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I hope Allen starts on Sunday
29th Nov 2013 8:57
29th Nov 2013 9:13
"Hendo really a nice lad... supporting his his team mate.., it seems that he is the future captain"
29th Nov 2013 9:45
"MATC9482, Perhaps you are on ales, why do I have a feeling you want jinx our fine start to the season? We don't want Allen on the pitch that day, as a matter of fact we don't want him anywhere near the pitch. He could have passed the ball to Suarez, he is just not worth to be here."
29th Nov 2013 9:55
"Allen is a top player, hate seeing people put him down after one miss. Great on and off the ball and has immense ability when it comes to dictating the tempo and flow of a game, this boy is paramount to our long term success "
29th Nov 2013 10:01
" way!!!"
29th Nov 2013 10:04
"liverpoollover1 29th Nov 2013 9:45 - what about Suarez missing a sitter in the dying moments? Should he have passed to Sturridge??? For as long as I support Liverpool FC, and for as long as Joe Allen is an LFC player, I will support Joe Allen. What good is criticism?"
29th Nov 2013 10:06
"jamesy951 29th Nov 2013 9:55n - Agreed. How may people were insulting BR over selecting Flanno to play last weekend? And afterwards? How many people were rating Flanno as MotM? I don't think JA is part of our best 11, but (1) we need to rotate the squad and (2) the only way for JA to get over that miss is to play"
29th Nov 2013 10:13
"I like Allen and hope he comes good like any Liverpool player. But IMHO (which isn't worth much) I would prefer to see Hendo in the middle next to Stevie or Lucas. I would also prefer to see Coutinho in the no.10 position floating around the centre where he can do most damage. Looking forward to Sunday and 3 more points :-)"
29th Nov 2013 10:18
"If the manager plays the player, support his decision and the player. If we fail to attain top 4, slate the manager all you like for his decisions....feel free to call for the managers sack in the closed season. But, now, mid campaign, I just don't see the point in Slating anyone. Except FSG...who are possibly accomplices in the clubs bankruptcy."
Red kardinal
29th Nov 2013 10:19
"As fans of this great club,we schould support our players in good and bad times,but i wonder what Rodgers sees in Henderson that he has played every minute of all our league matches this season when we have better attacking and creative players in Jordon Ibe and Luis Alberto,anyway Brendan knows best,YNWA Joe Allen."
29th Nov 2013 10:21
"ive seen allen play a few times, hes just not good enough, he missed three goals when it was gerrards testimonial, that one he missed against everton was awful, should not be on the pitch... give sterling a game..."
29th Nov 2013 10:23
"Two out of the three USELESS midfielders we have :("
29th Nov 2013 10:23
"liverpoollover1 - take it you haven't watched the post match analysis that Suarez was oide so it would have been ruled out if he had passed. The best thing for Allen is to play Saturday and turn heads, although self confidence will play a vital part for him over the next 12 months."
29th Nov 2013 10:28
"Hey Hendo, hope you get confidence and have a decent game for a change, hopefully on the bench"
29th Nov 2013 10:41
"The club is wrong in asking such questions to Hendo.. Only BR or Stevie should talk about this.."
Dede 7
29th Nov 2013 10:42
29th Nov 2013 10:48
"Please tell Br to start moses on sunday"
29th Nov 2013 10:53
"timilek 29th Nov 2013 10:48 - WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO???"
29th Nov 2013 10:58
"Honestly as fans will we never learn! First Lucas then, hendo and now Allen! Stop criticising your players and support them! They'll come good in the end. Joe Allen is still young and learning his trade. "
29th Nov 2013 11:03
"Why oh why is Victor Moses not playing. Can anyone else here not seee that. He is so comfortable on the ball and can actually score goals. Does nayone agree with me"
29th Nov 2013 11:14
"I hope Alan is sold in Jan. Although, it is unlikely we would get more than 5M for him and BR knows this. He was conned into buying him no way would Swansea want him back, so we are lumbered. I can't even see any team wanting him on loan."
