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No overconfidence from the boys please.The team needs to step up than rely on suarez all the time.Give alberto and aspas a chance.
7th Dec 2013 9:19
7th Dec 2013 9:25
"No overconfidence.Every game must be treated like a cup final"
7th Dec 2013 9:33
"Liverpool will win today by 3 0 come red we need to take our chances again just be rootless in front of goal and wen can achieve more goals "
7th Dec 2013 10:12
"osakpolor, that's what I thought we would win by at Hull!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Banana skin game against the Hammers, mark my words!! I'm praying I'm wrong."
7th Dec 2013 11:36
"big s has a habit of annoying us but today I think a 2-1 win for us, glad AC not fit as our defence needs better coaching,"
7th Dec 2013 13:08
""Zico"? Explain please .... "
7th Dec 2013 13:11
"Zoggy- curly wurly?"
7th Dec 2013 13:17
"iamafreeman - Zico was Phil Neal's nickname! It combined Scouse humour and an acknowledgement of the fact that Neal was more skilful than given credit for and he scored vital goals for us."
7th Dec 2013 14:19
"West Ham are average at best but they don't give much away and we need to be fully at it from the start to breach them early and stop any chance of it turning into an anxious afternoon. And, like Sterling against Norwich, we need someone to join Luis on the score sheet. Go Reds!!"
7th Dec 2013 14:35
"Zico? "
7th Dec 2013 14:37
"Thanks for the explanation RedsAll Around the World...cheers"