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Clean sheet & a win for the new year. Never really fired on all cylinders, but won comfortably - well played redmen. This should set us up well for January. LFC & Assaidi have taken us back up to 4th.
1st Jan 2014 16:56
1st Jan 2014 16:57
"100% record this year YNWA "
1st Jan 2014 16:58
"Great result, Aspas showing he is improving, but please send Moses back. He was non present today."
1st Jan 2014 16:59
"Agger man of the match"
1st Jan 2014 16:59
"A win and a clean sheet from mignolet shanerex."
1st Jan 2014 16:59
"Well done lads, hopefully some of you will have a breather before our next league match. Good start to 2014, shame that Everton and Arsenal scored very late goals. YNWA"
1st Jan 2014 17:00
"Great Win.. Also, Liverpool man Assaidi won it for Stoke against Everton and helped Liverpool get into top 4. Excellent stuff"
1st Jan 2014 17:01
"2 goals, a clean sheet, I am happy about the result, they didnt play their best too. on and upward. YNWA"
1st Jan 2014 17:06
"Good win! Back above neverton, where we belong. Thank you Assaidi!"
in brendan we trust
1st Jan 2014 17:09
"3pts clean sheet well happy .. why dosent brendan play martin kelly at right back "
1st Jan 2014 17:10
"Good result. Played some good football but gave hull far 2much of the ball.we seem 2have lost that killer touch n front of goal Coutinho really needs 2work on his finishing. Now's the time 2go on a run. YNWA "
1st Jan 2014 17:10
"I wonder if coutinho does not pass to suarez anymore? Aspas and johnson are waste of time. Moses should go back to his team. Kolo was good: should get more games. Suarez did not get the service and was treated like a ragdoll; kicked around with little protection."
1st Jan 2014 17:10
"Well done lads. Good win and clean sheet. What about Luis? Brilliant absolutely brilliant. Happy New Year to all the LFC family. Looking forward to great things this year. YNWA."
Liverpool NY
1st Jan 2014 17:12
"good important win, not the best performance I think Iago got his last chance also not sure about Ally it is going to be tight and tough looking forward to a bright 2014"
1st Jan 2014 17:13
"Southampton were holding Chelsea to a draw at half time, then Marinho waved his magic wand and Chelsea scored 3 times in the second half. I wish BR could do the same when we are struggling. It's going to be a hard slog now Man City and Chelsea have got their noses in front of us. Still Stoke held Everton to a draw so we go to 4th."
1st Jan 2014 17:14
"welldone mighty Reds what the hell was BR doing getting sterling out when will he learn sterling is our future red not Moses and the boy had the energy still to end the game in 90 mins.welldone to Coutinho what a ball handling sad the ball did when in the net YNWA."
1st Jan 2014 17:16
"Nice Agger, we look more calm in defense with Agger in the middle. Why do the captain not speak to the referee about all the free kicks on Suarez?? Aspas is slowly but surly getting better. YNWA "
1st Jan 2014 17:16
"Good win"
1st Jan 2014 17:19
"Should of won 6-0. Dont like everybody hogs the ball too much. And Sturridge is not eeven playing yet."
1st Jan 2014 17:20
"Not a bad performance, thought they knocked seven shades out of Luis today and the ref took no action. Coutinho will be unstoppable next year after some further adjustment and finishing practice! Aspas continues to look lost."
1st Jan 2014 17:22
"4th place was the realistic target this season as we continue to some for the cup & get 2/3 in early before next league game get sturidge back and push on rest of season lets enjoy the ride were on the way with rodgers"
1st Jan 2014 17:24
"sorry wanted to say (sad that the ball did not when in the net) for couthinho for a superb ball handling."
1st Jan 2014 17:24
"Coutinho is getting there slowly but surely.Cissokho too looks improved defensively and offensively.Referees dnt hv any sympathy for Suarez hence opposition are resorting to assaulting him knowing that nothing will happen.Gerard lukd very rusty.Aspas as well. "
Vosta Lee
1st Jan 2014 17:25
"Agent Assaidi!!!"
1st Jan 2014 17:26
"We never got out of 2nd gear.Won it comfortably.Assured at the back as well.Hendo vision has become outstanding.I see gerard playing 2nd fiddle to Hendo for most of our games. Gerard shd be playing alongside suarez as a supersub.He doesnt hv the leg to counterattack from a deep position."
1st Jan 2014 17:27
"Good start of the year,good display...Some heavy legs around,on rain and slip terrain...Clean sheet,also. Pros-Suarez,Stevie G.get back,Coutinho recovering from bad form,AggerSkrtel duo,Cissokho getting better...Cons-Aspas isn't good enough,Johnson legs...Anyway-we are bck in the business called top4.YNWA>"
1st Jan 2014 17:27
"lucas, hendo, gerard cant play together...once again Gerard came IN and we lost midfield. "
1st Jan 2014 17:28
"Did enough. We played a man down with asspass. We still need players in the middle and up front to help Suarez. Johnson was...........his usual self. Cissokho acquitted himself quite well today. Agger and Skrtl were solid. Henderson played quietly well and coutinho was solid. Starlings energy was great. Suarez was Suarez. It's a win."
Red David
1st Jan 2014 17:33
"Agger back and a CLEAN SHEET, and a goal, well done VC. Coutiho needs to hit that goal, - but he will get there. Once Sturridge is back, we are on the roll. YNWA."
