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Enrique.. Back Four.. Sturridge and Suarez fitness.. Academy overhaul..
21st Nov 2013 11:37
21st Nov 2013 14:04
"Not sure what is going on with academy, BBC suggest it is a new direction but surely the academy is on the same page as the first X1, they are all training the same way with the same emphasis on ball retention etc so a bit odd. "
21st Nov 2013 18:25
"Great news that John and Tom have sacked those scruffy chancers Borrello and MacPartland. We dont need anyone from Rafa's or Dalglish's time. Lets bring in some new offense and defence endzone play specialists from the Major League in the US. I live in Boston Harbour and my friends at FSG Towers told me that John wanted to sack Rodolfo years ago. I love FSG. "
21st Nov 2013 18:30
"I love watching Buck Rogers lick his new sharp teeth and laugh with a twinkle on his eye. It makes me feel all squidgy and sticky. I like watching John Henry slip his shiny black leather gloves onto his boney hands even more though. "
21st Nov 2013 19:12
"Now that FSG did the right thing and got rid of the Kop on best place to go is that's w w w . myspion . com"