with Skytel then u can speak off best win off the season."
1st Jan 2014 18:19
"lfcbelfastlfc to true Brendan had 2 start from scratch and Martinez had a team already there waiting 4 him and there luck will run out soon or later "
1st Jan 2014 18:19
"Countinho is obssesed with shots too much. His timing for shot is horrible, preparation for shot very slow and end product crap. When SG came in we completely lost midfield. SG cant play alongside lucas and hendo...with Allen comeback we began dominate in possesion...think about it brendan."
1st Jan 2014 18:20
"Coutinho's obviously been told to shoot more, but clearly he needs practice. He reminds me of Luis Garcia in his build-up play, but with the finishing ability of Vladimir Smicer! He's young though, if he can add goals to his game he will be one helluva player. Average performance on the whole, but it's the mark of a great team that we still won comfortably. Hull are mid-table, not strugglers."
1st Jan 2014 18:20
1st Jan 2014 18:27
"gerrard has been no:1 all his career but now he needs to step back slot in along side lucas dictate play from deep(alonso)and allow hendo to be the attacking mid,will his ego allow that."
1st Jan 2014 18:30
"Please rest players in fa cup especially Suarez "
1st Jan 2014 18:30
"Well I don't know why people still hates BR. The first time BR came, I really confidence with his management style. Believe on academy and such great way, eventhough he makes some mistake. But great job, just keep low profile and keep it up lads...."
1st Jan 2014 18:31
"People outside UK should stop paying lfc tv. It's not fair that they have to wait another day to watch the video. C'mon lfc, fix this thing make it right"
1st Jan 2014 18:33
"It's clear that our first choice midfield be Allen Lucas and Henderson I love gerrard and no one in Liverpool deserves to win the premier league other than gerrard but in order for him to achieve that he might help us to be a winner from the bench rather than a starter"
1st Jan 2014 18:35
"I hope both gerrard and Rodgers understand the situation"
1st Jan 2014 18:35
"Great win today and very important win too. Good performance - could've had more goals, and we gave them no chances. Now the players can have a well deserved rest, and let the reserves/fringe players (maybe SG too with LS on the bench) focus on the FA Cup game. ynwa"
1st Jan 2014 18:36
"lfc4ever76 dont worry about the moaners and the haters bro, they have nothing better to do so let them have at it."the dogs will bark but the caravans pass"Agree with bren our best win becoz of what went before.Season beofre we would have been nervous and bottled it and lost. WELL DONE BREN AND THE TEAM HAPPY NEW YEAR AND TO ALL TRUE FANS!"
1st Jan 2014 18:39
"No one more thing Bren PLEASE put out a strong B team for the FA cup nothing more.Please rest all or most of the Ateam will will need them for another tough game against stoke.Sure the FA cup is imp but ever single LFC fan wuld take a toitle tilt or CL position over the FA cup.Plan accordingly!"
Red David
1st Jan 2014 18:40
"A clean sheet and Agger in defence. No coincidence. Agger holds the record as the CB currently in EPL featuring in defence most times a clean sheet has been kept. YNWA Dagger"
1st Jan 2014 18:41
"Best win of the season? I can't agree that! The 5-0 win at Spurs is a top contender! Moses should not have played...lazy player who does not give 100% to the game. Luis Alberto would have been a better sub!"
1st Jan 2014 18:42
"Please no more glen Johnson him and aspas is the worst liverpool players at the club otherwise good win at the office"
1st Jan 2014 18:43
"Sign Danny Ings.. we will win the league with him for sure!!! He got quality!!!"
1st Jan 2014 18:44
"Best win? No. but surely the most important win."