29th Nov 2013 11:30
"Now Celtic are out of europe, can we use some of our contacts to get Samaras on loan til end of season....."
29th Nov 2013 11:34
"Lets support all of our players including Allen. There is a reason why we have the best fans in the world! Lets start showing it."
29th Nov 2013 11:35
"Suso is better than you both combined."
29th Nov 2013 11:49
"Kingmat why the hell would we want Samaras hes a complete donkey not one of the Celtic team would get into our side they would struggle in the championship lol"
29th Nov 2013 12:05
"Dede - cap lock on left side of keyboard"
29th Nov 2013 12:07
"MATC9482, ahead of Moses? Don't base your judgment on what someone else says. Base it on what you perceive."
JAL 58
29th Nov 2013 12:34
"jamesy951 We have harboured Lucas for years who has done naff all , JA cannot be as bad as him ."
29th Nov 2013 12:36
"lets just back all the players good or bad at the end of the day we all want the same thing and thats lfc back at the top."
29th Nov 2013 12:36
"Is Joe Allen useless and should be shipped out? I would say a resounding yes. However history has shown how players can turn things around. Ramsey at Arsenal, Hendo, Fletcher at United just a few players who have had flack from fans yet come back stronger. I don't have agendas as to which manager signed which player. "
29th Nov 2013 12:37
"As supporters of the same club I just cannot understand how people deliberately go out of their way to cause alliances. Go out of their way to criticise a player signed by one particular manager , yet heap massive praise on a struggling player signed by their favourable manager. It's just bolox and ruins these pages."
29th Nov 2013 12:38
" All I read is cheap shots, passive agressiveness, insults and all because one person can't agree or happens to support a player signed by a particular manager. "
JAL 58
29th Nov 2013 12:43
"xxrussxx Nobody would buy Lucas , i was hoping Allardyce would but even he is not that stupid . Technically JA is far beyond Lucas , yet every week he gets the shirt , which when you think of the wonderful Midfielders weve had is an insult . Never mind JA lets replace Lucas in Jan "
29th Nov 2013 12:47
"Far too many beauts, wools, gimps, nimrods, clowns, rent boys, chavs, fuzznuts, peeds and nobs on these comments. All the lonely nimrods, where do they all come from?"
29th Nov 2013 12:58
"Allen will play his part over the next couple of weeks as there are 7 games in quick succession, I expect he will start v hull probably in place of Lucas as they will sit back and try to counter. Let's give Allen a bit of time as he is coming back from injury. We have one of the best midfield's in the pl and the proof is we are second. "
29th Nov 2013 13:08
"Allen tried so damn hard He deserves to start against Hull"
29th Nov 2013 13:13
"the type of match that might suit allen is when he is less under pressure and with more time on the ball like one would imagine might be more the case against a team like hull instead of away at everton in a crazy derby like that"
29th Nov 2013 13:37
"Do not want Allen! Except for Lucas the whole Midfield was out of position and not comfortable just to accommodate Allen! Alberto is better than Allen. Allen should play further forward if at all. He can not do defensive or central midfield. Over priced."
29th Nov 2013 13:37
"Playing coutinho in correct position is key to our wins.Against tough opposition like everton,he shud be playing no 10 behind suarez with sturridge coming from bench.When he plays deep from the left flank,quality teams like everton have too much time to snatch ball from him.He is not a flanker."
29th Nov 2013 13:39
"We need a playmaker who can defend well to lend balance to the side.In high pressing games keep gerard and sturridge on the bench from where they can make a huge difference.Also get a backup striker for SAS.We need someone else who can bang in the goals as a sub."
29th Nov 2013 13:41
"Allen can not play defensive midfield! When Lucas was injured Allen was not trusted by Gerrard so Gerrard ended up playing deeper. We play better without Allen. A good player looking average at much better players."
29th Nov 2013 13:49
"Allen should not be cover for Lucas... Sell Allen and get back Alonso...!"
