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Lets win this game..then concentrate on the next
21st Nov 2013 9:46
21st Nov 2013 11:02
"good stuff hendo, keep working son. theres a spot at #8 in the next few years if u want it enough"
21st Nov 2013 11:23
"A must win "
21st Nov 2013 11:28
"anything but a win here could cost us big time. the s and the bluenoses are only 3 points behind. beat these clowns and send a message to the rest. cmon lads, hendo do us proud son. YNWA!!!"
21st Nov 2013 12:32
"Come on reds, lets beat the blues convincingly and show the city that we are back. "
21st Nov 2013 12:35
"I have been impressed by Martinez and his recent comments regarding this fixture. He is a class act and worthy of ALL supporters respect. Such a welcome change from the ginger whinger and his miserable scowl."
21st Nov 2013 12:39
"Draw written all over it! You read it here first!"
21st Nov 2013 12:42
"If Hendo extends his unbeaten run against the Blue Noses then I'll be happy. A draw away from home against a top-six team is never a bad result. YNWA"
21st Nov 2013 14:39
"0-2. "
JAL 58
21st Nov 2013 17:41
"If we drop Lucas who is an accident waiting to happen , and play Hendo in there with Gerrard ...i truly believe we can win this match ."
21st Nov 2013 18:57
"JAL 58 21st Nov 2013 17:41,where did u get this knowledge from?how dare u wish Hendo over Lucas? They are miles apart .Lucas plays the ball while the other runs around the ball."
21st Nov 2013 20:40
"Habeshakop 18:57 - Where as U don't have any/play with other peoples."
21st Nov 2013 21:53
"First twelve messages and some one talks of hendo just running around lol "
21st Nov 2013 21:55
"Next it'll be a headless chicken lol"
21st Nov 2013 23:25
"run headless chicken or around the ball Hendo just win the Game."
22nd Nov 2013 0:21
"We failed in sending a message against arsecrap we need to do it now against everton, and no excuses!"
22nd Nov 2013 0:28
"We can play Kolo as DMF with Lucas to neutralise Barkley and move Gerrard up the field. Johnson as RB, Skrtel , Agger and Sakho. Henderson will come in later. Full squad, Mignolet, GJ, Skrtel, Agger, Sakho, Lucas, Kolo, Gerrard, Coutinho, Suarez and Sturridge. Sub:Jones, Flanagan, Sterling,Illori, Moses Allen, Alberto and Yesil."