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I like to see him play behind Suarez he seems much more confident there ,
24th Dec 2013 11:13
24th Dec 2013 11:39
"Was clear that sterling just took a huge knock in confidence but now hes coming back too the player he is! Hope he tears city apart"
24th Dec 2013 11:59
"Raheem has been a revelation the last 3 games , ok he needs to work on his shooting , but his pace is devastating he causes the opposing defenders all sorts of problems , & as BR rightly says he is developing a real understanding with Luis , another SaS maybe ."
24th Dec 2013 12:39
"joecos When Sturridge comes back it'll be Triple S (SSS)!"
24th Dec 2013 14:11
"perfect formation for him at the moment and his tackling is much, much better."
24th Dec 2013 14:21
"NO! Sry, but hope none of our young plyrs get picked for England...I've never got over how Jamie Redknapp's career was stuffed by injury playing for England...ynwa Go Aust"
24th Dec 2013 14:55
"I think Rodgers got it wrong. There was nothing majorly wrong with his game until BR decided to drop him in favour of the so called bigger names like Moses and co i think he damaged the boys confidence. What happened to young Ibe who impressed in pre season. No belief in the youngster by BR. Sad. Hope he does not change his team for this week becsuse a consistent team brings success."
24th Dec 2013 16:50
"Raheem has the talent but last season he was dropped because his performances were too naive. Perhaps the change of position has helped but also a period on the bench has helped."
24th Dec 2013 17:02
"Good job Raheem :)YNWA"
Vosta Lee
24th Dec 2013 17:43
"Unrealistic expectations were being imposed on Raheem last year. BR did well to take him out of the spotlight. It will be good for him in the long run."
24th Dec 2013 23:15
"Plz work on his scoring...he's been so hard working of late n there's aggression in his game as well,bt he can only get better if he tries taking his chances."