1st Jan 2014 18:44
"And please show my coments I love this club so much I hate to see player get paid for doing nothing. "
1st Jan 2014 18:44
"Just bring gerrard for last half an hour bring him as an winger or just behind the striker relieved of defensive duties I think he will have more effect in the result like that rather than as a starter in defensive midfielder "
1st Jan 2014 18:46
"Well done lads but we need to the same against the Arsenal's, Chelsea's, City's and Manu's regularly before we start to get ahead of ourselves. "
1st Jan 2014 18:51
"5ooTimes5 1st Jan 2014 18:36 ok i won't get up set by the moaners today as they won't come on here tonight as we won today and i am really looking forward 2 the 2nd half of the season "
Natural Poolie
1st Jan 2014 19:00
"A clean sheet, and not only that, we looked very strong at the back today. They had very few chances. There was a few negatives if you really want to find em. Shot accuracy was very poor by some. Aspas is as poor as they come, what he brings to the team is very questionable."
1st Jan 2014 19:04
"Well done everyone!!! Remy please...."
1st Jan 2014 19:10
"Well done lads"
Natural Poolie
1st Jan 2014 19:15
"On the whole a very pleasing win, SG back to health and others not far off, can only be good. A 3rd striker, CDM and some quality width please, Moses is nearly as bad as Aspas."
1st Jan 2014 19:19
"hopefully we can rest suares,sterling,coutinho for the fa cup think alberto,ibe,aspas can replace them "
1st Jan 2014 19:22
"we did just about enough but have lost johnno. that poor summer window just wont leave us alone, constantly coming back to haunt us. Iago, you no doubt try your best but i'm afraid you and moses are not up to it. The 7 million players are poor investments as we wont get even half back what we paid. and salah is another one so steer clear."
1st Jan 2014 19:29
"Agger is the best in business he doesn't belong at the bench Roger that Rodgers"
1st Jan 2014 19:32
"We have to make a move to buy Christian Eriksen, whatever it costs, just get him for Pete's sake. He's perfect for Liverpool."
1st Jan 2014 19:34
"Mata, Eriksen, Toivonen and Kessling would make us brilliant. "
1st Jan 2014 19:41
"Agger must never be benched, he is a quality player all around. Good solid performance from our vice captain. On a side note I think Our little brazilian needs to learn that sometimes just getting it on net is good enough if not better then trying to aim your shot. I think if he would have gone for power we would have had another goal same goes for Henderson but thats just my 2 cents. "
1st Jan 2014 19:46
"Good win to day back in 4th place , oh & utd lost happy days lol"
1st Jan 2014 19:50
"Can't believe we haven't lost a game this year,"
1st Jan 2014 19:50
"That was definitely our best defensive performance.Even cissokho lukd assured.I didnt think for a moment that Hull wud score although the anfield crowd were really v nervous.I think anfield needs an awakening in terms of atmosphere.Get behind your team."
1st Jan 2014 19:52
"This was a good controlled game and we won it without drama.Well done lads.Hull are no pushovers.I personally ignore the BR haters they just need to grow up."
1st Jan 2014 19:55
"A good win.Hull are no pushovers and our passing game didn't give them much time on the ball.Well done lads you've kept us in contention as wins all round for the top 4."
1st Jan 2014 20:02
"yes today win was wonderful for as. thank LFC for making my day"
1st Jan 2014 20:10
1st Jan 2014 20:20
"lfc4ever76 Agree totally! BR haters (i was one of them after kk was sacked) would complain about something even if we were winning treble every year. He must of proven that he is a quality coach surely, even if he got swansea promoted on back of Martinezs work (which i don't believe for a second) he has done and is doing a great job here so let the haters hate."
1st Jan 2014 20:22
"We have all seen better performances come on guys do you even listen? he's talking about how hard it was after the week we had and the injuries we got to come and limit a team high on confidence after 6 goals in half hour not to mention the game they gave us last month to 0 shots on target was a magnificent performance yeah maybe not the best spectacle but achievement was great"
1st Jan 2014 20:25
"Mata and Matic !!!"
1st Jan 2014 20:33
"Coutinho - one word of advice. When you pass the ball with the side of your foot, it is perfect. When you shoot, you do not put your foot through the ball and swipe at it which is why you miss. Still, you're a great player."
