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No thanks! Sign Salah first then worry about the rest. Not sure we need many with Gerrard and Sturridge back soon.
31st Dec 2013 13:54
31st Dec 2013 14:29
"Why not.Still young.he can learn form.Balance.DCMF."
31st Dec 2013 14:53
"I will give you reasons why not. First he is at Udinese which is enough reason in itself, second he has spent 5 seasons there and is still unknown, he is not 18 he is 23. Lastly £7M for an unknown?"
31st Dec 2013 15:01
"Coutinho 10?11 agree with your 1st part but not your 2nd. They may be back but they or others could be injured/suspended at anytime in the next 5 months. We need quality in depth! In a very tight season we can't afford to take risks!! "
YNWA Liverpool FC
31st Dec 2013 15:10
"We need Mata/Xabi Alonso, they are world class and if we secure one of them, we are definitely going top"
31st Dec 2013 15:14
"i don't know him and i don't nedd him !! go for fernando sh*t !!! why BR always looks after unknown players ! why want BR to bring more player like borini and allen !! *£!$ ... we need fernando , alonso .. or nothing ! don't waste money for average player !"
31st Dec 2013 15:19
"no hes not good enough ! let them have him"
31st Dec 2013 16:03
"BR..Get Salah (winger), Alonso (midfielder) , Tello (winger/striker) , Tom Ince (midfielder) and Diego Costa (striker)= Mignolet, kelly,Agger,Skirtel,Enrique,Salah, Gerrard, Alonso, Stirling,Suarez and Costa. Subs : Tuore, Ince, Jones, Sturridge, Tello, Leiva, and Coutinho. = at least 4th SPOT = or even 1st spot = CHAMPIONS LEAGUE . Who agrees with me ? YNWA. "
31st Dec 2013 16:14
"My preferred choices, Cabaye, Tello or loan or bought (understands our style), definately Salah, if we could break the bank so to speak then go for Costa, an absolute beast of a player. if there is a powerful defensive midfielder our there great, however an influx of first team players disrupts things technically, generally you should only buy two players in the jan window, like last season!"
31st Dec 2013 16:20
"Like Coutinho10?11 says sign Salah first and then turn your attention 2 Mata & Tello "
31st Dec 2013 16:41
"F off"
31st Dec 2013 17:32
"Skingrad agree, watched cabaye v arsenal mostly anonymous also been subbed a couple of times lately but I like him.salah looks good on you tube but most do haven't seen much a bit v chavski looked good."
JAL 58
31st Dec 2013 18:12
"Badu is a DM and my god do we need one of them with prescence and who can run with the ball . "
31st Dec 2013 18:25
"Salah first then a flexible defender please"
31st Dec 2013 19:12
"Sign Ross from Everton instead!"
31st Dec 2013 19:17
"Some idiots on here, big names ain't everything, quality is. Just because I've never heard of a player doesn't make him unknown, you probably don't know any players from the Italian league except for the really famous like pirlo etc, that doesn't mean the rest of the league is bad. And as for 7m, that is nothing in today's market."
31st Dec 2013 19:19
"Also people who actually think we have a chance of getting mata need to wise up and grow up, they clearly don't know anything about football, just because he's out of favour doesn't mean he'll go cheap and especially won't go to a rival, also why would we want salah and mata when they both are the same position."
31st Dec 2013 22:20
"Countinho10?11 "Not sure we need?" ...well I'm sure we need better(= more consistent quality) midfielders to win the EPL, to win v EPL top 4 teams and to qualify for the CL. Our S11 is weak in the middle and our bench is weak likewise - all over. (Reason: Allen and Alberto are upcoming - not ready. Henderson and Lucas are too inconsistent)."
31st Dec 2013 22:28
"...and to all the jokers about first team players and how much to buy - you buy what you need. We need depth in quality - not depth in numbers. Lucas, Henderson, Allen and Sterling is what a below-average bench looks like."
31st Dec 2013 22:33
"So understand the objectives: We need depth re the range of goal-scorers as well...and stop buying unknown small players(no pun) - we have enough. So its simple as ABC - our scouts seem lost - but anyway, get a quality DM(like Fernando Reges), another big striker (like Mitroglu/Costa) and the winger option of Salah not bad idea."
31st Dec 2013 22:43
"I believe Liverpool need a midfielder who can Boss the Midfield. Someone like Yaya Toure."
31st Dec 2013 23:00
"Salah, Matic, Bertrand, and Tello would be a great transfer window. Tello on a loan-to-buy deal with a price of around £8 million. Salah, and Matic would both cost £7-11 million each which would be a decent deal. And, finally, Ryan Bertrand for £8 million, would be great for our LB shortage, and has great potential. "
31st Dec 2013 23:00
" LFCP4kistan: i agree but that's the role of Gerrard who is aging/declining so that's why we are actually in a 'need' situation. We also never got able replacement for Alonso and we cannot yet find proper replacement for Gerrard - so we are just that one step behind all the time. We need to fix it with quality (as you said, like a Yaya). "
31st Dec 2013 23:03
"Skingrad. Unknown? That's a good thing! Coutinho was totally unknown. 12 months ago, he was sitting on the bench, of Inter Milan reserves bench getting paid rubbish money, and now he is getting first-team action in one of the best teams in the world, getting payed £860,000 annually, although his wages are still woeful, compared to £200,000 a week Suarez, but, never mind.... "
31st Dec 2013 23:05
"Cabaye and Alonso would be good as well, but Alonso would cost £8 million and Cabaye would cost us £22 million +."
1st Jan 2014 7:02
"get hughes,ings,tello,montaya and salah..........sell aspas,tourE.allen, henderson on the defnsive midfield"
1st Jan 2014 9:43
"Hell who is he?"
1st Jan 2014 9:57
"Badu is a fine defensive midfielder a la Michael Essien when he joined Chelsea. If BR can't get Badu he should go for Nigeria's Azeez Ramon."
1st Jan 2014 12:33
"No more boys.We need a MAN at pitch.Listen Finnish Ice-Hockey coach Erkka Westerlund.He said that he want to build a team that plays fastest controlled Hockey at world.That is the way to go.Should be BR.first target too.Fastest Controlled Football at World.I Love It.Best New Year 2014 To Every LFC FAN !"
1st Jan 2014 12:42
"Agyeman Badu has been nominated for goal of the year by fifa before. He has a powerful long range shot and I see him as an impact sub. Something we have been lacking for so long now. Am not saying all this cos am from Ghana. But how many quality players can we get who will be willing to sit on the bench?"
1st Jan 2014 13:03
"What we have.What we loss what we need..Jonjo Assaidi Borini loan ? Did we really do this situation 14 first team players.In this level.Hard times for those fourteen.For future.The owners didnt think about that four month agao."
1st Jan 2014 18:20
"Bad-who? Nah joking but I trust BR. His signings have been criticised but for me, he knows a player."