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Suso is doing justice at Almeria.
7th Dec 2013 8:52
7th Dec 2013 8:52
"one of the most exciting prospects we have. seems like a good lad too."
7th Dec 2013 9:03
"Never really much thought but him and Coutinho cold be a good combination. Suso out right cutting in and Coutinho out left doing the same behind SAS, seems to be doing well for Almeria."
7th Dec 2013 9:26
"Keep improving at Almeria!!"
7th Dec 2013 10:03
"This lad got that x-factor looks just like Alonso! It def help to make him looks confidence on the ball! I rate him better than Sterling in turn of maturity and better discipline! A good team player with good vision, def a player for the future!"
7th Dec 2013 10:18
"Needs to bulk himself in preparation for taking the Premiership by storm next season!! YNWA Suso"
7th Dec 2013 10:27
"Yeah enjoy and get the experience and come back a better player raring to go for the 2014/15 season "
7th Dec 2013 10:28
"This young man has real ability, but more than that he has a deal of wisdom. I hope he brings his ability back to Anfield, but if not I'm sure he will succeed. All the very best to you sir."
7th Dec 2013 10:30
"This lad needs to play in the middle - I think his best position would be a deeper role like he plays for Spain u21's. Great vision, technique and passing range."
7th Dec 2013 10:36
"this lad is the real deal"
7th Dec 2013 10:36
"The man who decide Suso stay should be sacked. How could a young player develop when he always playing youth level games? We can't offer first division game time for our greatest young prospects, then we should send them on loan."
7th Dec 2013 10:38
"A good move to loan suso out , the policy of throwing young players in was not good.suso can now play regularly and hopefully come back to help liverpool in the future."
7th Dec 2013 10:55
"We should have loaned him to another premier team so he could retain his knowledge of the league and still play at a top level. Look at Lukaku, he will go back to Chelski ready and firing. This kid is the real deal and the sooner he is back the better. Him and Jonjo should have been our future. "
7th Dec 2013 11:28
"Definitely got the talent but even a loan to a top championship side would have been more beneficial, the prem is the most physical league in Europe, I also thought JJS was going to make it at lfc it will be interesting watching his performances at Swansea for rest of season already scored 3 goals (LL-JH-JA)???, "
7th Dec 2013 11:32
"Loaning Suso to a La Liga side in order to supposedly prepare him for plaing in the Premier League is like sending a goldfish to learn to swim in a pond when eventually you want to see it swimming in the wild, tuough oceans. When he comes back he will still not be used to the Prem! SIlly really."
7th Dec 2013 11:53
"bring him back in january. defo better than hendo and allen combined. and send sterling out on loan in january"
7th Dec 2013 11:56
"This young man has a good learning curve that takes time, I was hoping Dani Pacheco and Jonjo Shelvey could've taken this avenue, even if they played in the Championship fighting for promotion would have been great. Suso will come back in leaps and bounds (and worth a lot more)."
7th Dec 2013 12:15
"Yeah! We need him- with Cout will be great CAM and playmakers future for us! and didn't need Borusia M midfelds."
7th Dec 2013 12:36
"Lovely hair tho!"
7th Dec 2013 13:44
" JosLFC4ever he is out on loan try reading the article. Lord give me strength!!! "
7th Dec 2013 13:45
"Will be a future star"
7th Dec 2013 14:55
"cant wait too see him back next season! "
7th Dec 2013 15:56
"You are making great progress. Cannot wait to see you back here."
7th Dec 2013 19:00
"RiffRaff500, the club sent him out on loan just because Suso's request, what I mean is our club didn't have a proper plan for our youth talents."