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I see another rout for Liverpool. 4-1. we need it to maintain our position and with a bit of luck jump above others.
7th Dec 2013 9:06
7th Dec 2013 9:14
"We cannot be overconfident in this match.We only drew 0-0 against them last season at anfield.Play alberto instead of henderson.Henderson is a disgrace to lfc."
7th Dec 2013 9:27
"Henderson doesn't deserve to start every single game.Stop the british favouritism at lfc.British policy destroyed kenny's career here."
7th Dec 2013 10:04
"LFC win"
Dede 7
7th Dec 2013 10:12
"Michaeloven 9:27. well said. i have been saying the same thing and i think Suarez gave the manager a wake up call. we need much much better than what Henderson offers. i cannot see Henderson in a starting lineup of any team amoung the top ten. its the reason we struggle whenever the likes Suarez & Coutinho dont play well because we have the likes of Henderson."
7th Dec 2013 11:35
"Brendan should pick the same team as midweek and i can see use winning 4 or 5-1 come on u Redmen "
7th Dec 2013 12:24
"Whilst I have never been one to slate Henderson, I would like to see Alberto given a go today instead. Just so that he gets an opportunity to showcase his credentials. Feel that this is a game where we could do that. And it might just be a wake up call for Henderson to improve."
7th Dec 2013 13:50
"Cole and Downing will be out to prove a point, and I think Allen will struggle against their physical midfielders. Our biggest problem will be complacancy and a belief that the three points are in the bag."
7th Dec 2013 18:05
"You donkeys above you need to and apologize. How do you feel now after being made to look like a knob?"
7th Dec 2013 18:28
"Sick I didnt put any money on my prediction. AH well more than happy wit the result!"