1st Jan 2014 20:35
"Agreeing with BR 100%. To-day was all about steadying the ship, especially with the non-availability of key players, and after two very difficult away assignments. A good win and nice to back in top-4 once again. Lets hope Jan '14 will be productive in many ways. YNWA "
Gerrard 08
1st Jan 2014 20:58
"Back to winning ways got to keep it up against lower teams away! Least Anfield is becoming a fortress again! We can go on a good winning streak now , teams above us have gotta play each other. I'm confident we can get ourselfs back into le contention! YNWA!! "
1st Jan 2014 20:59
"well done. got the job done. Really should have put the game to bed before half-time. Afraid to say Aspas offered us nothing. "
1st Jan 2014 21:01
"Special credit for the atude of Luis after a lot of terrible fouls on him in recent days! Respect!"
1st Jan 2014 21:02
"I'm appalled by some of the responses, when we should be celebrating a victory here. We have made massive progress to the Dalglish era and last season. As much as I think Hendo is not good enough, he has made improvement and there are not many English wingers that are better than Sterling right now. Now please go support Man Utd cos we dont need you.."
1st Jan 2014 21:05
"since he signed for us, how many games has Saurez missed through injury? He's our Wrecking Ball...."
1st Jan 2014 21:06
"Also many are forgetting Coutinho is still rusty after a lengthy injury. His work rate and commitment is still very good. We just need to buy a couple of quality central mid-fielders in Jan and a striker. M'Villa, Lucas Moura and Benteke or Ba would be brilliant and I guarantee top 4. "
JAL 58
1st Jan 2014 21:07
"BR if you think that was the best win your ed ."
1st Jan 2014 21:11
"Good win without much fuss. Best win methinks not. Nothing tops 5-0 at the Lane. Just one concern BR, Whats the deal with Alberto? YNWA "
stressed red
1st Jan 2014 21:13
"a lot of season ticket holders should pass on their tickets to younger more vibrant fans asap. the 12th man left years ago.. I myself stopped going coz the kop was like a library. very boring. ypu no who you are quite fans. Pass on your season tickets"
stressed red
1st Jan 2014 21:16
"I for 1 have been dreading Gerard getting fit. I love the guy like but he is now officially immobile. when he plays its like being a man down. I hope BR is brave enough to start him on the bench "
1st Jan 2014 21:24
"And the cream on the cake is Manchester United beaten at home by the team we beat 5-0 away!"
1st Jan 2014 21:25
"It wasn't bad ,we've got 3 points and this is very important .Top four is our goal "
1st Jan 2014 21:45
"Defo need quality in before stoke, villa and everton- good to see sensible comments tonight- ynwa"
1st Jan 2014 21:52
"Brendan doesn't seem 2 trust his signings,or r they his signings after all?With the so called'commitee'I think the players bought r not his 1st preference but bec of cash issues the'committee' turns to the cheaper 4th,5th in brendan's Chelsea match.he introduces smith instead of more experienced alberto who was more suited for this type of match.Me thinks Brendan trying to prove a point.."
1st Jan 2014 21:58
"anyone else think that Mata would be a good option for midfield?"
1st Jan 2014 22:00
"New signings should come in fast to help out with the squad's lack of depth. Gerrard should also play less as his lack of energy could scuttle our chances this season. He is undoubtedly a legend that has defined the club's essence in the past decade. But now he's lost a few yards and he infuses the team with a certain lethargy."
1st Jan 2014 22:00
"Welldone lads!! Sterling please your speed count for nothing if you keep on running directly into defenders and losing the ball."
