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Why are we selling our best young talent .
28th Nov 2013 17:40
28th Nov 2013 18:16
"Loaned my friend, hope he gets plenty of playing time and scores loads of goals, good luck AM."
28th Nov 2013 19:01
"Shocked! Pay £17m for Borini and Aspas and they let this kid go?"
28th Nov 2013 19:10
"Something is going on in the Academy... but we are yet to find out what."
28th Nov 2013 19:17
"Can anyone tell me what an emergency loan deal is ??"
28th Nov 2013 19:29
"Thought he'd make it until last year. Development stopped, sad but right move then. They're loaning a lot of players which is really good and gives young players the chance to play in the u21s and to filter out our real talent! Good youth policy"
28th Nov 2013 19:57
"Loan ok understand but sell? I'm shocked. May not be finished article but definitely had the promise. I support the regime with most stuff but a little disappointed with this one "
Red heat
28th Nov 2013 20:06
"I'm disappointed aswell I know people are saying that his average n not good enough but do we really want make our judgement about our youngsters so soon? What if he turns out to be great later on and then we'll all be regretting this decision"
28th Nov 2013 20:52
"Good move could help him along"
28th Nov 2013 21:00
"I agree with baldi............Adam Morgan is one of the best young strikers I have seen around. Natural goalscorer with a great positional sense, he's better than Yoevil by a long shot. Be a big mistake letting him go. Please reconsider."
28th Nov 2013 21:10
"said it since last season morgan will never be a premier league player, its a shame as he looked good at lower level but ive always thought he wont make it :)"
28th Nov 2013 23:10
"I understand why BR wants 2 let him go. AM has'nt been setting games alight like Sterling. even Raheem's not the finished article. We are LFC & should be looking at kids who will push real hard for a 1st team place. Think Rooney, Fowler Owen Gerrard & even Suso what level where they at when 17 let alone 19/20. "
28th Nov 2013 23:11
" I luv it when local lads make it 2 the 1st team but only if they are potentially world class & nothing less."
28th Nov 2013 23:48
"really had high hopes for this lad but he couldn't get a start at rotheram! still, wish TRFC had come in for him instead..."
29th Nov 2013 1:27
29th Nov 2013 1:33
"Worldinmotionreds probably upset cause he's a lonely old guy after his wife cheated hahaha"
29th Nov 2013 6:05
"Because we are stupid, groom for others, give the Radeems, Flanagans, Wisdoms, Susos all the hope of letting them shine in half a dozen games then kill their confidence by loaning them out or selling them, Ince and Jonjo still hurt. Thats the Liverpool way no more Steves and Carras. "
29th Nov 2013 6:42
"He is quite the hatchet man is BR...he who lives by the sword....."
29th Nov 2013 7:49
"I think they should better loan Sterling. He is far from the finished article & runs like a headless chicken."
29th Nov 2013 8:42
"Could be a good move in terms of getting game time! Good luck m8."
29th Nov 2013 9:35
"I think Rodgers doesen't see further improvement in him as long as he stays at our academy. Same with Roddan. He needs compeive football...the only way to grow as a player. Maybe there's a rebuy clause in his contract... We all know that Rodgers doesn't like our youth league. I would also prefer a B-Team in lower leagues"
29th Nov 2013 10:43
"It's that pharase "with a view to a permanent transfer" that bothers me. Should include a buy-back clause (first option) if they go permanently - we don't want any repeats of the situation with Tom Ince!"
29th Nov 2013 11:08
"Big changes are coming in our youth ranks, they've had too many players play through till they are 21 without more than 1 or 2 senior caps, by then they should have been moved on or been 1st team regulars! "
29th Nov 2013 11:11
"There have been many examples over the years, of players looking good for a year or two in the Academy, who get moved on. I cannot ever remember ONE of them who subsequently made it as a big star. "
29th Nov 2013 16:07
"Yeovil are my second team (home town). Morgan will be joining on a permanent basis."
30th Nov 2013 0:58
"I think you are missing the point, AM was on the rise, but even with his goal scoring he rarely started and you have to ask why?? Atude, application who knows. LFC now use the loan system to get players game time but the fact this and another are emergency loans with a view to a permanent deal means the end pretty much I guess. A shame but it happens."