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Isn't this guy Coutinho's cousin? If he is as good as Philippe. IMO go for it.
24th Dec 2013 13:32
24th Dec 2013 16:12
bollicky bill
24th Dec 2013 16:57
"No,what?he is not coutinho's cousin or you don't want the guy at the club."
25th Dec 2013 16:54
"Dont forget we still have a creative mid in suso to return so this guy is unneeded. IMO go for salah hes a great player and we nees a rw in case sterling neess a rest"
25th Dec 2013 17:33
"No need for him as we have Coutinho, Alberto and Henderson who is playing well. Suso will be back for next season too. "
25th Dec 2013 21:47
"No thank you, we have PC,Hendo,Alberto who I think can be a star sooner rather than later and of coarse we have Suso coming back. We need Salah from Basel to give sterling competition and/or rest."
26th Dec 2013 5:30
"if we are to get a midfielder then we definitely need a defending midfielder to help Lucas someone powerful like Yaya Toure not someone week and can be pushed away like Aspas, also we need another good striker, and more importantly left back a very good one, thats whats in my christmas wish list for this transfer window. Mary Christmas to everyone "
26th Dec 2013 19:53
"Should get Coutinho recruit him for us. "
28th Dec 2013 7:23
"Get him if he is as good coutinho"