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Waiting until Summer won't get us top 4!! We need 2 or 3 proper signings like last January!
1st Jan 2014 11:07
1st Jan 2014 11:12
"Way to crush our hopes. I was really looking for that Tello loan deal."
1st Jan 2014 11:20
"No thanks! "
1st Jan 2014 11:26
"I believe we will get our man!!! if we don't then we are a joke!!!"
1st Jan 2014 11:29
"We need to get players in now and Rodgers knows that! Thing is - Can we get them? - Can we afford them? - Do they want to come?"
1st Jan 2014 11:34
"Get it sorted, Reds!! We lost out on Willian for want of a few more million and he helped beat us the other night. Come ON Liverpool!! "
1st Jan 2014 11:54
"we got aspas & alberto for 8&7 million .. salah worth more that bid anyway ..liverpool needs to offer good sum to get him maybe 12 million .."
1st Jan 2014 12:04
"BR bring someone who can really help us to top4. No bench warmers please"
1st Jan 2014 12:09
"Can we just secure Salah move and move on to the next target? It will be a letdown if we lose out in this transfer market again if we take too long.=("
JAL 58
1st Jan 2014 12:28
"Salah , Reges or another good DM and a good LB "
1st Jan 2014 12:48
"Here we go again, a lot of people think buying, buying, buying solves all our problems. Nearly all the summer signings we made have been a big disappointment, and look what happened at Spurs when they bought too many. We are getting better results from the likes of Flannagan and Sterling coming up through the ranks."
1st Jan 2014 12:51
"We have to be patient to get the right type of players BR has shown he knows the quality of players we need who will fit into this team. buying for the sake of buying will not help we need at least another striker and a couple of attacking midfielders keep the faith we are on the right track."
1st Jan 2014 14:03
"Fans need to remember that Chelsea stole Willian off the Tottenham medical table...perhaps some denial until things are concluded, is appropriate. "
1st Jan 2014 14:23
"We need three good signings;- LB CM Winger. If we don't get top 4 this season. Suarez is gone and so are any hopes of maintaining a position near the top of the league over the next few seasons. Come on LFC, get it done. YNWA."
1st Jan 2014 15:00
"For LFC to make the top 4 they need to bring in at least 3 players ,all of which should be attacking minded players who can play anywhere in midfield and up front,Tello , Salah and Jorginho would greatly improve the team and would not cost alot ."
1st Jan 2014 17:20
"Was kind of hoping that he was gonna be sat in the crowd waiting to sign a contract after the game. "
1st Jan 2014 17:35
"still think we wil get him in January :) hoping so anyways"
1st Jan 2014 18:19
"What's the hold up?"
1st Jan 2014 18:43
"Please get players in quickly...our team is wafer thin right now!"
1st Jan 2014 18:56
"Think if Mata is available, we should attempt to outbid whoever comes in for him then give him a decision to make (won't be more than 25m max). Send back Moses. Whole budget on 1 world class midfielder will take us a level up (similar to Ozil, Silva, Hazard impact). We're good everywhere else. Maybe a different loan LB but not a necessity."
1st Jan 2014 20:23
"After watching Salah on (YOU tube)I can say he is truly made for Liverpool.Has every trick in the book and can score like Suarez, In a Nut shell tricky,smart,strong, persistent,and very annoying for defenders. yes please Brendan good luck. "
1st Jan 2014 21:07
"What about LFC putting a cheeky bid for Mata I'm sure he would love to be playing regularly for 1st team and after comments made by Morinhio bout door open for Mata and Essien to leave ,I think LFC should go for Mata."
1st Jan 2014 22:54
"So he's not coming now?"
1st Jan 2014 22:54
"Why are we pussyfooting around with the Salah transfer. He is pure class ANC Ed should get him and pay the asking price and offload Aspas if need be to get the funding required!!! Salah, Tello (loan), Bertrand (loan) and another midfielder, may be Alonso will lead to qualification into Champions League. Anything less we will loose Suarez in the summer!!!!"
2nd Jan 2014 0:11
"I think we should go for mata , he ain't happy at Chelsea no more and big head don't want him ?"
2nd Jan 2014 3:23
"Put a bid on Mata!! Idiot Jose is willing to let him go purely to satisfy his ego."
2nd Jan 2014 3:37
"gonna get some of yous too excited but did anyone see how angry Mata was at being taken off early. he would be great and even if we were the only team in for him i dont think Chelsea would sell to us now, not if Jose actually meant what he said, that we could win league."
2nd Jan 2014 4:55
"Question: Will missing out on the top 4 create a Suarez issue (which I'm sure is now in his contract)? Assuming I'm right...January has to bring the icing! Salah and possibly Sam need to be at LFC while we really need to sure up that midfield and backline. 'BenG_ynwa 1st Jan 2014 11:07' is right...Waiting until Summer won't get us top 4!"
2nd Jan 2014 6:26
"We still require a world class defender accompany with Agger. Not Skrtel, Toure or Sakho, which should probably act as a good subsute only."
2nd Jan 2014 7:01
"Dont make it too obvious. Just deny everything on Salah or else Manunited Chelsea or Tots will pounce in as usual with a much higher bid. :( Liverpool playing the Salah situation perfectly. Have faith."
3rd Jan 2014 5:07
"just pay up or shut up.dont fight over 5m difference.spuds and everton are now moving in for him too.if he is good just wrap it up already"