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Great! Very happy with the win boys keep it up.YNWA
16th Dec 2013 14:16
16th Dec 2013 14:27
"Keep doing us proud lads! VERY IMPRESSIVE, here's to a good Xmas for us? YNWA "
16th Dec 2013 14:52
"Brendan, if we keep getting brilliant results like this we will make half the managers in the EPL redundant. AVB..gone....who's gonna be next????"
16th Dec 2013 14:58
"Best set of photos in a long time, really captures the fantastic team spirit, we are getting there bit by flippin' bit and it feels great!! Just look at the expressions on the lad's faces... priceless!...Flanno has arrived!! Hendo superb!! Suarez majestic!!"
16th Dec 2013 15:00
"LFC you missed the best picture of all,"
16th Dec 2013 15:04
"THAT WIN WAS ONE OFF THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENTS I HAVE EVER HAD on another note i was watching match off the day and when i saw moyeses EYES i thought i have seen them some where before THEN IT CLICKED ( WITH ALL DUE RESPECT ) I NEW IT WAS ...GOLEM OUT OF LORD OFF THE RINGS"
16th Dec 2013 15:17
"I think Luis Alberto is going to be a gem for the future and we bring Suso back we have a very young and talented midfield. YNWA!!!!!!! I love the confidence BR has this team rolling on, Its awesome. Ordering a Flannigan jersey right now as I speak."
16th Dec 2013 15:38
"Great pics, would like to see the same thing in the next 3 matches then we'll have the happiest Christmas ever:) YNWA. "
16th Dec 2013 16:47
"Don't forget to mention The travelling Kop, they were in fantastic voice and that lifts the team and can make them feel invincible, well done Kopites!!!"
16th Dec 2013 17:04
"Absolutely fabulous game. I was invited to watch the game at a friends house who is a very keen Spurs fan. He said last week he'd ordered a taxi and removal van for AVB on standby so came in useful after today's news of him being sacked by Levy. Would like to see LFC's form like yesterday going into the new year and Alberto slotting in nicely. Whole team for MOTM."
Dede 7
16th Dec 2013 17:30
"it was the first time i have seen Brendan's philosophy fully implemented at LIVERPOOL. well done Lads. Joe Allen brings a whole new picture in the midfield i was impressed. waiting for Aspas to hopefully he will come back a better player. YNWA."
16th Dec 2013 17:30
"Awesome game, never expected that result! Love to see Suarez as our Captain, I'm sure he felt pround wearing the armband. He looks happier than ever!"
16th Dec 2013 17:33
"Whilst I don't want to take anything away from a brilliant show by the lads, we really rode our luck at the back.Mignolet in particular worried me.Faffing about, passing and re-passing with Skyrtel. Many times balls went zipping across our goal mouth without anyone intercepting, luckily that included any Spurs striker. Another ref. would also have allowed their goal when Mignolet was barged over."
16th Dec 2013 18:13
"Absolutely great display. You made us so proud. And to think we were a bit worried before the match! YNWA"
16th Dec 2013 18:23
"Our lads needed a big win over a big club to really convince themselves as well as us, they got it. Hendo needed a goal to get that monkey off his back, he got it. All in all a great game for us. The pics are brill and show a team at peace with itself and a Luis Suarez totally in love with life and football at Liverpool. What can we achieve?"
Bib l f c
16th Dec 2013 18:35
"Great game yesterday, hope Brendan plays the same side in the next 2-3 games. No one deserves to be dropped after a performance like that, although picking bones Mignolett needs to improve his kicking?"
Red heat
16th Dec 2013 19:26
"man i want that pic when they all pile on flanno for his goal. it was the best moment in the match for me his goal assured us the win and the celbration phenomenal"
16th Dec 2013 19:27
"This is LFC since 70s and 80s. And I'm so delighted and proud to see Luis Suarez wearing red jersey. Believe me or not, but Luis is the third milestone after King Kenny and Steven Gerrard. And , if we give him time, I'm sure, absolutely 100% sure, that Luis will become the greatest ever player in red jersey."
16th Dec 2013 20:29
"Great game and performance was like watching the notts forest game years back lets keep this up esp the pressing game away from home some reason all the people that us off aint posted YNWA"
16th Dec 2013 20:34
"great pics of a very enjoyable day in the capital city"
16th Dec 2013 21:39
"Fantastic! I love the resurgence!"
16th Dec 2013 22:52
"Than you guys. I hope for much more from where this came from. YNWA."
17th Dec 2013 1:48
17th Dec 2013 2:18
"mr br. do 2 things urgently. 1. tie ls to a new contract and double his wages. 2. get mata at all cost. ynwa."
17th Dec 2013 3:01
"Sterling great performance "
17th Dec 2013 7:27
"WE deserve champions league football. end of."
17th Dec 2013 9:02
"this has to be the performance of the year..."