1st Jan 2014 17:35
"Seems that Mike Rileys (Yorkshire) tactics are working out nicely to get Suarez kicked out of the league literally. He's providing us with poor referees funnily enough from Yorkshire also Pawson, Webb and Atkinson and linesmen who generate poor performances with little or no comeback. "
1st Jan 2014 17:38
"Good job guys! Happy new year to the team!"
1st Jan 2014 17:40
"Ontario - wont be the first time will it? Pele was also literally kicked out of the 1966 world cup, surprisignly (or not) a tournament held in england, presided over by none other than the ENGLISH FA (alongside fifa)"
1st Jan 2014 17:44
"I am worry we wont get back Aspas price tag. He wouldnt break into mediocre teams in PL...maybe championship for 3M."
1st Jan 2014 17:47
"Sweet! Good start 2014, 7th straight win, becoming very hard to beat us at home, just as it should be. Too many missed chances though, need Coutinho and Hendo to take their opportunities. Come on Redmen! YNWA!"
1st Jan 2014 17:49
"5ootimes5........Point entirely. They need to take a long hard look at themselves and be transparant an explain their actions. Reason why we didnt get a penalty at the Bridge is that Webb hates us more than them. I cant understand that if Suarez's reputation preceeds him and fouls are not given on that premise only then they shouldnt be refs as they are not impartial in their decisions"
1st Jan 2014 17:53
"Not the best today by any stretch of the imagination! Got to get away from this back passing crap & playing from the back! Only that Hull were rubbish that we never got caught out because we will (& have been) Courtinho a bit greedy when he gets the ball in front of goal & he's shown this a few weeks now, Sterling gave up too easily today & needs to improve, as for Moses, well?? "
1st Jan 2014 17:57
"Must-win-game and we did it. Perfect start into new year! Thx Oussama too! Wonderful goals, well played and another 3 important points. Happy new year fRiEnDS! YNWA"
1st Jan 2014 17:59
1st Jan 2014 18:06
"Well done lads a great win today and a clean sheet a great way 2 start a new year let's keep this up and we will stay in the top 4 for sure onwards and upwards "
1st Jan 2014 18:09
"Good enough. Happy New Year!!! LFC - YNWA!!!! From Belgrade, Serbia!!!!!"
1st Jan 2014 18:12
"I thought the team played very well. It was a comprehensive victory and we looked in control of the match. It was nice to beat Hull at home. Hopefully we can reverse our other away defeats in a similar fashion, when the time comes. Well played lads!"
Red Yank 1969
1st Jan 2014 18:14
"How does Moses keep getting chances and does absolutely nothing, he is not even ours. Give Alberto a chance and send Moses back to chelski"
1st Jan 2014 18:16
"For me, Suarez, Coutinho and Henderson stood out, but also Cissokho had a decent game after a shaky start to his Liverpool career, so special praise to all of them. Agger and Skrtel played very well too, come to think of it."
1st Jan 2014 18:19
"The crap the FA and its representatives dish out is no different to the crap the English dish out to the people of this city as a matter of course. Always up against it. The the day the FA and Yorkshire police get on thier knees and BEG for forgiveness is the result I dream of. Always nice to see Agger score and a lovely result to start the year!"
1st Jan 2014 18:59
"crap play but nice 3points bt we won't get away with it most times,johnson out no longer have the legs,moses go back waste of time,Aspas u had yo chance bt hmmmm don't see any future,Coutinho pass the ball pliz "
1st Jan 2014 19:28
"Mushroom18.19 couldnt agree more thats the establishment for you, thought we should have had 4/5 goals today happy with the win well done redmen"
1st Jan 2014 20:38
"I´m getting fed up with Coutinho and his greedy, fetish way. He don´t play for the side, he is always thinking to score and he is missing a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT, can´t stand this. I really can´t understand Brendan Rodgers not to point him what he has to do"
1st Jan 2014 20:42
"Great moments of quality but lots more to improve on, Super Free Kick from a top class striker, great goal and well done to Dagger for his goal as well, adds that height to set peices and a god finish.3 points thats all that matters! well done to all."
1st Jan 2014 22:21
"Great win! All these points will be key for our Champions League push! Y.N.W.A"
1st Jan 2014 23:56
"great win just not impressed with moses every time he comes on the whole team seems lost hopefully we can get some back up in the window and send him back to chelsea"
2nd Jan 2014 4:04
2nd Jan 2014 5:15
"Good win. Though I thought we would have a more comfortable win."
2nd Jan 2014 6:51
"Super show Red men.. Much needed 3 points for us, aided by Luis Suarez special goal. Looking forward to transfers now. Must buy 2-3 good rookies. "
2nd Jan 2014 8:45
"Excellent. A welcome three points. Well done, BR and the team. Starting the new year in the top four is superb! Walk on, walk on."
2nd Jan 2014 8:46
"Oh, and thank you again to Assaidi for nicking points off the Toffees. What a loan player he is turning out to be!"
2nd Jan 2014 13:30
"Liverpool...u need to bring high quality players to your team to join Suarez if you wnat to win something..just look to the other big teams. If you compare every position (a part from LS) you are far behind from Chelasea, Man U, manC, Arsenal etc...Bye from Uruguay...I'm liverpool fun..."