29th Nov 2013 13:53
"JAL58, you obviously know nothing about quality football. Allen was a good player looking better in an average Swansea side. Now he's been found out and cannot compete with quality players. He's only worth playing against the lesser sides. Lucas is will ALWAYS be better! "
29th Nov 2013 13:57
"Allen had two options while missing that winning goal, first he could've though of Suarez who was completely alone and then finding the best way to shot. I though since the team is doing well he should've been also more confident. becoz JOE ALLEN we missed 2 valuable points. "
29th Nov 2013 13:58
"BR needs to find TWO FIRST TEAM MIDFIELDERS, ONE ATTACKING MIDFIELDER Very important and then DCM to cover up LUCAS n Gerrard."
29th Nov 2013 14:12
"if we are 5-0 up, only then he can come as a sub."
JAL 58
29th Nov 2013 14:22
"Sean4080 I know nothing about quality football ? i played it to a semi professional level did you ? . Watch & learn , we have had some of the best DMs ever at our club over the years , Case , Mcmahon Alonso ,Mascherano and Hamann to name but a few . For us to put up with seeing the current DM being given a towsing by Arsenals 33 year olds and the Everton mifield was upsetting ."
29th Nov 2013 14:23
"Look it anyone supporting Allen need to kop on and even forget about that miss on sat wat has he done before it I shall tell u pass the ball backwards and NOTHING he's a lightweight"
29th Nov 2013 14:33
"ANI-ROAD-03 Couldn't have put it better myself mate arsenal fans where probably worse slating Ramsey i didn't know one person who thought hed turn into the player he is now. Some of the fans here on this site are either two things amazingly impatient or incredibly stupid, the latter being the most likely."
29th Nov 2013 15:05
"and provided he should remember to pass the ball to a player in better position than him because that miss against Everton definitely cost LFC two points."
29th Nov 2013 15:12
"EVERYONE IS ALLOWED THERE OWN OPINION! we support our players but the majority of us realise were a few players away from being a real force again, and allen is not good enough and shouldn't be anywhere near our team!!! he brings nothing at all apart from slows the game down"
29th Nov 2013 15:15
"Ok haster91 that's your opinion but its wrong lol :)"
29th Nov 2013 15:17
"Im telling you now Allen is a good player. Criticism of our own players is disgusting. It isn't going to do any good at all. Only harm a players confidence, our own players confidence. "
29th Nov 2013 15:18
"The manager has worked with him twice and is in a better position to give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, rather than all us arm chairers giving DESTRUCTIVE to our own player! I understand being hurt by a miss but to actually think you know better than everyone who sees him everyday is wrong Y.N.W.A Allen "
29th Nov 2013 15:22
"agreed allen needs games , he gonna be a huge player for us,, ynwa red men , together we are invincable "
29th Nov 2013 15:35
"I think (others may have different view), being LFC supporters, it's us who only can criticise our player/team when they play bad and vice versa, at the same time fiercely protect our players from being criticised from all others."
29th Nov 2013 15:36
"and all comments and criticism need to be constructive, in other way supporting our players. YNWA"
29th Nov 2013 15:57
"There are some players that may not currently look good i.e.JA but I do support LFC and therefore all the players irrespective of how they did in the previous match. All good players have missed chances and JA is not alone in this. He has had an injury and has been brave last season to play through it. I wish and am sure he will come through for us.YNWA "
29th Nov 2013 16:08
"Yes but comments like JA out never liverpool class is far from constructive and only serves to make a player low on confidence even lower. On the off chance he or anyone who can tell him reads this JA in my opinion just needs to concentrate on doing the simple things right and he can add more to it the more confidence he gets. "
29th Nov 2013 16:19
"no joe allen pls, its not time to feel sorry for some dude. he really does not cut it, get some sense about us"
29th Nov 2013 16:44
"one-true-red92: my names there wrote down and you still spell it wrong you haha your opinion would be the last thing id listen too, get back to school"
JAL 58
29th Nov 2013 16:54
"mushroom The words pot , kettle and black spring to mind ."
