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Well done Raheem
19th Nov 2013 20:04
19th Nov 2013 21:25
"Keeps him match fit, but I would like the lad to have a loan spell for 3 months to anyone just to see how he gets on & if he can bring into that team & get some man of the match performances"
19th Nov 2013 22:04
"Just like a practice match but good to see our guys doing well, wish we'd kept Tom Ince though. Why don't they pick young Flanno or Coady or Morgan?"
19th Nov 2013 22:20
"Tom Ince wanted to go,was offered numerous new contracts, as for Flanno, Jenkinson is a better RB, other than him I'd have Clyne, Flanno is down the pecking order,a day will be off, Sinclair better than Morgs, I do like coady but he hasn't my developed much in last 2 years and honestly Rossiter should be dm in this England set up in 2years time. "
19th Nov 2013 22:43
"agree with everything redace85 said! also sick of the amount of fans that slate sterling, he shown what he can do last season when he was our best player for a large amount of time tearing defences apart in the premier league, he has had stuff go on outside of football but his confidence will soon be back! and hes 18 year old!!!!"
19th Nov 2013 22:56
"thats 1 thing i like about sterling. he's a good finisher. its hard teaching someone how to finish but he already had that ability. he needs more matches though to improve."
19th Nov 2013 22:57
"thats 1 thing i like about sterling. he's a good finisher. its hard teaching someone how to finish but he already had that ability. he needs more matches though to improve."
19th Nov 2013 23:21
"hester91 - I don't know what games you were watching last season, but I haven't seen the kid tear any defences apart yet, or strike the ball cleanly. He is improving & the fastest way for him to develop is for him to play games at a compeive level"
19th Nov 2013 23:39
"The 9th goal was scored by Will Hughes....another Liverpool target!....and Well Done indeed Raheem! YNWA!"
20th Nov 2013 2:29
"buckie: he was our best player for the first few months! even go check out on youtube what gary Neville said about him at the time "he could go on too be our best player" so clearly you hadn't been watching any games"
20th Nov 2013 21:21
"hester91 - I went to quite a few actually & even in the Anny when he scuffed his 1st LFC goal. Wasn't Allen great 1st few games too, Oh & Suarez, yet we only had 12points from 11games! He did as much as Borini, accept he was 17 which meant it was ok & a "what talent he would be" bull contd"
20th Nov 2013 21:25
"RS hopefully will get far better, but there is no guarantee & he doesn't offer us much yet, in fact I thought Ibe did better against QPR than RS has in all his games. RS best asset is pace, yet doesn't look to use it as well as he should (receive the ball moving not stationary) contd"
20th Nov 2013 21:28
"Concerning what Gary Neville says, oh please! Top LFC fan he is. That's like taking in what Andy Gray use to say about Zonal marking! Try making your own judgement on what you see a player do rather than just believe the media hype"