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wear those same boots for everton
20th Nov 2013 13:47
20th Nov 2013 14:10
"He was brilliant. He' so aggressive. "
20th Nov 2013 14:46
"um lets get it stragiht he only scored one goal"
20th Nov 2013 14:47
"agger and skrtel are our best"
20th Nov 2013 14:48
"hey BR, the final piece of the jigsaw is staring you in the face... start playing MS as a defensive midfielder now!"
20th Nov 2013 15:20
"be_real_lfc if you want to get it straight, he scored both"
20th Nov 2013 15:22
"he would be a great dm, fair point"
20th Nov 2013 16:09
"well done Sakho - hopefully this will instill confidence in him for Saturday if he plays. YNWA"
Dede 7
20th Nov 2013 16:20
"we are happy for you. Congratulations to you and your team mates. the future is bright at Liverpool. YNWA."
20th Nov 2013 16:25
":bereallfc he actually scored 2!"
20th Nov 2013 16:27
"no one was ahahahah.. #hero"
20th Nov 2013 17:03
"I hope that your performance and goals for France will now silence the doubters at LFC fans. This guy is quality. Well done!"
20th Nov 2013 18:52
"BEAST. Must start every game."
20th Nov 2013 19:35
"Doing the business in Paris does not in any way equate to a fired-up Goodison.Remember it's his and Cissokho's first derby.A time for DA,MS,KT,GJ,JE."
20th Nov 2013 19:45
"Pretty awesome getting your side into the World Cup in Brazil. His play was a bit heroic I would say. His passing was sublime along with the goals, 1 or 2."
20th Nov 2013 20:49
"sakho the BEAST "
20th Nov 2013 20:56
"i agree BINOMIAL haha"
Red David
20th Nov 2013 21:16
"OK yo're not a hero. As the match record states: Sakho scored the first goal, the second goal was clealy an off-side goal, so it doesn't matter who scored it as it shouldn't have counted. The third goal was an own-goal. So no! I would not call you or any from the French side 'heroes'."
20th Nov 2013 21:45
"Why is Binomial saying he wants Sakho to wear the same boots for Everton when hes a LFC player.He can only join Everton in january and im pretty sure LFC wont let him go.I wished these Everton fans would keep off this site,bitter blues "
20th Nov 2013 21:51
"Sorry son, but at the moment, you are not good enough for the reds. Good luck on Saturday though, however you shouldn't be starting ahead of dagger. "
20th Nov 2013 22:21
"A very very good buy, Rodgers has been spot on with his squad building and it is the reason we are second, some "fans" question some of his buys, but results speak for themselves.... you get into the team on merit alone, you step up ur step out. Its been 3 or 4 years since we had competition for places, a shame Rosgers didnt take over earlier! "
20th Nov 2013 22:51
"Looks good at times but clumsy others gets dragged out of position but with time should be a good acquisition ,"
21st Nov 2013 1:01
"I'm so glad none of these commentators is the Liverpool manager. There is a reason BR is. Long live LFC."
21st Nov 2013 3:01
"he clearly scored the third, opposite cam showing it clearly. And for the 2nd goal, benzema scores the goal oide, but 5 minutes before he scored one that wasn't but the referee canceled it; 2 - 0 at half time it should have been, 2 - 0 it was. period"
21st Nov 2013 3:30
"BR got us a winner mentality player! Toure, Skrtel and Agger all these in them! As for Cissokho and Moses, THANKS!"
21st Nov 2013 5:51
"Score a goal against Everton! comeon!!"
21st Nov 2013 6:31
"Fire again on satday and ever "