1st Jan 2014 22:02
"We should be targeting quality now not quany.IF we get 2 world class players who can step right in the team,that means 2 (good)players of the current(performing) team being shifted to the subs bench,which would help improve our bench to the Chelsea & man city stabdards"
1st Jan 2014 22:31
"Anyone wanting to slate Brendan roggers should just support a different team "
1st Jan 2014 22:34
"Gees,so many on Gerrards back,I thought he was solid enough, it's his first run out for a month.He will get better.That yellow for Suarez should be rescinded,Need Sturridge back to take pressure off Suarez as he is copping it from all defenders and the Refs.We can be very proud of that win.Well done BR well done team."
1st Jan 2014 22:38
"That's now 2 matches in a row where Suarez is having the life kicked out of him and the referees aren't protecting him from this brutal and vicious treatment. Serious action needs to be taken? LFC must now make an official complaint to the FA and threaten legal action against this assault on our player."
1st Jan 2014 22:38
"Back on track. A positive result following two unfair defeats.... But we do need some reinforcement upfront and in central midfield. Suarez played with an injury today and so did Hendo but credit to the team & BR to keep their chin up and get a much needed win straight away!!!! FSG to show their pledge & commitment and provided funding for some much needed quality players!! Happy New Year..."
1st Jan 2014 22:42
"aussie78101 1st Jan 2014 21:58, Yes Mata and Eriksen, Kessling and Toivonen. Remy and Cabaye are two other good options as well. "
1st Jan 2014 23:15
"I also agree that it is the most solid display... We kept Hull completely at bay ;) All the team played well except maybe Aspas... For a comeback, Gerrard did pretty well... Coutinho seems to be following on Henderson footsteps as far as shooting is concerned. It makes no difference blasting a ball into the net or stoking it in, it will be still be a goal"
1st Jan 2014 23:24
"Happy birthday Jon Flanagan."
1st Jan 2014 23:46
"So now that players are coming back from injury, Aspas, Alberto and Moses will get even less playing time! Will they ever get sharp and match fit this season?"
1st Jan 2014 23:53
"Suarez is blue, make that black & blue, kicked up and down the pitch again."
2nd Jan 2014 0:13
"Yes it tasted good to win after to losses but how can you say its our best win of the season?? I dont think we played very impressive today and if that was any other stronger team we would probably lose. Best win of the season so far has to be spurs at WHL."
2nd Jan 2014 0:16
"Hardly! Glad we won but boy was it ugly. We should have had at least 7 goals in that game. Coutinho, sterling, and Henderson missed absolute sitters. Johnson and Aspas have hopefully seen the last of the pitch for a while. Sell them on and get some talent that helps the team. Seriously? Best win?"
2nd Jan 2014 0:18
"Probably you are right BR, considering the squad and after unlucky Christmas period, otherwise with fresh legs, it would have been 6-0. Hope we get the new successful signings soon."
2nd Jan 2014 0:29
"Agree with the comments about Gerrard. He replaced someone who was invisible and pretty much vanished himself. Even before his injury, he was pretty average. We desperately need 2 strong players in the middle in this transfer period. If we can find a couple of workhorses to spell Henderson and Lucas, it will help keep them healthy. Henderson looks leg weary."
2nd Jan 2014 0:32
"i agree..making anfield a fortress is how we will come back again..he's a top top manager"
2nd Jan 2014 0:37
"BR can you send back Moses and get Mata?"
2nd Jan 2014 0:54
"I can see BR's point. He didn't say that we played our best. In fact, he was calling this our best win precisely because we weren't at our best. Combine that with this being the last game of a packed 2-week schedule, and it was great to see us tough out a comfortable win."
2nd Jan 2014 0:58
"The lads are doing their best for us,under the cirstances,three points is three points,let's hope they get a dig out in January,a couple of good signings will boost every ones moral,over to fsg now,let's hope they grab this chance to push on."
2nd Jan 2014 1:42
Billy B girl
2nd Jan 2014 1:42
"A win and 3 points great Happy New Year! not the best game though. Dagger goal fab and Luis out of this world! What's up with Coutinhio? needs sorting and FSG please go buy Mata he would fit into Liverpool great then recall Suso and Assaidi ! Happy New Year Reds !"
