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suarez 2nd v spurs for me
2nd Jan 2014 17:00
Pablo Hermes
2nd Jan 2014 17:42
"It's hard to look beyond Luis' magnificent seven, but I'm voting for Flanno's perfect hit."
2nd Jan 2014 18:14
"Just brilliant"
2nd Jan 2014 22:43
"It's Suarez - but which? I can't make my mind up..."
2nd Jan 2014 23:16
"Suarez's name appeared 7 times out of the ten goals listed above! Awesome!! YNWA!"
2nd Jan 2014 23:34
"Same here, 2nd v spuds. LS goal yesterday was about as good as I've seen. Ridiculous!"
2nd Jan 2014 23:40
"Those clips do not identify which goals were which so it was not much help "
Vosta Lee
3rd Jan 2014 2:19
"Suarez is having a goal of the year competition with himself!"
3rd Jan 2014 7:47
"Best goal by a Liverpool player? Assaidi's against Everton"
3rd Jan 2014 9:19
"suarez first goal vs norwhich absalute screamer y.n.w.a luis suarez 7 "
YNWA Liverpool FC
3rd Jan 2014 14:02
"Luis Suarez 1st vs Norwich, the 40 yard stunner! Stevie goal against Hull good, Suarez 2nd vs Spurs will be 2nd for me. Beuatiful chip."
3rd Jan 2014 15:42
"Wow.Its the 1st time that its virtually impoosible to pick. I mean each of suarez`s goals have been contenders in the top ten of the whole premier league goals."
3rd Jan 2014 22:44
"Flanagan vs spurs"