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If Rodgers can get the best out of him he is quite a talent depending on how much he would cost
29th Nov 2013 15:03
29th Nov 2013 15:14
"Pastore would cost over 20M. Better options elsewhere for less. "
29th Nov 2013 16:26
"Sure given the choice of Ligue 1, Serie A or the Premiership he'd choose the latter??? Plenty of Spanish speakers at LFC (including the manager!) so he'd fit seamlessly into our fold. Think this guy would be a better bet than Cabaye..."
29th Nov 2013 16:48
"cabaye is proven in the prem tho which is what we need to push on for the rest of the season! what if he comes and doesn't settle straight in???"
Vosta Lee
29th Nov 2013 16:53
"I like this rumour better than the Bertrand one."
29th Nov 2013 17:20
"lyon can't afford him for starters...."
29th Nov 2013 20:44
"BR should try to buy him to strengthen our midfielder"
29th Nov 2013 20:45
"BR should try to buy him to strengthen our midfield."
29th Nov 2013 22:38
"loved him at palermo, been disappointing at PSG.. would love to have him but the price would definitely need to be reasonable"
30th Nov 2013 4:22
"He hasn't played many games"
Natural Poolie
30th Nov 2013 5:32
"Pastore and Cabaye are very similar players, Pastore probably slightly stronger. Any of these two with Lars Bender and Mata and we're sorted for seasons to come. A good 3rd striker needed possibly too."
30th Nov 2013 11:53
"Pastore used to be a PLAYER! He would be a smash hit here. Just dont over pay!"
30th Nov 2013 11:53
"Just close your eyes BR and launch a BID for MATA! We will win the league."
30th Nov 2013 11:55
"I cannot imagine how strong we will become with Suarez DS Gerrard and MATA. Mata is our MISSING LINK!"
30th Nov 2013 12:29
"a very creative player on the midfield...he is good,talented and has that creativity to break defenders just like coutinho."
30th Nov 2013 17:25
"I agree with mata. If we keep in the top 4 come january i dont see why we shouldnt bid for him. He will want to play regular football which he will be guaranteed. Cant see why he wouldnt consider, being a world cup year and all."
30th Nov 2013 22:49
"Again fooling us fans. Pastore ISN'T A PLAYMAKER. He's a free role AM and dribbling to score is he's main ability but we don't need a player like him now, our priority is a team player who is willing to share the ball at the right time and with nice passing skill and could keep our possession under pressure."
Natural Poolie
2nd Dec 2013 10:25
"We need CDM, CAM and a No.10 type player as cover for PC, a third striker as cover for the regularly injured DS. Konoplyanka would give us some width. We also need quality wing backs but that could wait til summer. Menez may also be available on a free then too."
3rd Dec 2013 4:53
"BR get Alonso and sell Lucas !!"