2nd Jan 2014 1:43
Billy B girl
2nd Jan 2014 1:43
"Oh and get a new striker as sadly Sturridge is too injury prone. I can now see why other clubs got shut !"
2nd Jan 2014 1:44
"That layoff from Aspas to Henderson was quality. I reserve judgment til he's got a few games. Henderson, in my opinion, is the real deal. Once he starts consistently putting away his chances, there are few I'd trade him for. "
2nd Jan 2014 1:45
2nd Jan 2014 2:32
"I asgree with Ghonjhes, what's the rationale for those outside england to have to wait a day b4 we can view??Anyway, a HappyNew Year to all LFC fans and the team, great grit and zeal to suffer knocks n congested fixtures and still win this game."
2nd Jan 2014 3:04
"It's a good win but still we need to buy player bring in Mata and a Good midfield player"
2nd Jan 2014 3:25
"More like the perfect answer to halt a slide. I don't like the fact that we are still missing the target on some brilliantly created goal-scoring chances of our own. The wet field was not the issue on the Coutinho and Henderson chances. Shot practice please !!!."
2nd Jan 2014 3:29
"Get Mata BR!! He will be an awesome signing. He's not happy there. Now is the time to act."
2nd Jan 2014 3:46
"Henderson always needs to play up top supporting the strikers. He is brilliant there. Stop meddling with his position BR. I would be a little forgiving on Coutinho. He's very young and has been playing non stop this holiday season. He, Sterling and Flanagan are the futures of this club. They don't need us riding on their backs everytime they miss a shot."
2nd Jan 2014 3:55
"feeling better now after the last 2 games. maybe this is an omen of things to come in 2014. ps br, get mata. ynwa."
2nd Jan 2014 3:57
2nd Jan 2014 4:24
"Well done lads!"
2nd Jan 2014 4:43
"I'm not a BR hater was only against Hull! We need more individually 'brilliant' players in January...apart from Suarez! Imagine where we would be if we could string together play of the likes of ManC and Arsenal??? There would be no stopping us!"
2nd Jan 2014 5:23
"The team could have played much better. Passing was bad. Some moves should have done with a simple pass, some players were guilty of over dribbling, and worst of all, taking shots when it was not the best option. Even it is, make it worth-while, and shoot on target. Let their keeper work for his pay. "
2nd Jan 2014 5:24
"BR please, no more Aspas !!!! He's a real sh't otherwise he really got chances before Suarez retourn and even now but never did well. I think alberto deserve more. He never got a chance to even play 45minutes. Think about it. And what about Ibe? "
2nd Jan 2014 5:33
"BR is spot on this is our best game of the season considering the cirstances, unbelievable what people write here as if they know better than BR about our injuries and the fatigue level and the psychology considering our pervious two losses, the second thing its not only Hull remember u lot we lost to them on the away game only one month ago 3-1, so support the team and shut it"
2nd Jan 2014 5:35
"Can't believe there r BR haters out there...It's the best we've played for years, style wise, plenty of shots/goals, promotion of youth, width in play, ball on deck etc. etc etc. Rome not built in a day, next 2-3 yrs are our window..hope stevie can hang on that long YNWA ps. ashes 5-0 ;-p"
2nd Jan 2014 5:54
"great work. back in top 4. that was important. Now a couple of reinforcements and we are set to stay in the top 4!"
2nd Jan 2014 6:06
"The shooting of Sterling, Henderson, Coutinho are all very bad. If this is the best win, we should be at 16 or 17 now. Only one player playing up-to-standard, our new godfather Luis."
2nd Jan 2014 6:22
"These young lads Sterling , Henderson and Coutinho shoot horribly. Your shots are rushed the commitment is not doubted but practice more you will get there. Keep walking. These opposition players really abuse Suarez kicking him all over like that "
2nd Jan 2014 6:57
"Coutinho is great but needs to improve his finishing. Same goes for Hendo and Sterling. (Sterling and Coutinho's bad finishing cost us at City and Chelsea). I am excited with Salah...hes top draw!! His finishing is probably better than Suarez."