Afrika Kop
29th Nov 2013 16:58
"Hendo, good of you to stand up in solidarty with your team mate. Sign of maturity. its what JA wants atthe moment, not this slatting by his own people. "
29th Nov 2013 17:44
"Hester you forget the capital m at the start of your sentence and the apostrophe in i'd. Also you said "you haha your opinion" that just doesn't make sense and you forget the full stop so how about get back to your special school you dumb c**t. :)"
29th Nov 2013 18:01
"Yes Allen has been poor, I think Br will wait until we are 3-0 and give him some time to help build his confidence don't understand why Alberto never gets any minutes, "
29th Nov 2013 18:03
"Mushroom 12:47 - some within a 3 mile radius of your postcode and the main ones Within a 500 mile radius of Ghana:) "
29th Nov 2013 22:04
"Would Allen and Hendo get any of our rivals -no!! Barclay of Everton outshone both and cost nothing we brought these players as we were told they would blend in quicker than the foreign players well I give you you cautionio cazola oscar hazard who cost the same as them two but have blended in quicker what does the pair offer they go Missing in the big games "
29th Nov 2013 22:11
" will Hendo and Allen ever improve no there have are what they are grafters and hard workers that was fine when we were finishing 7-8th but now that we are aiming for top 4 we need to target a high calibre of player and that is the honest truth lets not get all defensive about it cause they will Get our backing but it no crime to admit they will not take lfc futher "
29th Nov 2013 22:18
"Redahendo stop making sly digs at fans who may not be Liverpool based you forget lfc is where it is due to its global fan base and without which lfc would not be where it is you forget lfc recent history was due to A Scotsman (Shankly) kk another scot, John Barnes ( English but born in Jamaica) rafa Spanish etc etc Paisley north east lad ) so stop making digs which can be interpreted as racist "
30th Nov 2013 2:55
"the trolls will never learn bcos they r trolls. Good luck Joe, I know you'll bounce back - the true support-ers are behind u!!! YNWA"
Natural Poolie
30th Nov 2013 6:49
"I have never been Allen's biggest fan BUT he is still only one player away from greatness IMO. The greatest LFC midfields have had 3 players, the marshalls - Mascherano, Hamman, McMahon. Someone to do the ugly stuff. Cont'd "
Natural Poolie
30th Nov 2013 6:56
"Next you had the General,the pace dictator - Alonso, Redknapp etc someone to hold the ball, pass it backwards, forwards, the little intricate moves then you had the energy player, either produced by wingers or flair players"
Natural Poolie
30th Nov 2013 7:01
"Gerrards box to box energy, pin point long range passing, Macmanamans dribbling, Barnes wing play etc. We have Allen who could pass it all day long, we have PC flair and still have SG energy and passing ability we just lack the Marshall, someone to do the ugly stuff well cont'd "
Natural Poolie
30th Nov 2013 7:06
"Which is why I think Lars Bender could be our missing link. Someone that can boss, tidy up and regain possession. He would free up Allen to pass and dictate the pace, PC could dribble all day, JH could run box to box knowing that there was someone to tidy up when things went wrong."
30th Nov 2013 9:13
"Natural Poolie: (hoping there's no childish retorts from any phobes out there:) I'd love Bender in our team!!"
30th Nov 2013 9:14
30th Nov 2013 13:44
"i never see any quality in allen or any promising of improvement in him he nearly cost us all the three points any it wasn't a suprise hendo is saying this bcos he also doesn't deserve to wear Red shirt and for Roger good coach don't change winning team Team that played Fulham why must he changed them against everton derby match!"
1st Dec 2013 1:07
"Such nice comments from Hendo. I am trying, really really trying, to take to Joe Allen. I know he has been unfortunate with injuries but he is too weak in midfield and has had so many chances to show us something but apart from those first few games for us I am yet to see it. "
1st Dec 2013 10:32
"JAL 58, YES I did play, and Yes to Semi Professional - Midfield. Allen can play football, but NOT defensive midfield."