2nd Jan 2014 7:32
"Them lads deserve a couple of days off after that Xmas run,the whole squad.and the owners should see what they have put in and bring some players into the squad,so it doesn't end up for nothing"
2nd Jan 2014 7:33
"I simply don't understand why all of you are criticizing continho. He was just superb. You all seem to have forget that it was him who delivered the ball to agger to score. And his last attempt was simply magical. If he had scored the goal then this would probably have been the best goal of the season. Cheer up. He is just twenty and has plenty to learn."
2nd Jan 2014 7:40
"Johnson need a rest....Aspas too..."
2nd Jan 2014 7:49
"well done.. transfer windows already open and juan mata is available. please make it happen this time..."
2nd Jan 2014 8:13
"Juan Mata is an available option. Not bad. Better than most midfielders in EPL."
2nd Jan 2014 9:00
"redmanisthebest: Agree with you. As you say a lot of people are on about the 5 nil against TOT but with our injuries and coming off two games in which we were robbed any other team would be deflated. Also Hull are not an easy team to break down. Back to top 4 which is what we would not have done last year.YNWA "
2nd Jan 2014 9:19
"Keep going, BR! You're doing great work. It was certainly a satisfying victory."
2nd Jan 2014 9:28
"yeah should have been 4 or 5 nil, but we were a bit misfiring today. still Hull were comprehensively seen off. Out of Liverpool,s class"
2nd Jan 2014 9:55
"Great performance after a tiresome festive schedule. Well done to BR and the team.... Y.N.W.A."
2nd Jan 2014 10:06
"Glen Johnson needs psychological and physical help. He's a shade slower since the beginning of this season and his decision making has been very poor. He has become a constant weak link in our defence and his usual contribution to our attack is no longer happening. I hope BR is doing something about our right as Kelly is way too long from his usual capabilities."
2nd Jan 2014 16:23
"BR has done wonder for LFC so did SG. Johnson is a lazy player he has to be replaced Salah is a must on the left flank in truth we need urgently 3 players of proven quality to slot into the team a right back a center midfielder and a left wing. Well done BR."
2nd Jan 2014 16:29
"Gotta stick up for KK again, the guy bought 2 of our key players, who's to say the rest wouldn't of worked with the style he wanted, "
2nd Jan 2014 16:29
" Same as i wouldn't expect Allen would of worked with what KK wanted or an Aspas he signed 2 of our best players in Suarez and henderson, he also got Enrique who is missed. but yes we have improved from what KK inherited but i think he could of worked.YNWA KK legend"
2nd Jan 2014 17:40
"coming from back to back losses against a team that just won 6-0 isnt easy. It wasnt the best win I agree but maybe what he meant was it was the most important win. Well Done lads YNWA!"
2nd Jan 2014 19:48
"fantastic win boys luis suarez amazes yet again lovin it all the way from oz stevie g true thats my real moniker"
2nd Jan 2014 23:45
"Just learnt that Referee Howard Webb was a serving police sergeant in South Yorkshire Police force for over 15 years before became a ref.... The same police force that is under investigation for Hillsborough disaster.... This guy has been screwing us over key footballing decisions for number of years. He should be investigated by the FA and not allowed to referee Liverpool games"
3rd Jan 2014 0:15
"Interesting comment Oliver-Mannish! He's certain bent us over the rail and stuck it to us enough times over they years.if he's the best official in the prem, then that explains the pathetic treatment we been gettin'."
3rd Jan 2014 7:53
"Its a bit of a condemnation of his team if the best result of the season is beating Hull at home."
3rd Jan 2014 10:26
"I think if he waited another 20mins he would of said something completely different, "
Dede 7
4th Jan 2014 17:44
"After the game i said to a friend of mine that it was the best performance as a team. Hull hardly got into our 18 yard box. that was good. YNWA."